Can I Use Face Moisturizer on My Beard

Many men have a problem with dry skin on their faces.  For instance, if you tend to work outside in the wind and weather, the moisture on your skin, especially on your exposed face, will dry out.  If you have a beard, the skin may even begin to flake and tiny pieces of dry skin will fall from your face.  This type of problem is called beardruff and many men try different remedies to add moisture to the skin that is underneath the beard.  It is embarrassing to have tiny pieces fall from your face that look a lot like dandruff.  If you were to wear a dark suit, the flakes will be highlighted once they have landed on the dark material.

Can you use face moisturizer on your beard?  You can use face moisturizer on your beard if you are dealing with dry skin.  Even though you may feel that the whiskers in your beard will hinder the cream from entering into your facial skin, the cream will still be able to penetrate the skin and moisturize the skin that is underneath your beard.  You will need to rub it in thoroughly so that it will be able to bypass your beard.  It is simpler on a shaved face to apply a cream to your skin, but it will work and it will rid you of your flaking skin problem. 

How To Apply Face Moisturizer to your Beard

Applying a moisturizer to your beard is important especially if you are a man that is worried about wrinkles that are starting to appear on your face.  When skin is skin is less pliable and prone to developing creases that were not there before. By adding cream, you are going to enhance the elasticity of the skin. Nevertheless, you do not want to overdo it since you may develop acne that could worsen the look of your facial skin.  Here are some simple steps to follow when applying a moisturizer to the skin that is underneath your beard.

  1. The first step to cleanse your face and beard. This can be done by washing it thoroughly simply by using soap and water.  You do not want to rub into your beard too hard or it will become irritated. I also suggest that you use a face lotion that is designed for men since some soaps can be too harsh on facial skin.  I recommend Rugged and Dapper face wash and scrub cleanser. Click here to view pricing on Amazon. It acts as an exfoliator also.
  2. When cleansing the skin underneath the beard, do so use a circular motion so that the cleanser can work on the total skin surface that is underneath the beard.
  3. If you do not cleanse your face, you are going to trap in the dead skins by applying a moisturizer.  Also, dirt and grime could be present on the skin surface on a non-cleansed face.
  4. After cleansing your face and beard skin,  make sure that you thoroughly dry the skin.  If you were to apply moisturizer to wet skin, the cream will have a harder time entering into the surface skin cells and also, the moisturizer will have a shine to it that is not appealing to the eye.
  5. Make sure to apply moisturizer twice a day onto the beard area.  Apply it once in the morning and again before going to sleep. The morning application will provide a healthy look to your skin that will be there throughout the day.  The nighttime application will help to prevent wrinkling of the skin since the moisture level will be high enough to keep the skin looser. Adding cream to the beard before beard is necessary especially if you are heating your home or apartment using electric heat during the wintertime.
  6. A moisturizer that works well for men is called Brickell Men’s Daily Essential Face Moisturizer for Men.  Click here to view the pricing on Amazon.
  7. Make sure that you do not add too much of the cream to your beard.  It will create a shiny look and also your skin will have a hard time trying to absorb a large amount of moisturizer. I suggest that you add some cream to the tips of your index finger and thumb on one hand and then simply rub it onto the index finger and thumb on the other hand.  Slowly massage it into your beard until all of the skin underneath has received some cream.

Why is it Important to Moisturize The Skin Underneath your Beard

You might be wondering why you seem to develop dry skin underneath your beard.  This happens because the whiskers are soaking up the oils that are normally on the surface of your skin.  It is the same reason why your head hair will become oily if it is not washed on a regular basis.  Your skin oozes oils to protect its surface and the oils are sticking to the strands of head hair.

Once the whiskers in your beard have absorbed the oil from the skin, the skin will start to dry out.  As skin dries, it becomes itchier and you will start to scratch it.  It is not good to tear away at your beard since it will dislodge whiskers causing it to become patchy.  Also, by scratching your dry skin, you are causing the skin to flake and you then will be dealing with the dreaded beardruff.

Does Moisturizer Help with Beard Growth?

Moisturizer per se does not promote beard growth, although it sets up the correct environment for growth.  Since one of the steps of applying moisturizer is that you need to cleanse the skin thoroughly, you are opening up the pores in your beard, and allowing the follicles to push out whiskers easily.

If there are dirt and other particles blocking the whisker follicles, the whisker growth will be slowed down or perhaps a malformed whisker will grow.  Plus, moisturizing will reduce the level of brittleness that can inflict a whisker.

Moisturizers Reduce Itchiness

The moisturizers will also lower the level of itchiness.  When the skin under the beard becomes dry, it becomes irritated which means that you might start to scratch your beard. If you were to scratch your beard, you may introduce bacteria into the whisker follicles. Doing so causes growth problems in your beard.   Moisturizing the beard skin will ensure that the likelihood that you will tear away at the skin will be reduced, allowing your beard to grow free of skin infections.

Do you need to Moisturize Stubble?

If you are planning on growing stubble, it might be a good idea to add in some moisturizer in the mornings and at night.  It is the same as a beard, but the whiskers are much shorter. You add moisturizer to your beard area to create a healthy environment for your beard whiskers.  You need strong healthy follicles to form your perfect stubble.  In other words, cleansing your stubble area and then applying a facial moisturizer is a good plan.

It will actually take less time to moisturize your stubble since less rubbing will be involved. Nevertheless, you need to do it, the skin underneath the stubble will still tend to dry out since some of the oils will stick to the short whiskers.  At first, when I was moisturizing my stubble, I thought that the process was going to hurt my fingers because of the possibility of smaller whiskers being pushed into my skin.  It did not seem to happen though.

Also, rubbing a moisturizer into your facial skin in the stubble area is going to soften the whisker so that they will not as rough as before which is great for your significant other.

Beard Oil Vs Moisturizer

Beard oil and beard moisturizers are different beasts. It is confusing when deciding on which type to use. Here is my take on it.

Beard oil

Beard oil is more of a light moisturizer that all beards and mustaches need.  It is best used when you are sporting a small beard or mustache.  It is more liquid in form and it will penetrate the skin fast.  When you have a shorter beard, you will have less of a problem with dried-out skin and this quick solution for any dry areas will work for you.

The main reason for beard oil, besides just dealing with dry patches of skin, is to increase the healthy look to your whiskers.  They will not look super shiny with some beard oil, but your whiskers will look and feel smoother.  If you were to add in chunky beard balm, you will have a lumpy mess in your tiny beard that would not be very attractive.

To apply the beard oil to your whiskers, just add a few drops of the oil to the palm of a hand, and then rub your hands together.  Now rub your hands through your beard until the texture and silky look is uniform.  That’s it, it will just take a few seconds each day.

I suggest that you check out the Gentlemen’s Premium Beard Oil that you can pick up on Amazon.  It is in a dropper that you will allow you to use it sparingly.  It gets rid of that itchy feeling that can occur as you are starting to grow out your beard.

Now onto the beard balm which is more of a beard moisturizer.

Beard Balm or Beard Moisturizer

When you have a longer beard, you will have to start worrying about taming it.  It can become unruly and hard to manage.  You need something that is stronger than a liquid that you simply splash onto your face to moisturize the whiskers and the skin.

Beard balm is a moisturizer that has a thicker texture. It is has a texture that is more solid than that of the liquid beard oil.  You will need to massage it into your beard and at first, it will look as you are rubbing soapy cream into your beard.  Just keep massaging it in and it will start to get absorbed into your whiskers and into the skin underneath the beard.

It will create a soft feel to your beard, add a shiny healthy look to it, and at the same time, the moisture level of your skin will eliminate dry areas.  The longer the beard whiskers, the higher the probability of oils being pulled out of the skin.  Sometimes, the skin will be so dry that beard dandruff will form.

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