How Fast Does Chest Hair Grow? The Surprising Facts

Yes, this is me. I do have lots of chest hair even though it seems less apparent in this photo.

I was wondering how fast would my chest hair grow if I were to shave it off. I am not sure if I will do so yet, but I was curious. I researched the speed of chest hair growth and this is what I had discovered.

How quickly does chest hair grow? Chest hair grows on average at a rate of one-third of an inch per month. It can vary depending on the genetics of the person. Some sections of the chest will have more hair than other areas. Chest hair usually grows slightly faster in the center of the chest.

Scalp hair grows slightly faster at a rate of one-half of an inch every 30 days.

I will now explain more about the speed of the growth and what you can expect to obtain for the longest length of your chest rug.

How long until Chest Hair grows back?

I know that less than an inch per month of growth, or just one-third of an inch per month does not sound like a lot of length for chest hair. Nevertheless, it actually is because it is hugely visible to others.  For instance, when I allow my beard to grow for just 12 hours, the tiny whispers are visible to the naked eye even at a distance of a few feet.

If you had shaved your chest because you want to start fresh and to have control over the neatness of it, the length of time for it to grow back all depends on your desired length.

If you want your chest hair to show over the top of your open shirt buttons, it could take a few months for it to reach that length.

If you want to achieve the stubble look on your chest, it can just take a few weeks for your chest hairs to reach that level.

Personal, I trim my chest hairs so that they are all around the same length. Since I am in my fifties, my chest hair in the center and the top of my chest is much longer than the rest of the hair on my chest area. I try to even it out since so that it does not create a bump in the middle of my chest when I am wearing tight t-shirts.

Do not worry, if you are younger, you will not have to deal with a massive amount of center chest hair. You will rarely need to trim it off if you just trying to keep the surface even.

In my research, I discovered that chest and body hair in general, grow at the same rate. What I found interesting is that there are three growth stages of body hair growth.

  1. The first stage in the anagen stage, which is the beginning of hair growth. Hair can grow in super thick at this stage.
  2. The second stage is called the catagen stage. This stage is a short stage for a hair, it lasts less than a week. It is where the hair begins to shred slightly because the root of the hair is weakening. The hair does not necessarily fall out but growth is slowing down.
  3. The third and final stage called the telogen stage. A hair in this phrase is no longer growing. It is just sitting there and it can be plucked out easily because the hair root is still weak.

I found this third phrase to be the most interesting because it explains why we do not have to trim our body hairs weekly as we need to do with scalp hair. We all would look like a shaggy bigfoot if that were true.

Now, with respect to chest hair, it could take a few months for it to reach its maximum length, but eventually, it will reach the telogen stage that will end its growth.

Body hair, in general, does not grow as long as chest hair. It only takes 2-4 weeks for body hair to grow to its full length. Of course, if you are shaving your body as a swimmer or a professional bodybuilder, you will notice that you may need to shave before a month’s time has elapsed.

I read an article about a swimmer, that hated this initial growth phrase for chest hair growth. He explained that it felt as he was being pricked with a thousand needles when the hair was starting to surface.

He even had pain if his chest muscles were to twitch or if he were to wear a tight t-shirt. I am not a professional swimmer so I do not luckily see the need to shave my chest completely. I know other men that do so and I have always wondered if they had any regrets.

If your chest hair is not growing out of control, you might want to leave it be. Of course, if you are dating someone that hates your chest hair, perhaps compromise slightly and give it a quick trim. Using one of the body trimmers that I recommend is a good plan, click here to read my reviews.

I just trim my chest hair with my mustache scissors.  Just make sure that you ensure that it is evenly cut by standing sidewise in a bathroom mirror as you trim it. I recommend the Survorna scissors (link to Amazon).

At What Age Does Chest Hair Grow?

You may be wondering when you are going to start to grow chest hair. I can remember that I thought that maybe in my early twenties that I would have as much hair on my hair as my father. This, of course, did not take place. I hardly had any hair at all on my chest at this point in my life.

  • In my twenties, I hade tiny hairs in the center of my chest and some was sprouting out around my nipples. These hairs were tiny and thin and they were lightly colored.
  • Nevertheless, I read that some males can actually start to grow chest hair when they are as young as 12 years old. Wow, that sounds early to me but of course, it depends on your genetics and when puberty starts for an individual.
  • On average, chest hair starts at around 18 years old which is a more reasonable estimate.
  • Your chest hair is not going to reach its full thickness and coverage until you have reached your thirties. Your androgens are going to force your chest to produce more chest hair follicles and your chest is going to fill in.

Again, it could be that you are the type of male that is not going to grow chest hairs. A lot of people with oriental genetics are not going to have even one tiny hair protruding from their chest. 

Personally, I noticed that my chest hair continued to lengthen and fill in at around my forties. I just had a moderate amount of growth up until that age.

I have noticed that my chest is quite bushy now and that gray hair is mixed with black chest hair. It is as if I have a mass of white cotton candy sitting in the center of my chest that loves to surface above my shirts. If you are concerned about your mass of unruly chest hair, I suggest that you check out my recommended body groomers by clicking here.

What are the Benefits of Chest Hair?

What could be the benefits of having chest hair? There does not seem to be a good reason that I was able to think of off hand as to why I needed to keep my chest hair. It is not as if it keeps me warm during a blizzard. So, I decided to do some research to find out why human men need to have a hairy chest. This is what I found out.

  1. Genetically speaking, men starting had more hair on their chest because they stayed in cooler climates. When the cavemen were just lurking around in tribes hunting sabertooth tigers, they had grown more hair on their body and on their chest because more hair meant more warmth.
  2. They were not using up much energy just slowing walking around with their bows and arrows.
  3. Then as the tribes needed to move quickly through fields to find better hunting grounds, they needed less body hair and the amount of fur on the chest dwindled.
  4. In other words, men needed chest hair initially for added warmth.
  5. Human beings evolved and the genes that create chest hair remained. The chest hair’s function changed slightly. There was less hair but if we were cold, the follicles would contract and the hairs would stand on end to keep in the body heat.
  6. Another function of chest hair is that is a way to appear more threatening when encountering something or someone dangerous. Just like when puffs up when is ready to fight or it is in fear of something. It is a simple and quick way of looking larger.

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