Does Aftershave Prevent Razor Bumps

It’s time to shave, and you’re already dreading having to do it. The reason is that you’re tired of always getting those razors bumps after you shave. They’re not only aesthetically unpleasing, but they hurt. Then, you also have problems to shave in a few days because the bumps take a while to go away. This means that you won’t be able to shave in maybe a week.

That’s when you begin the quest to find solutions that prevent those razor bumps or, at least, reduce your chances of getting them. After all, no one wants to make shaving a nightmare. Especially something that has been a symbol of adulthood for many guys. That’s when you’ll see aftershave as a solution coming up all the time.

So, does aftershave prevent razor bumps? Aftershave prevents razor bumps, but you still have to take other precautions to make sure that you don’t get them anymore. The reason you get razor bumps is that your skin gets irritated and inflamed. The best way to prevent this is to soothe the skin and kill the bacteria that would cause inflammation in your pores. That’s when the aftershave comes into play.

Now, if you want to get rid of the razor bumps once and for all, it’s time that you read this article ‘til the end. In it, you’re going to learn all the steps that you must take to reduce your chances of ever getting razor bumps again.

Aftershave Moisturizes The Skin

The main way that an aftershave lotion helps with razor bumps is that it moisturizes the skin. The whole process is easy to understand. Razor bumps happen because your skin gets irritated and bacteria enter the opens pores causing inflammations. This is why you see the red and yellow bumps.

Now, when your skin loses its natural oils, it gets dryer. The lack of moist makes the area more hospitable to those conditions that will result in razor bumps. So, the best way to fight those conditions is to replace and revitalize the moist in the skin. That’s why the aftershave moisture\zing your skin is so important to prevent the razor bumps.

So, if you do make use of aftershave, you will prevent razor bumps and reduce the times that they even happen at all. Now, you must know that aftershave lotions are more efficient with moisturizing the skin than regular aftershave.

The best that you can do is to apply the best aftershave lotions that you can find every single time that you shave. It’s also important that you shave frequently with an interval of only a few days. The Aftershave Lotion by Lather & Wood Shaving Co. is a great aftershave lotion, in case you want to make sure that you get one that’ll work. It soothes the skin and moisturizes it deeply. Check it out on Amazon here.

Make Sure You’re Applying Aftershave Correctly

One of the most common mistakes that guys make is applying aftershave incorrectly. Now, it’s not just applying it after you’ve shaved. You must know how to and when to apply it. The aftershave is supposed to kill bacteria and soothe the skin. That’s why it’s so important that you get this right.

The first thing that you should do is to first clean your face and rinse it. You can see the right way to do this below. Then, you’re going to apply the aftershave in small quantities gently. The thing is that at this point your skin is sensitive. So, you should massage it gently and finish with light slaps. You should not under any circumstance go rough on your face.

This part may sound easy or even unimportant, but if you get it wrong, you can cause skin inflammation and irritation. Worse than that, you could have to go to the hospital over a serious inflammation. Making sure that your pores are closed, it’s no joke.

So, make sure that you gently apply the aftershave. Then, make sure that you’re massaging the face. It’s also important that you feel an immediate relaxing sensation on your skin. This is a sign that it’s working.

Aftershave Closes Pores

One of the main reasons why you should apply an aftershave balm, lotion, or cream is that they close up the pores in your face. You must do this. Your pores can house bacteria, which leads to infection and can cause serious damage to your facial tissue. In severe cases, you could end up in a hospital bed over this. So, you must always make sure your pores are closed.

Now, you make sure that they’re properly closed when you have a grooming routine. Only when you understand that you should take care of everything, you’re going to take this seriously. Razor bumps are not only aesthetically unpleasing, but they’re also dangerous to your health. The best that you can do to avoid them is to prevent them in the first place.

To make sure that the aftershave you’re using is closing the pores, you should go with products that have antibacterial properties. They also must have soothing ingredients that calm the skin and ensures that restoration happens faster.

For more sensitive skin, give preference to aftershave balms. They’re usually better to soothe the skin and prevent irritation. The American Shaving After Shave Balm For Men is the go-to aftershave balm. It acts fast and efficiently. Click to view pricing here.

It’s Great To Kill Bacteria As Well

Another reason to use aftershave is that besides closing the pores, which prevents inflammation, it also kills the bacteria that would otherwise get into the pore and grow. The aftershave, therefore, can fix both issues that cause razor bumps. It closes the pores and kills the bacteria. Not only that, but it can also soothe the skin and moisturize it. That’s why is a must-have in your grooming kit.

Now, it’s important that you check it out whether or not your aftershave of choice does do these things. Aftershave lotions, in general, do kill the bacteria right after you’ve shaved. This is important because it’s when your skin is at its most vulnerable moment.

Just make sure that you do use aftershave and not a perfume or any other alcohol-based lotion. It’s common for men to resort to other cosmetic products to give that big finish after they’ve shaved, but it’s a bad idea. Perfume or deodorant can worsen skin rashes and irritations when applied after you’ve shaved due to the skin being sensitive at the moment.

So, always use aftershave and nothing else. The Billy Jealousy Shaved Ice After-Shave gets the job done really well with antibacterial properties. Check it out here.

Rinse With Cold Water When You’re Done Shaving

One thing that it’s not highlighted enough is how important it is to rinse your face with cold water when you’re done shaving. The reason is simple but important. The cold water helps close the pores. You must wash your face with warm water before you shave to open the pores and make things easier, and then, rinse with cold water when you’re done.

These simple steps will make a whole lot of difference. They’ll determine whether or not your skin has more chances of recovering well. In the case of the cold water, you’re going to help the pores close faster. Now, you’re still going to need the aftershave to close the pores even faster.

Rinse your face with cold waters right after you’ve shaved, then, apply the aftershave balm, lotion, or cream. It’s important to point out that the rinsing comes first and not after the aftershave since some people get that mixed.

Alcohol-based Aftershave Dries Out The Skin

You’ve got a lot of tips on what to do, but it’s equally important to tell you what not to do. In this case, you must know that you should avoid alcohol-based aftershave as much as you can. The reason is that it dries out the skin

What this means is that it robs off the natural oils from the skin and makes it more sensible to bacterial growth. It leaves the skin unprotected and with a not-so-good appearance. It breaks the microfibers from the skin, giving it a “dry” look.

The best that you can do is to look for the options that explicitly tell you that they moisturize your skin and helps forms a protective layer. Those are the aftershave lotions that you want to use.

So, as much as you can, avoid alcohol-based aftershaves. They were popular in the past but are not the best option right now due to current knowledge and technology.

Electric Razors Reduce Bumps And Inflammation

Electric razors are one of the best inventions by modern society. It makes shaving that much easier and even fun to do it. What used to be a chore that you had to do every morning or every other day can be something enjoyable. This is possible because an electric razor makes shaving something that you can do five times faster.

Now, the reason that electric razors help reduce razor bumps and inflammation, in general, is that it isn’t that aggressive on the skin. It doesn’t take off too much of the natural oil and the pores don’t get that open when compared to the regular razors. That’s why using an electric razor is such a good idea.

So, you must get a high-quality electric razor with premium metal built and that goes easy even on sensitive skin. The Pacific Shaving Company Caffeinated Aftershave checks all those boxes and more, so you should give it a look if you’re looking for an electric razor. You can take a look here.

Shave Every And Other Day To Reduce Razor Bumps

One of the possible reasons that you’re getting razor bumps may be that you’re shaving too much. If you shave every single day, you increase your chances of razor bumps because the skin gets too damaged and loses too many layers and natural oil before it can restore itself.

In this situation, the best that you can do is reduce the number of times that you’re shaving. You could shave every other day like every two days frequency. Obviously, this will be dictated by how fast your beard grows and how much you need to keep an all clean face.

So, make sure to reduce your shaving frequency if the razor bumps aren’t going away. Also, make sure that you apply high-quality moisturizers every day. The Baxter of California Super ShapeTM is a premium moisturizer that’ll soothe your skin and restore the moisture. Take a peek here.

Final Thoughts

So, aftershave does prevent razor bump. It’s important that you also make sure to wash your face with warm water and rinse with cold water afterward. You should always use premium quality products on your skin, especially the face. With that said, follow those steps, and you’ll prevent razor bumps.

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