Why Do Guys Wear Leggings at the Gym?

Surely, you’ve seen enough guys at the gym wearing leggings now that it has caused you to wonder if you were the only one that didn’t get the memo.

If you feel bewildered, that’s okay. When leggings first started out, most people had pretty much the same sentiment.

So, why do guys wear leggings at the gym? Leggings have slowly gained popularity in the gym scene due to their claimed benefits. Leggings can be worn for multiple reasons, but the main reasons to wear them at the gym are:

  1. Modesty
  2. Comfort
  3. Additional leg support
  4. Because it’s trendy

Leggings have been touted to provide a lot of general and performance benefits for fitness enthusiasts. But what does that really mean for you and your newly acquired curiosity towards them? Read on to find out more about why leggings are taking over every gym.


One of the reasons why guys prefer wearing leggings is out of plain modesty. Since the alternative is for you to show your bare legs to the world while wearing shorts, most people just consider wearing leggings to be the new socially accepted trend. It’s either that or the sight of wet hairy legs.

Who would want to look at your hairy legs at the gym anyway? Why not cover it up for a cleaner and tidier look? Think about it, more hair leads to more sweat, and leggings are specially designed to soak up the excess sweat and allow it to evaporate from the surface.

While many would argue that it’s a waste of time and effort to wear them every time you are at the gym, we would argue that wiping your legs off of excess sweat after every workout would take about the same time, if not more.

They also add style to your workouts. People with leggings tend to show off their muscles more than just regular short-wearing dudes. So, you still get to show off more even if you don’t show skin, and who knows, it might also help you appear more approachable and likable at the gym.


Many people would agree that leggings offer them added comfort by helping them keep their legs dry. This way you will stay protected from the cold and from the feeling of wetness dripping down your legs. It’s truly uncomfortable for most people to feel their sweat dripping down to their shoes or worse, their socks.

Leggings can help you keep the focus on what really matters at the gym: your workout. Imagine you going about your workout and absolutely killing it at the gym until you notice the horrible mess you’re making below your waist. Trust us, it’s better to be safe than sorry. No one would like to see you clean off your hairy or sweaty legs in the middle of the gym.

Some people just find leggings to be comfortable in general while they are working out. The material hugs your legs in a way that makes it easier for you to move around and stay dry. It’s an attribute that has made leggings fairly popular in recent times. You will also notice a surprising increase in the number of celebrity athletes who have adopted leggings during their matches and practice sessions because of their purported benefits.

Additional Leg Support

One might think “if professionals are wearing it then it must be right!” And it’s true. A lot of professional and celebrity athletes have started wearing leggings for all sports purposes. As mentioned before, leggings provide you with extra leg support also by allowing for better muscle feedback when you move, leading to greater awareness and better control of your muscles. You can actually feel your muscles activating when you work out which is a huge bonus since it helps you focus better at the gym.

See, when you run around in shorts, it’s very hard for you to establish a mind-muscle connection because your movements are mostly instinctive. Leggings allow you more control and awareness of the muscles in your lower torso because of how they grip your legs. The material completely encapsulates the legs and allows you to really feel your muscles as they contract and relax which may also aid in building a better mind-muscle connection.

Leggings may also provide better support and function for certain exercises. For example, any barbell exercise requires you to have a very stable posture. Wearing leggings can actually help you maintain and adjust your posture according to the exercise. Since they grip your skin, you can better tell where your body is positioned than when you wear shorts or loose pants. Leggings can be considered as the perfect dead-lift companion!

Trendy Gym Wear

No one can deny that the actual boom of leggings at the gym was sparked due to a lot of influencers wearing it. It started off with athletes who would be seen wearing them at the gym or at their game. This sparked a huge interest in the fitness community and people who once never thought of wearing leggings were suddenly open to the idea of wearing them during workouts.

Many sports manufacturers also got on the bandwagon in time to come up with different varieties with various materials. There is a legging for everyone. You just have to find the best one for you. We personally recommend the Under Armour HeatGear Armour Leggings (Click to view on Amazon). Leggings can be worn with almost anything because they complement every style you throw at them. We’ll talk more about that in a bit.

Another factor that really helped in the adoption of leggings is their many benefits. People who wore them at the gym would not stop raving about how great they are for them. You could even argue that one might also see it as a placebo effect, but regardless, it doesn’t take from the fact that the abundant word-of-mouth marketing allowed leggings to become a trendy gym-wear in a short time.

Gym trainers are one of the reasons why so many people adopted leggings as well since most gym trainers got on the trend early on. This led to their trainees adopting and advocating the trend as well. Some gyms even had their own personalized leggings made for better representation and merchandise sales. The same happened in the online fitness community where most fitness vloggers were seen wearing leggings at the gym while working out. This general acceptance led to a steady increase in the popularity of leggings that we see today.

A lot of really fit people also started wearing them because it allowed them to show off their muscles. We wouldn’t blame them; who wouldn’t want to show off their hard-earned muscles? Working out in regular gym wear or clothes that are a bit too revealing might be a little too on the nose. You are better off showing off in style with leggings.

Leggings also seem to be style-compatible with every gym gear you can get. You can try a lot of different colors and styles, but the best that seems to complement the overall look is with well-fitted shirts. Check out this Lafroi Long Sleeve Compression Fit (Amazon) for the perfect complete look.

Related Questions

Can leggings be worn for specific exercises? Yes, leggings can help in particular exercises that require you to maintain a very steady posture. Lower back and general barbell exercises seem to warrant the most need for leggings. The fitting of leggings provides you with a better sense of your posture while exercising.

Can leggings help in managing excess sweat? Leggings are designed to wick away moisture from your skin and bring it to the surface where it can easily evaporate, without causing any discomfort. If you are prone to sweating a lot, leggings may provide you with extra relief during your workouts.

Should I wear leggings while during cardio? Leggings are great for every gym or sport exercise. You can wear them during your jogs as well. Just make sure you get the ones that don’t hinder your movements since cardio requires a lot of moving around and flexibility.

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