How Long Does It Take For Chest Hair to Grow Back

If you have just shaved or waxed your chest, you probably are worried about how long it will take for the chest hair to grow back in.  It can be very itchy and sensitive especially if you were to wear a tight shirt or t-shirt.  

How long does it take for chest hair to grow back? It takes a few weeks for chest hair to grow back.  it grows rather quickly and even after a week it gets to the point where it’s not itchy anymore and it’s visible to the naked eye. If you wax your chest it’s going to take as long as 2 months to grow back.

There are different methods for cutting your chest hair.  You could just use a electric shaver that allows you to get a close shave, or you could go to a professional and have it faxed which of course is more painful the procedure. This is all going to adjust amount of time for it to grow back. I realize that you may have only cut your chest hair off because of athletic requirements such as being a professional swimmer, or perhaps to look more attractive for a few days on the beach during the summer.

How Long Does it Take for Chest Hair To Grow Back After Waxing

If you are waxed your chest because you want to be super smooth, however,  you’ll have to deal with some pain because of the pain of ripping off the waxed strips.  Also, you need to realize that it’s going to take longer to grow back your chest hair.  It will take about six to eight weeks for your chest hair to fully grow back. 

What is involved is that strips that contain the hot wax rip off the top layer of your skin on your chest along with the smaller hairs.   It’s a procedure that does the job, nevertheless, it’s best to have this professionally done in order to remove the tiniest hairs.

You will notice that there will be some irritation when the hair grows back since it will have to push through the follicles to reach the surface of your chest skin.

How Long Does it Take for Chest Hair to Grow Back After Shaving

Another method for removing chest hair is to shave it off with an electric razor or with a hand razor. 

I recommend the Remington Body Hair Trimmer, click for pricing on Amazon.

An electric razor will not give you the closest shave, which means that your chest hair will take a shorter period of time to grow back.  It will take about 2 weeks.  Also, since you have not removed the hair at the entrance to the follicle, irritation will be less intense as the hair grows longer which is a plus in my books.

You could experience some minor skin irritation due to the electric razor scraping along your skin.  

If you shave your chest hair using a hand-held razor such as a Bic Metal Shaving Razor (click to see on Amazon),   you will get a closer shave compared to a low priced electric shaver.

Because you’re getting a closer shave with a disposable razor, it will take it much longer to grow back in chest hair. Instead of just a few weeks, it could take 3 to 4 weeks. 

Within a week or so your irritation will be less because your chest hair will have a chance to slightly lie down since the hairs tend to curve as they grow which will prevent them from sticking into the fibers of your T-shirt or your shirts.

If I shave My Chest Hair,  Will it Grow Back Thicker?

If you’re wishing that your chest hair will grow back fast and also thicker than it was before, I just wanted to point out the following fact.  Shaving your chest is not going to allow your chest hair to grow in thicker.  If you clean out follicles it will allow the hair to grow stronger and seem as if it is thicker, especially if there was a lot of material that was clogging your pores or your follicles. 

At first, it may seem as if your chest hair is not growing in as thick as it was before.  By shaving your chest, you’re cutting off the ends of the hairs that may have been blunted over time. In other words, the brand new hair will be uniform down its length causing it to look smaller than older hair.

Your best bet would be not to shave it very often so that over time, the ends of each hair will look thicker.  Also, cleanse your chest so that the follicles are clear which will allow more hairs to grow than before.  Your chest hair will then look thicker because of the increase in the hair coverage on your chest.

How to grow chest hair faster

The quickest remedy to help your hair to grow faster on your chest is to make sure that you clean the pores so that the hair can grow in uninhibited.  I’m not saying that new follicles will form, but that previously clogged follicles that were not spouting hairs will now push out chest hairs. 

Some people state that you can add onion to your skin that will stimulate the growth of chest hair, I would be careful using this method especially if you were to use it in the daytime because the smell of onion would be evident to others around you.

If you are brave and end up slicing of cheese in half and then proceed to rub it onto your chest to stimulate hair growth, make sure that you do it at night so that you will have some control over the odor that others would sense. This method is not guaranteed but I have read about it in several different places such as wikiHow

This might sound like common sense but to grow your chest hair faster, you just need to have patience. It could be a slow process for you personally because of your genetics, so I would not try to rush things.  If you do anything too aggressive to your follicles, you may damage them which would reduce the amount of hair on your chest. Just assume that it’s going to take you as long as a month to grow back typically after you have trimmed or shaved your chest hair with an electric razor.

How to Stimulate Chest Hair Growth

There is no miracle cure for stimulating your hair growth on your chest, other than using tactics to cause your hair follicles to become more healthy in general.

  1. Consume the right vitamin supplements which will affect the growth of your chest hair. I would start by eating a high-protein diet that is made up of meats, nuts, and soy.  It also is advisable to consume vitamin D cuz that seems to stimulate hair growth.  I would not try to inject yourself with a lot of growth hormones such as testosterone, because these can actually have the opposite effect on hair growth. 
  2. Trying to exercise on a regular basis increases your testosterone level naturally which is good for hair growth and poor circulation in general.  By having better circulation, your hair follicles will benefit.   Healthy hair follicles will allow your chest hair to grow back in at a faster rate.
  3. Reduce your stress level because stress can cause hair loss in some people.  Try to relax whenever possible.
  4. A natural way to stimulate the hair growth on your chest is to rub some eucalyptus oil all over your chest twice a day.   This has been proven to help with follicle healthiness. 

How to Grow Thicker Chest Hair 

There is no miracle way to grow back chest hair.  A lot of it depends on your genetics which will determine the circumference of your hair.   What you can do is to add a greasing solution to your chest hair to make it look thicker the same way that some women do to enhance the thickness of their eyelashes.  It is not necessary to rub eyelash makeup on your chest, simply use a shampoo that has a thickening agent. I recommend the thickening shampoo by Teatree, click to see this product on Amazon

This is a more natural way to ensure that your chest hair looks thicker and it’s something that you can do over the long term in order to maintain thick chest hair.  

Another technique to make your hair look thicker on your chest is to trim it in such a way that it seems to protrude out more than chest hair that is lying flat on your chest.  This method of causing your chest hair to look thicker creates an optical illusion.

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