Body Hair Trimmers

When you are selecting a body groomer, you need to be aware of the different attributes.   For instance, if you were planning on shaving most of your body, you will need a trimmer that can adjust to different contours. This characteristic is called versatility.

The durability of Body Trimmers

Personally, I like trimmers that are durable.  I would not pick the cheapest one on the market because the craftsmanship could be questionable.  Lower priced items sometimes will only last half of the time of the others.

Picking High Powered Trimmers

The power of a trimmer for the body is important also.  If you trimming an area of the body that tends to have a lot of curves and also a lot of curly hair, you need a bodygroomer that will glide through this area while trimming.  There is nothing worse than pulling on chest hairs because you had purchased a cheap trimmer that was made of substandard plastic.

Here are my top picks of body groomers:

1. Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG2040/49

Trimming your legs, arms, and other areas can be done in the shower.  The Philips Bodygroomer BG2040/49 works well in a wet environment.  Click here to view this groomer on Amazon.

This Philips Body Grooming model is powerful enough to groom all areas of the body. Even the underarms and groin area can be easily trimmed down.

It has rounded blades which means that it is friendly to the skin.  You will not have to worry about nicking yourself while doing a quick trim.

2. Remington Head to Toe

If you are looking for body trimmer that comes with an assortment of attachments, the Remington PG525 is for you.  It has 10 pieces which include 8 attachments such as an attachment to trim your nose and ear hairs.  It also includes three different combs for combing stubble and beards.

It has a strong lithium battery that can last up to 70 minutes.  A good cordless trimmer is necessary when you are trimming most of your body.

What I really like about it is that is has a body hair trimmer piece that is vertical which makes shaving your legs an easy task.

Click here to view the current pricing of the PG525 on Amazon.

3. Philips Norelco with Body Comb

The Philips Norelco Beard and Head Trimmer BT5215/41 will trim at any angle and any length. It uses special technology that will lift and guide the hairs into its blades for trimming.

It was designed to be able to create a stubble beard or even a long beard.  It also comes with a body comb making body grooming a cinch.

You will not have to worry about sharpening its blades if you use it a lot, it has a self-sharpening capability.

It is cordless, but you can plug it in while it is charging. It charges fully in one hour and it can trim during 70 minutes when fully charged.  This makes it a good trimmer to have while traveling.  Furthermore, it is easy to take with you on a trip because it comes with its own carrying pouch.

Click here to see the details and pricing on the BT5215/41 model on Amazon.

4. Brio Beardscape with Travel Case

I searched high and low for the perfect traveling model for those of us that sometimes need to do a quick body trim while away. I found the Brio Beardscape by Brio.

It has a very sleek and non-complicated look to it.  I always worry when I take an expensive trimmer with me on a trip that has a lot of dials on noobs on it.  This one looks almost like one that you would have seen being used by a character on Star Trek.  It is futuristic in its design.

Its carrying case is more like a tiny suitcase that is sturdy.  Click here to view this model on Amazon.  There are photos there that show the carrying case.

This model is also very strong since it has a ceramic blade. Ceramic is fours times harder than stainless steel. You can be rough and not have to worry about breaking this little number.

It is perfect for any manscaping project that you in mind.  It comes with 8 size guards, from 1mm all the way up to 18mm.