Beard Trimmers

Buying the best beard trimmer for yourself is important. You are making the effort of growing your beard, and you deserve to have the trimmer that styles your beard perfectly. There are cheaper models that will last for only short periods of time. Also, with cheap construction, the trimmer may pull away at your which is not pleasant.

I will explain the different aspects of a trimmer that you need to be aware in order to select the perfect one for yourself.  Nevertheless, I will highlight in details my personal recommendation of the best trimmer for the money. This beard trimmer is the  Panasonic Milano All-in-One-Trimmer, model Er-GB40s. Many so-called grooming gurus will suggest brands and models that are the most expensive.

I feel that this trimmer is very reasonably priced and you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to get the best beard trim possible.  I have analyzed its reviews and it is best by far that I could find.

I have tried cheaper models, but they quickly had proven to me why they had such low pricing. These cheaper trimmers did not succeed in providing me with an even cut. Plus, sometimes I sensed that my whiskers were being pulled.

Why did I pick the Panasonic Milano as the best trimmer for beards?

My commendation of the Milano trimmer is based on the following aspects of it: it is to use, to maintain, and it is very durable.

It is cordless and it can be used in the shower

This shaver is cordless which means that you can use it in different locations: at your bathroom sink, in the shower, or wherever else you wish to trim your beard. Sometimes while shaving, I like to have the option to walk outside of the bathroom and this can be done with this cordless model.

Personally, I do not like to trim while in the shower, but I know many people that do. For them, it makes the task of trimming their beard and showering a one-shot deal.

Trimming your beard in the shower is a big time saver I guess. Since personally am all about time management, this is another reason why I like this model and when I am ready to trim and shower, I can do so adequately with the Milano model.

Also, the manscaping aspect of this trimmer makes showering and manscaping more pleasant. You will need to take off the comb attachment beforehand though. If you are giving your chest a quick trim, the trimmed off hairs will simply be washed down the shower drain.

I have read that some owners of this trimmer, trim their long beards in the shower. I was wondering about this before I had selected this shaver as my top recommendation. I did want to mention that this shaver was only good as a stubble trimmer or a trimmer for short beard lengths in general.

Easy to Change the Beard Grooming Heights

I suggest that you verify if you can adjust easily the blade height when purchasing a trimmer. Some people prefer to grow a thicker goatee and mustache than the rest of their beard. If you purchase this trimmer, you will be able to quickly adjust the trimming height in order to achieve this layering effect.

There is a dial on the trimmer that can be turned that will push the comb portion up or down. There are a lot of lengths to pick from; 19 in total to be exact. You can set it trim at a length of 1-10 mm. This is great when you need to trim around your ears of the back of your neck.

On your neck region, you need to get the shortest length possible. Nevertheless, if you have a thick coarse beard, you can set the length to a much higher level without having to worry about your whiskers being pulled.

Super quick and easy to Maintain Because of Its Water Drain

Even if you were to purchase the most expensive trimmer on the market, you will still need to maintain it to ensure that it lasts a long time and to ensure that each trim is going to be successful.

The Milano trimmer is easy to maintain. You simply extend the top portion and let water flow through it. There is no need to scrub it or to take it apart to clean it. Since it is waterproof, you cannot damage its circuitry by rinsing it off with water.

Blades are at 45 degrees, precise trimming possible

The angled blades of this trimmer make it perfect for someone that is trimming their mustache. With a mustache, you need to trim it so that the space between your upper lip and your mustache is the same all of the way across the lip.  If you have uneven sections of your mustache, your mustache is going look as if it is not well groomed.

Also, the angling of the blades makes the job of trimming a coarse beard easy to accomplish. If the blades were non-angled, you would have to angle the whole trimmer in order to trim thick facial hair with precision. If you did not maintain an angle while trimming, you could end up cutting out large chunks of facial hair.

Having the ability to cut with precision with this trimmer means that if you remove the comb attachment, you could easily trim your chest and even give your arms a quick trim.

The manscaping possibility is great. Another plus with these blades is they are ultra sharp and durable. You can rest assured that you will be able to trim countless times with it.

Besides being able to use this trimmer for a long period of time, some men stated they believe that this trimmer will most likely last for years.

This durable trimmer does not create a bothersome sound. It does make a long humming noise, but this is the norm even if you were to purchase the most expensive trimmer that you could find.

Convenient Charging Stand

I love grooming items that can be neatly stored away. I have a stand for my electric toothbrush and this model of trimmer would not look out of place beside it since it has a charging stand.

There is no need to toss it into a drawer or to hide it away in your bathroom cabinet. It can be neatly stored on its stand. The stand makes it easy for you to simply grab onto the trimmer and to use it.

The stand has a red light on it that indicates that the unit is charging your trimmer. This light is good if you are trying to remember if you had placed the trimmer in its stand. Just taking a quick peek into the bathroom will relax your mind even if were dark in your bathroom.

The one minor problem with this trimmer is that this light never turns off even after the trimmer is fully charged. Nevertheless, this is not a deal breaker and I will tell you why.

A/C Rechargeable Battery

I like the fact that this trimmer has a durable battery that is rechargeable. You simply leave it in its stand overnight and you will be able to get up to 50 minutes of use out of it. I know what you are thinking; this is not long enough.

Nevertheless, how long does someone spend trimming their beard each session? I personally used to trim my beard in under 2 minutes. So, you could literally use this trimmer for weeks before you would need to charge it again.

What About the High-End Trimmers?

You may be interested in the high-end types of trimmers. I feel that they can be beneficial since they have lots of added features. For instance, the Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7100 trimmer comes with 8 different tools. This would allow you to groom your body from head to toe. For instance, it includes the following: beard comb, hair clipping comb attachment, nose trimmer, precision trimmer, and even a body grooming shaver.

This Philips model has blades that are made from chromium steel. You never have to worry about sharpening the blades because they are self-sharpening. Also, the blades have rounded tips which will reduce the chance that you have to deal with skin irritation after trimming your beard.

The Philips Norelco Multigroom model is a power trooper since it has turbo power that will cut easily through coarse, thick whiskers.

Another option that is a solid choice for you is the Panasonic Men’s Precision + Power Trimmer, model ER-SB40-K. This trimmer also has rounded tips making it a safer pick. It also has the added benefit of having wide blades that will allow you to cut through even the most untamed whiskers.

Another aspect that I find appealing about this Panasonic model is that it deals with those whiskers that tend to lie flat on the skin; the type of whiskers that are trying to hide from a trimmer. I personally have this problem with the front of my neck while trying to trim. It is as if my neck whiskers are glued to my skin.

This Panasonic precision model is cordless. However, if you are like me, you may forget to charge it. This will not create a problem for you. It can also be plugged in while you use it.

Sometimes when I shave, my hand might be damp and a trimmer could slide slightly if it is heavy enough. This trimmer has less chance of slipping in your hand since it has a rubberized handle.

My third recommendation for a high-end trimmer model is that of the Wahl Clipper Ion 2.0 Beard Trimmer. It is not as expensive as the above two models, but it has a neat design and it is very powerful for its size. Also, you need to be aware that Wahl is the top-selling brand of beard trimmers.

It has a lithium battery that will actually last for hours on a full charge. You may only need to charge it after  3-4 weeks of periodic use.

It is not as large as the typical trimmer, making traveling with it a breeze. It even comes with its own traveling case.

Not only is it is easy to travel with, but it comes with a 5-year warranty, which is rare in this industry as far as I could tell.

Features to Look for in a Beard Trimmer

  • Good blades that are sharp enough that they will provide a clean trim.
  • Rounded blades are better because they will pull less on your beard whiskers.
  • Buy a trimmer that has a powerful motor that is reliable.
  • Strong housing that is not made from cheap looking plastic
  • Another plus is to buy a trimmer that has the vacuum feature so that you will not need to clean up cut whiskers after a trim.
  • Trimmers that come with a charging stand.
  • Is it a good idea to get a trimmer that has the option to be plugged in even if it is cordless. You never know when you will forget to charge it.
  • For a smaller more portable trimmer, a nice feature is to buy one that has its own carrying case in case you travel a lot.
  • Some trimmers will have eyebrow and nose trimmers included as an attachment. This will save you some money instead of having to purchase multiple grooming devices.
  • Verify that a trimmer comes with a bottle of oil and a small brush that is designed for the unit. I guess that you could use an old toothbrush, but using a brush that is specialized for a trimmer is the best option.