Best Beard Trimmer for International Travel

When traveling internationally, you need a trimmer that is durable and that you can easily have with you as carry-on. It is never a good plan to store electronic items in your check-in luggage. We all know that luggage is sometimes tossed around by airport workers.  I have tried to wrap electronic items in soft clothing in luggage and from time to time, those items had been smashed.

I will list my top 12 travel trimmer picks below. I will ensure that I have explained the pros and cons of each item. I had trouble finding great trimmers that automatically converted to the right voltage in Europe. So, I dug deep to find only shavers that had dual voltage. In other words, they could work in most countries. Although, if a country has a voltage more than 120v, a plug adapter is required.

I was going to list all of the countries along with their required voltages, but instead, I decided that it would be better for you to see a list of countries that do not require an adapter since they electrical outlets like the ones in the States. All other countries have a plug system that is different from the USA and you can simply use the adapter that I will reference in this article.

Some countries have outlets that are like the US, whereas they may have a few hotels that cater to electrical requirements of their European clients such as Cuba. I will not include those countries on my list.

Countries that Use the Same Type of Electrical Outlet as in the US
Antigua and Barbuda
British Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands
Costa Rica
El Salvador
Marshall Islands
Micronesia, Federated States of
Puerto Rico
Sint Maarten
Trinidad & Tobago
Turks and Caicos Islands
United States Virgin Islands
Virgin Islands (British)
Virgin Islands (USA)

I found the perfect adapter for you if you are traveling to a country that is not listed above. Sometimes, at a hotel’s front desk, you can borrow an adapter that they have for their guests which is what I did when I was in Tunisia. However, the adapter that I had sourced for you is even better than a hotel adapter because it also includes USB ports so that you can charge devices that are charged by USB. The price is reasonable. To view the adapter on Amazon, click here.

Panasonic ER-GB80-S Beard Trimmer

What I like about this trimmer is that it has blades that can cut super quick which makes it a promising pick as a travel trimmer.  I do not know about you, but while traveling, I always seem to run out of time. Finding ways to save time is always a plus for me.

It also comes with 39 different settings for precision trimming, proving that it is not just a fly by night trimmer. Besides having lots of level settings, it has a grip that is rubberized so that you will have better control while trimming your beard.

An important feature for a travel trimmer is that needs to charge fast in case you are trying to charge while waiting in the lobby of a hotel, or perhaps while eating in a restaurant before checking into your hotel room. This trimmer can be charged in less than 60 minutes.

Nevertheless, it claims to be a good trimmer for body grooming. I have noticed a few reviews that state that it can pull on hairs from time to time while shaving areas such as your chest. However, I personally never have enough time to perform body grooming while away in a different country. So, if you are looking a trimmer that going to trim adequately your beard and mustache while you are away, this could be the trimmer for you. Click here to view this Panasonic model on Amazon.

Wahl 9818 Clipper Ion Plus Beard Trimmer

I like that the Wahl company has been around since 1919 and that they manufacture in the States. They obviously know what they doing if they have existed for that long.

With respect to the quality of this trimmer, it is top notch. One review that I had read stated that they had been using the clippers every day for 7 months straight and the blades were still super sharp. That is the quality that you need, especially if you are traveling a lot and you need to have the best beard trim possible that is quick and easy.

I did notice one drawback that a few people had mentioned.   Sorry, but you cannot use the shaver while charging.  Nevertheless, at least this trimmer has a flashing red light that tells you when the charging is done. A lot of trimmers do not do this which is a hassle.

I would recommend that you check out the 9818 model on Amazon.  I like the look of it and it also is able to provide a quick hair clip if you are in a pinch.

Philips Norelco 3100 with Skin Friendly Blades

This is a good model to have while traveling. It is not going to irritate your skin as much as some other trimmers using do. I have noticed that my skin is always dry after a long flight and I almost always hate to trim my beard the day that I arrive because I know that I may cause massive beardruff.

I am not the only one that likes this model, one person stated that he feels that is it 100x better than any Wahl model that he has used. He claims that he can trim his beard super fast with it while trimming was a big chore with his previous Wahl models.

Someone else stated that he bought it because it comes with a beard comb attachment. In other words, it was more specialized.  Apparently, the attachments that are included are easy to switch out.

A few customers did complain that it does not trim close enough even without the guards. I guess that if you are looking to trim extremely short stubble, you should probably check out another trimmer that I had reviewed. Nevertheless, if you looking for a trimmer that is small, making it great for travel and that has thousands of top reviews, check out this model on Amazon by clicking here.

Woner Cordless Beard Trimmer

When doing research for this article, I wanted to ensure that I reviewed some trimmers that were lower in price since it is relatively easy to lose or to forget items in hotel rooms while traveling. This Woner model is very reasonably priced.

Nevertheless, many verified customers love it. One guy said that it quickly turned him into a well-groomed man, even though he looked like Grizzly Adams before trying it out.  He also said that the attachments stayed in place when attached and he never had any problems with leaving patches behind.

Another customer stated that he was looking for a cheaper trimmer so that he could save some money instead of paying for a barber. His goal was to buzz cut his head and to trim neatly his beard. He was satisfied with the trimmer’s performance.

Nevertheless, a few customers seemed to have issues charging this trimmer. If you do not charge it for long enough, it tends to act in a funny way (on/off switch does not work right). So, just make sure that you fully charge it instead doing a quickie charge.

If you are budget-conscious and you need a trimmer that you take with you traveling without stressing out because you are lugging around a $200 trimmer, click here to check it out on Amazon.

Philips Oneblade Electric Beard Trimmer

The Philips Oneblade is great for travel because it is compact and is not as klutzy as other Philips models. You can easily fit it into your carry-on luggage. Personally, I am ok with have a beard trimmer that I use at home that has a lot of attachments, but for travel, I need a trimmer that does not require the interchanging of add-ons while away.

I read one review that made me laugh. The guy stated that he is not going to leave a review about how a razor changed his life or other crazy far out statements. He liked this trimmer and he will continue to use it especially while traveling. It does not give a super close shave like a blade, but it is quick to use and it did not irritate his face.

Also, he was tired of trying to stuff a hefty beard trimmer into his carry-on that was already crammed with other gadgets. 

I did not find a lot of bad reviews on this model. Some people just say that it does not give a super short cut. Nevertheless, with beard trimming, you just need to trim along the border of your beard so that your beard will pop.

Your friends and family are not going to pull out a magnifying glass to peek at your shaved portions and then jump back in disgust if they were to see microscopic whiskers that were left behind. I recommend that you check out the details on this trimmer on Amazon.

Remington PG6170 Beard Boss

This Remington model was designed for travel. Not only does it have dual voltage like the other razors that I am reviewing in this article, but it is a traveling pouch.  The pouch is black in color, has a sturdy zipper and it is still small enough to find easily into your carry-on for flights.

One pleased customer states that it has a battery life that is longer than other trimmers that he has used. He also states that the charging cord is small and easy to add into his traveling kit even though he rarely needs to charge this trimmer while away on business.

I checked out to see if there were any consistent negatives aspects to this trimmer that is available on Amazon. Something that popped up from time to time is that it does not do a great at nose hair trimming. Personally, I do not explore around inside my nose too much while away on a trip. If I do not see any hairs curling out of a nostril and I am happy.

Philips Beard Trimmer BT5215/41

Yes, another Philips review for you. I had picked this trimmer to review because it is relatively light, it is of high quality and it simply feels great in your hand. It is not the cheapest cordless trimmer on the market, but it is worth every penny.

One hilarious review that I read proved to me that it is strong trimmer. The customer actually uses it to shave his pets. He does not say whether he has cats or dogs, but we all know that pets usually have a lot of fur that is rough on even trimmers that are designed for pet trims.

Also, if you are into trimming your head shortly after trimming your beard, this model is for you. One verified reviewer states that he can give himself a quick buzz cut with this trimmer while on the road.

Philips BT3210/41 Beard and Stubble Trimmer

The BT3210/14 is a great model for travel.  It comes with a durable looking carrying case. All that that need to do is throw into its bag along with its charger and off you go. It is designed for shorter beards and stubble beards.  What I really like about it is that it has a zoom wheel that you spin to switch to a different cutting length.

What a lot of customers like about it is that is a powerful trimmer that does not come with a horde of attachments that only succeed in adding stress to your traveling life.

One con that I found regarding this model is that is has a little bit of trouble trimming extreme contours. For instance, when trimming the space just below your nose and down to your upper lip, you may have some difficulty. Not a deal breaker I feel. Nevertheless, I recommend that you look into it further at Amazon by clicking here.

Furthermore, it has a tough plastic guard that does not bend when you at pressure to it. I personally, hate flimsy guards that make you feel as if you are trimming your face with a wet noddle shaver.

One drawback that a few people had mentioned was that it is not water resistant.  Unless you are into shower trimmings, you should be fine. Also, you will need to avoid rinsing it off in a bathroom sink. Nevertheless, a customer mentioned that it is easy to clean and that it comes with a tiny brush that you can use after trimming a mass of whiskers.

I recommend this trimmer, plus it is available on Amazon.

Hatteker Beard Trimmer USB Rechargeable

This science-fiction looking trimmer is great for travel because it is USB chargeable. The adapter that I had referenced, actually has USB ports which means that you do not have to plug it into a laptop to charge it in your hotel room.

Many customers love this trimmer because it is so silent and it has almost zero vibration. I once had a cheaper trimmer that had a roar to it that always scared my cat. Also, others stated that they like Hatteker Trimmer (click here to view it on Amazon) since it has a digital indicator the battery strength. There is nothing worse than trimming your beard half-way only to be stopped in your tracks because of a dead battery.

Not only does the charge last a long time, but it comes with numerous attachments. You will be able to eliminate the need to take a trip to a barber since you can trim your beard and then trim your hair during the same sitting.

I noticed that some people had complained that it did not have enough length attachments. It does have 7, so most people will find a setting that works well for them. Also, a few reviewers stated that they would prefer for the attachment to have measurement amounts on the attachments that were in inches. This detail is minor nevertheless since most trimmers have attachments labeled in millimeters.

Philips Beard Trimmer 3500

This Philips model is a great buy because it is so versatile.   One customer, states right away that he is a real purchaser, not like some of the sponsored reviewers that appear on some sites. He wrote that he is in love with this model.

He was able to switch quickly to different settings so that he could trim away at his beard, and then shorten the length of whiskers in his mustache. Afterward, he took off the guard to get a close shave for outlining his beard and mustache.

A lot of customers like how the rotating dial allows for numerous length settings. I like a trimmer that can be adjusted quickly to various settings, but the dial does look to be slightly gimmicky. It has half settings that most people would not be using.  Nevertheless, if you need a very precise length, you will be able to achieve it with the series 3500 model, available on Amazon.

A few verified buyers felt that the width of the trimmer was too narrow for them. They felt as if this made it harder for them to achieve a consistent beard length. I guess that it depends on the angle that you are using a trimmer.  If you cover the complete surface of your beard in a systematic fashion, just like cutting grass, you should achieve a more unique trim.

Hatteker RFC-598 Beard Trimmer

This model is another intriguing trimmer by Hatteker, available on Amazon. It is easily charged by USB making it a good pick for travelers.   Click here for an Adapter that I had located for you on Amazon that has USB ports.

Another aspect of this trimmer that makes it great for international travel, is that it has a travel lock. This lock will ensure that it does not get accidentally turned on while in your carry-on. I know of a few people that were frustrated when they had to fully recharge their devices that somehow were turned on while taking a flight.

Besides the benefit of having a lock for travel, it has a digital readout that lets you know how many minutes are last on the charge.   This is better than some trimmers that just signal to you when the battery is low.  You never really know if you are going to be able to finish your beard trim before the battery is dead.

A major portion of customers seemed to be pleased with this trimmer,  although a few people had mentioned that it is bothersome when you attempt to charge in its stand. You cannot just place it in the stand for charging, you first have to connect it to the stand.

ConairMAN Flexhead Trimmer

I included this model even though it specializes as a stubble beard trimmer. I personally love my stubble and I know that there are other travelers out there that like to maintain a certain length of their stubble.  Maintaining stubble require a trimmer that you can use daily, so it has to be easily chargeable and it has to be able to create a consistent cut.

While traveling, you do not need to be fooling around with blade settings. One pleased reviewer stated that this is the first trimmer that he has used that is able to trim at the same length on a daily basis. He wrote that in the past, he would have to add extra pressure or to even switch to a different setting with other trimmers even though he was trying to cut at exactly the same length.

What is great about setting the length for this Conair Trimmer, which is available on Amazon, is that it does have countless attachments, it has a simple up and down arrow.   After trimming your stubble, you can turn off the unit and once you turn it back on, it will return to your last setting.

There were a few scattered negative reviews that I found on this unit.  For instance, one guy wrote that he did not like that he had to clean out his bathroom sink if he were to shave his head with this trimmer. He was used to using a Norelco 7200 trimmer that had a vacuum. Nevertheless, he did say that most vacuums on trimmers tend to lose their suction power over time.

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