Electric Shavers

Having an electric shaver is a big time saver. You will not have to deal with messy shaving cream. plus cutting your facial skin is hard to accomplish with a good electric shaver. Since shaving is the dreaded task that most men must perform daily, you need a shaver that is going to perform well and that will give the closest shave in the shortest amount of time possible.

I have spent hours reading reviews on the best one to buy and I am now ready to recommend a great model to you. It is the Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor, available on Amazon. Why do I highly recommend this shaver?

It uses a 5 blade system that has blades that are precision-honed.

I have encountered a lot of trimmers that had three blades, so having 5 is a big plus. This blade system will ensure that a whisker is completely cut.

Also, it has this neat ability to switch to a different power level. We all know that certain sections of one’s beard grow at a rate different than the rest of the beard.

This power system will actually sense the different lengths and it will adjust its power level automatically. If a section of a beard is coarse, this change in power used will ensure that the whiskers in this dense area are cut correctly.

My car operates in a similar way, it has different drive modes that can make the car run more efficiently.  If I am traveling for hours, I will set it to the Econo mode to save on gas.

The Panasonic Arc5, also has pivoting heads that are multi-flex. They can pivot while you are shaving areas that have huge contours, like the chin and the neck area that is blessed with the Adam’s apple.

I have noticed that if I shave with a normal razor, that I tend to cut into the skin around my Adam’s apple. If had been using a shaver with heads that move to follow contours, I would have prevented the need to stick tiny pieces of toilet paper on my neck that was covered with droplets of blood.

Besides being friendly to hard to shave areas, in addition, it has a pop-up trimmer. What is that you may be asking yourself.  You simply activate it and it will allow you to trim your sideburns and even your mustache.

I tend to trim my mustache daily because stray whiskers love to attempt to curve into my mouth which I find to be irritating.

If you find it irritating to dry shave with an electric shaver, I some good news for you. This electric shaver can be used in the shower. You can also lather up your face and go to town on it while humming away in the shower.

Many people like to have the ability to shave in the shower because they are into multi-tasking. They love to able to save those precious minutes for something more productive than standing over a bathroom sink and dry shaving.

For those of us that are pressed for time, you need to know that this shaver only takes a measly hour to fully charge. It will last up to 45 on a charge which is adequate for quick daily shaves during weeks at a time.

It is fast to charge, plus it is super easy to clean. You simply rinse it off in your bathroom sink. It has a mode cleaning mode that you can use that creates a vibration that will shink free trapped whisker fragments.

Regarding technology, it has a micro-thin foil that chops even the toughest whiskers. The foil captures even the type of whiskers that lie flat on your face that are the hardest to reach with a normal electric shaver.

The speed of the blades is high-tech also. It provides 14,000 cycles per minute. This speed will give you that clean shave that you are seeking to have daily. Most electric shavers only cycle 10,000 times per minute.

Something else that I found minor at first was its ability to be locked down so that does not accidentally get turned on. I read one review that someone had left for a similar shaver that stated that their shaver had somehow turned on while in their luggage and this malfunction had used up their battery power.

Other Electric Shavers that I had Investigated that have fewer Functions but that are Reasonable Options

The first optional shaver that I will highlight is the Braun Series 3 Proskin 3010s, that is available on Amazon.  I picked this one because is reasonably priced and it is easy to handle.

Not only is it easy to handle, but it comes with 3 different pressure-sensitive shaving elements. Your skin is going to love this electric shaver. It provides you with a super gentle and smooth shaving experience.

Another reason why this Braun model is a good pick is due to its micro comb tech that pulls out the segments of whiskers that have been cut by the elements.

Some cheaper models, will not so do. You will have remnants of whiskers that just stay put, and the blades will cut them several times which can irritate your skin. Tiny cut whiskers that are being pushed around can prick your skin, but this shaver will comb them away before they are able to cause skin problems.

Besides giving you a comfortable clean dry shave, this shaver can be used with foam. I know that some people like the fresh smell and feel of facial skin after shaving with foam.

At first, I thought that playing around with foam would cause a shaver to clog up, but this model can be easily cleaned because it is 100 percent waterproof. You can wash it off using running water.

My next choice of a reasonable electric shaver is the Philips Norelco 2100. Philips is a company that prides itself on having quality products and this unit is one of those trusted shavers.

The 2100 model gives you a closer shave compared to shavers that are priced in the $50 price range.  If you are looking for a model that you can take with you traveling without having to worry about leaving behind a $200 razor in your hotel room, get this model today.

Not only is the price right, it has self-sharpening blades which is a feature that some higher priced shavers are missing. You will not have to worry about it getting dull quickly. Dull blades are a hassle, trust me, I know.  Your skin can get pulled and the shave can become very uneven with non-shape razors.

Also, it has three of those rotating heads that are a nice feature. The heads are very flexible, they will follow the curves on your face making your shaving experience very productive and fast.

My third optional choice for an electric shaver is the Philips 4500, that you buy on Amazon. This unit is nifty due to its use of slots and holes in its dual precision heads. Your whiskers that are long or short will not be able to escape these powerful cutting heads.

The 4500 not only is powerful, but it can be used in a wet or a dry environment. Say hello to shower shaving if that is your thing. They call this tech, Aquatec. You can actually do a wet shave using gel or with foaming shaving cream.

After you have achieved your close wet or dry shave, you can then pop up the shaver’s trimmer to straight-line your mustache or even your sideburns. This is great since it will mean that you will require less equipment for completing your final facial grooming tasks.

Features of an Electric Shaver

  • Some shavers are foil shavers. Foil shavers have curved metal that provides a close shave.
  • Other shavers are rotary shavers. They have round heads that rotate in a circular motion that can easily create a mico-stubble effect.
  • Wet or Dry Shaver? Wet shavers are great for shower use and usually are 100 percent waterproof. Most shavers that allow for wet shaves, also are capable of providing a close dry shave.
  • Is the shaver easy to clean? Foil shavers are very easy to clean. However, the shavers with rotating heads are more difficult to maintain. Nevertheless, some rotary models have a cleaning mode that provides more vibration.
  • Are the blades easy to replace? You need to be aware that electric shavers have blades that you will need to replace once a year or so. Make sure that you can easily purchase the replacement blades. For instance, if you were to buy your shaver on Amazon, can you simply order the replacement blades or heads on the same site?