How To Curl Eyelashes For Guys

Grooming perfection is all in the details. Every little aspect from the haircut to the socks you’re wearing is important. Knowing how to curl eyelashes may be the next step. Every day guys are realizing that those who take care of their grooming are more likely to have better relationships, jobs, and success in general in life. Those are the guys that appear to be more confident and successful. After all, how you present your appearance to the world is important.

Now, since most guys are totally comfortable and already adopted certain grooming methods like a haircut, beard style, manscaping, and fashion there are few territories to explore. One of the fairly new but already popular, and therefore, widely debated is what to do with your eyelashes. This topic is more controversial than the eyebrows discussion.

Still, what guys are coming to understand is that everything is fair game to improve your looks and make you feel good. The eyelashes are a small and simple detail that makes a world of difference in your eyes. This is important because your eyes are one of the most important features of your face. It helps shape it and determine its attractiveness to other people.

So, in this article, you’re going to learn how to curl eyelashes for guys. Everything that you need to know and want to know but doesn’t have anybody to ask. You’re going to finish reading this article ready to curl your eyelashes. Give it a try and you’ll see the change happening right in front of your eyes.

Get An Eyelash Curler

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about curling eyelashes, it’s likely eyelash curler. That metal object that you use on your eyelashes to curl them and bend them up. This is a simple tool to help you curl your eyelashes, and it’s the first one that you’re going to get. If you’re going to do only one thing, do this. Get an eyelash curler.

Now, before you proceed, here’s why you should get one. The eyelashes curler will not just curl your eyelash for a minute or two. It will help fixate the eyelash in that position. The reason this is important is that if you do it with your fingers, the eyelashes will go back to normal immediately. That’s why you need the curler to do it right. Otherwise, you’ll end up with normal eyelashes that cause no impact.

So, to get to the next level of your grooming game, you should consider curling your eyelashes. Now, it’s important to point out that you should get an eyelash curler. It’ll make the process easier but more importantly possible. Take a look at the curler By Long & Luscious, which is the best curler in the market. Check it out here.

Consider Adding Mascara

Mascara is a makeup that you can use to enhance how your eyelashes look. Now, you may not feel comfortable wearing makeup, but this one goes unnoticed. Besides, it will enhance your eyelashes immediately, so it’s worth it. The main thing that the mascara will do is make your eyelashes color stand out. It’ll also help with keeping it in place.

Still, if you’re worried that it’ll appear that you’re wearing makeup or anything like that, don’t. If you don’t go overboard with the mascara, it’s going to make all the difference without becoming noticeable. As you’ll see, if you give it a try, wearing the mascara will only give you benefits. It’s a great resource to make sure that your eyelashes curl perfectly and stay that way for a long time.

So, make sure to test mascara a few times. Also, make sure that it’s a high-quality one since this is something that you’re applying close to your eyes. This means that you should be careful with rashes and allergic reactions. If you don’t know where to start, get the Silk Fiber Lash Mascara by Mia Adora. It’s a great mascara for you. Take a peek here.

Do Slowly To Avoid Pain

Now, the final result of curling your eyelashes is awesome. Still, you might have to go through some pain to get there. Still, you can make it easier on you while doing this. All you have to do is to control the speed. When you use eyelash curlers to curl your eyelash, you have to force your eyelashes in the direction that you want them to stay. This can be painful if you’re not careful and do it too fast.

The best thing that you can do to avoid pain is to do it slowly. Not only that but also make sure that you control the strength that your press the curler. You must not do it too fast because you don’t want to cause damage to the hair or the skin around your eyes.

This doesn’t mean that anything will cause a problem. It just means that you have to test the speed. Control the movements, and you’ll be alright. Curling your eyelashes will be a great experience.

Start By Warming Them Up

It’s time to talk about how to actually curl your eyelashes successfully. The first thing that you have to do is to start by warming them up. This means that you should rinse the area with warm water. You can even get started with lukewarm water, and then, something hotter. The important thing is that you do this since it’ll make your eyelashes easier to bend. Do his for a few minutes, and it’s all good.

Now, you mustn’t soak your eyelashes. You don’t want them too wet when you’re trying to curl them. What you can do is to rinse them, and then, dry them a little before getting started. This will make them that much easier for you to work with.

So, if you just get started by warming them up, you’ll notice a considerable difference in the final result. This is important because you want the best result possible.

Oil Up With Vaseline

Without getting too scientific, using Vaseline can make things much easier for you. The reason is that the Vaseline or other types of oil can help you mold your eyelashes. They’ll make them easier to curl and bend to the direction that you need. All you have to do is to apply a little, being careful not to put some in your eyes. Then, you can use the curler to start the process.

It’s important to point out that you’re supposed to apply the Vaseline after you’ve warmed up not before. Once you have applied the Vaseline, you can start curling your eyelashes. Now, make sure that you don’t overdo it and that you don’t wait too long to use the curler. You don’t want to let the product change states and solidify or something like that.

So, consider using Vaseline or even other types of oils to make it easier for you to control the direction of the eyelashes and that you apply just enough to make it easier for you.

Get Your Curls

Now, it’s the part that you’re going to actively use the eyelash curler. It may look like a hospital instrument or something complex to use, but it isn’t. It’s quite easy to use this tool. All you have to do is to insert your eyelashes in the right place and press it. Then you mold it to the way that you want.

Make sure to not exaggerate on the pressure. Also, remember to do it slowly to avoid getting yourself hurt. The goal is to curl your eyelashes and not rip pull them out. As long as you control the pressure and take the prior steps, there’s no reason for this not to work.

So, make sure that you use the eyelashes curler right. Get a metal one that will apply the right amount of pressure and direct your eyelashes to the right position. The Eyelash Curler by Bella and Bear is another great curler. You can find it on Amazon here.

Apply The Mascara As The Final Touch

To finalize the process and obtain the perfect eyelashes after all this work, you have to apply the mascara. It’s the final touch to potentialize all the work you’ve done. It’s another easy and quick process to complete. Just carefully apply the mascara on your lashes slowly, and you’ll notice the difference.

The main thing that you’ll see how more vibrant and interesting they’ll look. Just go easy on how much you apply, otherwise, you might risk looking strange. You also don’t want to look like you exaggerated on the makeup.

So, make sure that you apply the mascara as the final touch. It the icing on the cake for your eyelashes. They’ll look amazing if you try it.

Final Thoughts

This is how to curl eyelashes for guys. It’s simple, easy, and fast. All you have to do is to be careful to not hurt the area around your eyes and don’t do too much mascara. The result will be amazing if you follow these tips.

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