How Long Does it Take for Sideburns to Grow Back

If you had been to the barber and he or she had shaved off your sideburns, you may have been OK initially.  Perhaps you became razor happy and you had shaved off your sideburns intentionally? If you are regretting the fact that they are missing, you may be wondering how long it is going to take to grow them back.

How long does it take to grow back sideburns? It takes about 4-6 weeks for hair to grow long enough to create sideburns.  Beard whiskers and normal hair seem to grow at the same rate.  If you want the sideburns to be thicker, it will take about 2 months in total to create a length of 1 inch. 

Is there a Way to Speed Up the Growth of Your Sideburns?

Since you are stressed out about your missing sideburns, maybe you should try a few tactics to speed up the growth of your sideburns. Just remember that these following techniques may affect hair growth within your scalp also.

  1. Exercising on a regular basis will enhance the growth of whiskers and hair that make up your sideburns.
  2. Reduce stress in your life and you will notice that they are growing at a faster rate.  One way to relax is to ensure that you are getting the proper amount of sleep each evening.
  3. You could also ensure that the surface where you are going to be growing your sideburns is free of dirt and grime.  Dirty beard and hair follicles are less productive.
  4. If you are a smoker, quit today and your sideburn hair will grow unhindered. Smoke can enter into your facial pores and clog them resulting in slower-growing sideburns.
  5. Something that you should avoid doing is to start to trim them too early. I realize that you will sense some itchiness and perhaps you may feel that trimming them down will get rid of that feeling. Nevertheless, this is just going to extend how long it will be taking your sideburns to fill in.  Be patient and try not to become too frustrated because of the uncomfortable feeling.
  6. You can try over the counter steroid creams to see if you can reduce the itchy feeling. As hair and whiskers start to grow in, they need to first push through the surface of follicles which irritates the skin.
  7. Also, on a daily basis, add a few drops of beard oil to the palm of a hand, rub your hands together and then massage the oil into your growing sideburns.  This will ensure that dry skin is dealt with that can cause even further itchiness.
  8. With your doctor’s approval, try a folic acid supplement. Folic acid will promote hair growth which will help to grow thick sideburns.
  9. Also, exfoliate the skin that is on your face.  This will remove dirt, grime, and dead skin cells from the surface of your follicles.  In other words, it will ensure that the environment is a clean one for your follicles, allowing them to easily push out healthy hairs.

How to Groom Your Sideburns Once They Start to Become Apparent

It might sound like a simple task to trim and groom your sideburns as they are growing in.  It actually is important that you start to groom them as soon as the length has reached one-half inch. If just were to let them grow in without tending to them, you will end up with messy looking sideburns that are laughable.

Here are some grooming tips for your sideburns:

  1. As they start to grow in, do not play around with them.  It is best to wait at least a month before you begin to trim them.
  2. To trim a sideburn, you will need a comb. Comb the sideburns to the side towards your face. It is best to get them wet beforehand so that any fluffiness will be absent.
  3. Now with beard cutting scissors, trim the sides of each sideburn in a downward fashion. I recommend the professional scissors by Sanguine available on Amazon.
  4. Next, just simply comb the sideburns downwards (Kent has great handmade combs, click here to view them on Amazon).  You will not need to fiddle around too much with them when cutting, it is just a super quick trim session.
  5. It is important that they are the same length or your face is going to look lopsided when viewed from the front.
  6. Use a beard trimmer to trim the ends of the sideburns.  You will need to do this in the mirror to ensure that each side is cut to exactly the same length.
  7. If you are daring, you could cut them at a slight edge, giving you that Dracula look.
  8. On a daily basis, it would be a good idea to rub some moisturizer into each sideburn. Sideburns, for men, partially beard whiskers. Whiskers have the tendency to soak up the natural skin oils that create dry skin patches.

How Long Should You Let Your Sideburns Grow Now that They are Starting to Grow Back in?

Personally, I do not have any sideburns since I shave my head and most of my face is void of whiskers, except for my pinch.  Nevertheless, I have observed many different sideburns lengths that actually alter the overlook that someone can have.  They might be small, but they can make a big impact. They can change the shape of the face and the overall style that someone is trying to portray.

Here are a few select sideburn styles that you should consider while growing back your sideburns:

  1. Growing long sideburns is going to frame your face and elongate it.  If you have a round face, this will cause it to appear to be less round in shape.  If you are concerned that your face is too broad, have longish sideburns will help also.
  2. Short sideburns are the newest trend I have noticed.  For instance, Donald Trump has short sideburns. Generally, a short sideburn stops at the bottom of the ear.  Long sideburns reach below the bottom of the ears.
  3. The third style is that of the tapered sideburn. It is harder to maintain because it needs to be trimmed in an exact fashion or it will look chunky and messy.  You will have to carefully trim it at different levels using a beard trimmer. Most people have the top portion of the sideburn the thinnest and then they let the bottom portion blend into their beard.  I personally am too lazy for this style. It sounds too complex to maintain, although others seem to be OK with it.
  4. Super skinny sideburns is a new trend I have noticed.  It is not all that hard to accomplish, but it does take some practice to perfect its maintenance.  It is best done with a beard trimmer set on its lowest setting or with a hand razor.  I recommend the beard trimmer by Wahl, click here to read about it. Shave down your sideburns until they are a skinny line.  This tactic will really elongate your face.

Will Sideburns grow in thicker if you were to shave them off?

Hair does not grow in thicker after it has been cut off.  It all boils down to genetics.  If you are blessed with thick hair, your follicles will continue to push out thick strands of hair or whiskers.  It might look as if a hair is thicker when it first grows in, but that is because it is more apparent to the naked eye in the beginning growth phrases.

According to Dr. Gibson, M.D. on, hair is just more noticeable when it first starts to grow in.  You cannot alter its growth rate, or how thick it is, or even change its color.

Nevertheless, it will give your sideburns a fresh start.  You can start to take better care of your skin so that you will give your follicles a fighting chance.  If your sideburns are messy looking, it could be that you had added some strange product into your hair or into your beard that altered the look of each individual hair or whisker that makes up your sideburns.

So, even though your sideburns will not grow in thicker, you will be able to keep them looking as healthy as possible as they begin to fill in.

Are sideburns made up of whiskers or hair?

Sideburns are a mixture of hair and whisker.  The very top of them can be made up of head hair, while the other portion that trails alongside the ear is usually made up of whiskers.

Personally, I have noticed a slight transition from hair to whisker. There seem to be a few hairs that are slightly thicker than normal hair, but not quite a whisker.

You will be able to feel the difference within your sideburns by simply running a finger within them to test to see if the texture is harder or softer in nature.

In Conclusion:

Do not worry about the length of time that takes for you to grow in your sideburns.  It is all based on genetics that we do not have control over.  Within a month or so, you will be very satisfied with your newly sprouted sideburns.

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