Can Guys Use Female Skin Products: The Tough Truth

Even if you have a baby-face, men’s skin is different from women’s in some fundamental ways. Does that mean skincare products are different as well? Perhaps it’s all the same stuff in a different colored bottle. I decided to go digging for the truth behind men’s and women’s skin products. The results were a total surprise.

Can guys use female skin products? You can use whatever you like; however, the benefits won’t be the same as using a product formulated for you. Just as oily skin and dry are different, your skin has it’s own needs. If you love a particular product for the feel or smell, you can keep using it. Just don’t expect it to work the same as a men’s product would. 

Skin Deep

Everyone’s skin is unique, like their fingerprints, but we all have the same general characteristics. Men and women both have a dermis (skin) and collagen below the surface. We also share pores, hair, and our skin types range from oily to average or dry. However, that’s about all our skin has in common. 

What Makes Male Skin Unique

  • Thickness- A man’s skin is an average of twenty percent thicker than a woman’s.
  • Collagen- Male skin has a constant rate of collagen reduction, about nine percent per twenty years. Women’s collagen reduces far more slowly until menopause, about 3% per 20 years. After that, the reduction becomes very rapid. One beneficial effect of this is that wrinkles appear later in most men.
  • Sebum (Oil)- Men’s skin produces more oil than a woman does, so men are far more prone to oily skin and acne, while women tend toward more dry skin problems.
  • Sebaceous Glands- Men have more sebaceous glands, hence men have more pores than women. Male pores also tend to be larger.

Different skin generally means that you have different issues and sensitivities than women. Shaving gives men more sensitivity on the bottom half of the face. Plus, the skin reacts faster. Beyond that, men’s skin is a bit more resilient and can often handle more without breaking or acting the way a woman’s more delicate skin would.

If It’s Not Hurting Anyone

As a male, if you use a women’s skin product, it’s not very likely to cause you any real problems. Extra thick skin is exactly what it sounds like, more of a barrier for your body. There’s no particular benefit to you from using ladies’ skincare options unless you find a specific product works exceptionally well on your skin. However, there’s also no harm to it.

If you’re looking for a well-respected brand and you need a skincare regimen, I suggest you CLICK here to try out Brickell Men’s Daily Advanced Face Care Routine I from Amazon . The kit has everything you need to exfoliate, wash, and moisturize. Plus, it’s organic. That’s a big bonus in my book. 

Women don’t generally have the same resistance to men’s products. Because men’s products are designed for thicker and oilier skin, a woman might find men’s products too drying. Women also tend to react more often to the scents and other ingredients that men’s products use. In short, her products might not be enough to do the job for you. Meanwhile, yours could cause her discomfort or other problems.

What’s the Difference: Products

Especially where shaving is a concern, men need facial products that women (typically) don’t. Ingrown hairs can be a pain, literally. Shaving exfoliates making your chin and neck incredibly sensitive while also causing dryness. Removing the natural oil will do that to skin after all.

If ingrown hairs are your biggest pet peeve, you should probably grab a bottle of Era Organics Aftershave Serum for Razor Bumps And Ingrown Hairs from Amazon (click here for pricing). The ginger, burdock, and black walnut smell amazing, and you’ll be pleased with how effective it is. If you shave your chest, armpits, or other areas, it’s just as useful for the body as well. 

Men’s skincare products aren’t just a fad. A whole lot of scientific study and effort has gone into formulating these products, not to mention a lot of testing. Using a women’s lotion or facial cleanser may work, but it’s not doing the same job. What’s perfect for her is too gentle for your rugged, masculine skin.

For those with flaky, dry, and irritated skin after shaving; skip your grandpas’ aftershave and opt for a more modern product. I like this outstanding Pacific Shaving Company Caffeinated Aftershave also from Amazon (click here to see the present pricing). Using a natural, plant-derived option like this feels great, and the added caffeine kick is much nicer than a stingy alcohol-based aftershave that dries on contact. Moreover, you can pick it up in travel-sized if you’re planning to fly, so there’s no need to try and squirt stuff into those annoyingly tiny travel bottles.

Body Positive

When you’re looking for new or better skincare products, don’t just focus on the face. Sure, it’s your first impression and the way you advertise yourself to the world, but it’s not alone. Make sure you kick up your body wash game too. You’ll be surprised by how much difference it can make in the way you feel.

Lots of men have been using the same bar soap for decades. There’s nothing terrible about that, but there’s also no serious benefit either. It’s no secret that men sweat, especially if you have an active job. Using a product like NIVEA Men’s Deep Active Clean Body Wash 8-hour Fresh Scent with Natural Charcoal (click for pricing) can help keep you from smelling like a slaughterhouse, even if you work at one. 

Give a Care

The days of green soap for everything are long past. Not that there’s anything wrong with using green soap on your tattoos (if you have them), but it’s not really meant to clean your face. The old stereotypes are fading, and the modern man needs state-of-the-art products. Think of it as science in a bottle because that’s precisely what it is.

Whether you’re using a good beard balm to get that ZZ-Top face mane in order or just looking to get the grit out of your smile lines after a long day at work, choose a good men’s skincare product for the best results. Shopping around for what smells and feels best to you is essential. The best product in the world won’t do you any good if you never use it.

For men who are new to the whole ‘skincare’ idea, start simply. Grab an all-inclusive kit and do what it says on the containers. You’ll learn what you like soon enough, plus people will notice that you look better because you’re putting in the time and effort. It doesn’t take very long to get healthier skin.


Seasoned skincare pros know you have to step up your game now and then. Try something new to see how it feels. After all, the only thing you have to fear is… well, you know the rest.

You’ll know when you’re ready to take things to the next level in skincare. When you get there, it’s as easy as looking at what your skin needs most. Decide what doesn’t feel or look the best to you, then address that specific issue with a tailored skincare solution.

Are you feeling a little selfconscious about your crows’ feet? Pick up a product to help with wrinkles and aging. Are you thinking about growing that beard out? Grab a good beard moisturizer. Not sure how to tell an excellent product from a bad one? Take a long look at the reviews and ratings from other men who use the product already.

What About Acne

Men are just more prone to acne. Larger pores and more oil means more opportunity for dirt to get inside and stick. It’s gross but true. If you’re still getting zits, but not so many that you need professional intervention to clear up your skin, no worries. There are plenty of great easy to use products out there for you too.

For example, check out Rugged and Dapper Skin Fuel for men by clicking here. You can get it on Amazon, and you only need to use it once a week to help detox that acne-prone skin. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

You should also avoid putting anything oil-based on your skin. Sometimes it’s as simple as swapping one beard balm for another. Read the labels before you buy them. Make sure you wash your hands and face a little more often to cut down on the bacteria that make your pores get inflamed.

The good news is, you don’t need to ditch your pizza and fries because eating greasy food won’t cause oily skin. It’s not good for your heart, and make sure you wipe your face. Otherwise, it’s fine. Don’t buy into the old wives’ tale about oily food causing acne. Dirt and bacteria in your pores are the real culprits.


Final Thoughts

Things have come a long way since the days of wood ash, lye, and lard in the river to clean everything from your body to your clothes. Unless that’s your ‘thing,’ there’s no good reason to live in the past.

You can use women’s skin products to your heart’s content. However, when you’re ready to knock it up a notch and start treating your skin more personally, you’ll benefit from choosing a men’s product instead. It’s not all about the color of the bottle. There’s plenty of hard science and decades of research to prove it.

Skincare can be high tech too. There are a plethora of fantastic options that are made just for your skin. Why settle for less than you deserve?

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