Can a Man Use Hair Removal Creme On Face: Facts Laid Bare

Another day, another shave. If you’re getting sick of nicks, cuts, rashes, and other skin irritation, then you’re not alone. The idea of waxing can be too painful for lots of men. There has to be another way. If you haven’t tried hair removal creme, then you might want to consider this clever option for your facial hair. Before you run out and grab the first depilatory you find on a pharmacy shelf, there are some things I think you should know.

Can a man use hair removal creme on his face? Yes, you can, but it’s not a good idea for everyone. Always perform a patch test before putting a hair removal creme all over your face. Moreover, not all depilatory cremes are the same, and you need the right formula for your beard. 

Using Hair Removal Creme on Your Face

The process of using hair removal creme on your face is relatively simple. Before you begin, always wash your face and dry it thoroughly. Removing any excess dirt and oil is a good plan. I suggest skipping the soaps entirely for this wash and just using some good hot water. Lots of chemicals interact with one another, and you don’t want to risk messing with the depilatory creme’s balance, especially on your face.

The Hair Removal Patch Test

Tingling and stinging are normal for hair removal cremes. Additionally, the smell is pretty intense. Make sure you have a well-ventilated area and always clean up any spills immediately. Because depilatory cremes use harsh and effective chemicals, you should try not to spill and wipe even the smallest drops of every surface.

To perform a patch test, pick a spot somewhere a little out of the way. Your face is always front and center, but don’t do your patch test in the middle of your chin. In case things don’t work out for you, you wouldn’t want a funky spot in the center of your face. Perhaps a small area under your chin or off to the side near where your jawline meets your ear is best.

Apply a small amount, about the size of a quarter on your skin. Follow any directions on the box. You shouldn’t rub hair removal creme in. The creme needs to sit on top of the hair to dissolve it.

The downside to products that require a patch test is that you have to wait. I’m not just talking about the time it takes for the creme to work. Once you’ve applied a successful patch test, you’ll have to wait a day.

Do not skip this step! Giving it twenty-four hours will help assure you aren’t going to have an allergic reaction to the hair removal creme. If you don’t wait, and then you have a delayed response, you’re going to be a miserable man with a very sore face.

Full (or Partial) Hair Removal With Depilatory Creme

Whether you’re using hair removal creme on your face to handle one small area, or you want a full beard removal, take your time. Messing around with chemicals on your face is a bad plan. Make sure you read the directions before you ever open the bottle. Not every hair removal creme uses the same steps.

Gentile Hair Removal Creme for Men with Sensitive Skin

Extra sensitive skin needs more attention. Men who have this skin type may find that the stinging is worse than usual on their faces. Moreover, depilatory cremes may not work if your beard hair is thicker than average. Nevertheless, it’s worth trying out. After all, not having to shave is the best way to avoid irritation,

If you have sensitive skin, you need a slightly different product. I suggest Surgi Cream Hair Remover Face, Extra Gentle. Surgi Creme is a well known and trusted brand that also makes wax and other grooming products. You can check prices and availability by clicking here

Gentle formulas tend to have more soothing ingredients added. You’ll find aloe vera and other natural additives to help keep down bumps and redness.

Hair Removal Creme for Men with Normal Skin

Most guys have normal skin. If your hair and face fall into this category, then you don’t need anything extra from your hair removal creme. A gentile formula might not do the job. Similarly, an extra-strength creme could be overkill.

Don’t risk using an overpowered or less then you need. Instead, pick a ‘regular’ depilatory creme for your face. Magic Razorless Cream Shave Regular Strength is formulated for men with regular to coarse beard hair. You can pick up a bottle when you click here

If you’re not sure what kind of skin you have, then you can ask a dermatologist. However, the average guy has so-called ‘regular’ skin.

Extra Strength Hair Removal Creme for Men with Tough Skin & Coarse Beards

Beard hair is tough. Realistically, most beard hair is as durable as a copper wire that’s the same diameter. For some men, removing their facial hair with a typical creme just won’t do. If you have an extra thick and coarse beard, then you probably need an extra-strength formula.

I like Magic Razorless Cream Shave Extra Strength. This particular hair removal creme is for all skin types that have extra coarse, heavy-duty beards. Magic is formulated for black men, but there are plenty of lighter-skinned guys who swear by the extra-strength formula too. You can check out reviews and get your own extra strength razorless shave creme right here

Tips & Tricks for Hair Removal Creme on Men’s Faces

Using hair removal creme on your face is a great way to clean up the edges, or sport a clean-shaven look all the time. There are a few ways you can help your depilatory creme do the job better. Keep these tips and tricks in mind for the best results

  • Thicker is Better

It may surprise you to learn that coarser, thicker beards benefit more from hair removal cremes on your face. The less sensitive your skin and hair are, the better this method is for you. Guys with too sensitive skin are better off skipping the chemical treatments and using another way.

  • More Than One Patch Test

Your beard isn’t completely uniform. Hair grows more densely in some areas. Similarly, there are spots where the hair itself is thicker. The first time you use a new hair removal creme, you should try patch testing in several places.

  • Length Matters

If you just shaved, then this is not the time to apply your hair removal creme. Because the creme needs to coat your hair to dissolve it, you need to have hair. About a quarter inch is ideal, so make sure you don’t shave for a little while before using your hair removal creme.

  • Timing is Everything

If you live by a ‘less is more’ philosophy, then listen up. In order for depilatory creme to work, it needs the right amount of time. Likewise, overdoing it could cause chemical burns on your skin. This is one time when you genuinely need to pay attention to exactly what the directions tell you. For example, if it says five to seven minutes, that doesn’t mean four to eight.

  • Don’t Rub

Once your timer goes off, you get to see the result of your diligence. It might seem natural just to rub off the hair removal creme, but you don’t want to do that. Using a warm, moist (but not drippy) sponge or washcloth, wipe gently to remove the creme and hair.  Smearing it around is a terrible plan. Just use gentile up or downward strokes.

Alternately you can use a cleansing spatula or no-shave razor to remove the creme. Brittny Professional No Razor Shaver Br48503 is a great option that looks like a classic straight razor. These are a little hard to find, but you can get one right here

  • Always Wash Up

Once you’ve gotten all the visible hair removal creme off of your face, wash again. Choose a mild soap, or go soapless. Equally important, you need to be extra gentle on your face after using tough chemicals. If you plan to moisturize or use a balm, it’s probably best to wait a couple of hours first.

  • Never Use Hair Remover on Broken Skin

Nicks and cuts from shaving are annoying, but they can be a real pain if you’re using hair removal creme on your face. Because it’s meant to be applied on the surface of the skin, depilatory isn’t designed to go on open wounds. If you have a rash, bad acne, or any cuts, you should treat those first. Once the problem is cleared up, you can remove facial hair safely.

  • Multiple Applications

Sometimes your creme won’t remove all the hair in a single application. Typically, if used correctly, it will, but mistakes can happen. For example, if you use too little cream and it doesn’t coat the hair thoroughly, you may have stragglers.

  • Patience

Do not reapply hair removal creme to your face right away. If there’s hair leftover, you may want to re-use the creme immediately, but this can cause chemical burns. Resultantly, you should wait at least forty-eight hours after using a depilatory before you try again.


Normal or Not: Hair Removal Creme on Your Face

New hair removal creme users always have questions. Learning what’s normal and what’s out of the ordinary will help you use your depilatory better to get rid of facial hair. The most obvious is that, while it’s uncomfortable, your product shouldn’t hurt too much. If the burning feels abnormal, it’s time to stop.

There are lots of other facts to know about what’s typical for hair removal creme. I’ve collected them together into this easy reference guide.

How Long Does Hair Removal Creme Last on a Man’s Face

Sadly, hair removal creme isn’t permanent. For most men, a single application will last anywhere from two to five days. In short, it works a little better than razor shaving. The timeframe is about the same as using wax, but with a lot less pain.

If your hair grows extremely quickly, this can be a slight problem. Never reapply the creme on the same day. Even when your depilatory works perfectly and doesn’t leave behind hairs, you still need to wait the recommended forty-eight hours before you use it again.

If you’re looking for a more permanent hair removal method and you don’t want to use laser treatment, I have a great suggestion. Herbal Barever Permanent Hair Removal Cream is not the same as a normal depilatory. Instead, it works on the anagen phase of hair growth to inhibit. Using this over time can help stop your hair from growing at all. Find out more by clicking here

Hair Removal Creme For Your Face Smells

Though companies do their best to reduce the odor, the chemicals that dissolve hair smell. This is totally normal and should not alarm you. Open a window or use your vent fan while you’re depilating your face to help reduce odor.

After you’ve removed the crema and washed your face, the smell will linger. It can take a few hours before all traces of the hair removal creme are gone. During this time, it’s normal for your skin to continue smelling funky. Stick it out. The smell goes away. Extra scrubbing will only irritate your skin.

Hair Removal Creme Tingles or Hurts a Little

When you put hair removal creme on your face, it is causing a chemical reaction on the skin and hair. The same process that dissolves your hair will cause your skin to tingle or even burn a little. That’s normal.

Severe burning, on the other hand, is not a good sign. You can get a chemical burn on your face from using depilatory creme, so be aware of what’s going on. This is the other reason you should never skip the patch test.

The feeling should go away after you’ve removed the creme and washed your face. If you have especially sensitive skin, the tingle or burn could stick around for a while. Certainly, if you give yourself a chemical burn, then your skin might feel itchy or burn for a few days.

Other Potential Issues with Hair Removal Creme on Your Face

You need to be especially vigilant bout where you put the hair removal creme. Accidentally getting depilatory on your sideburns, chest, arms, or other body parts could cause unwanted hair removal. Similarly, you need to be careful not to drip on your clothing, carpets, or other surfaces.

As long as you take your time and use it carefully, hair removal creme could be the best product you ever put on your face. However, if you’re sloppy or easily distracted, then this method might not be the best choice.

Final Thoughts

Like all hair removal methods, using hair removal creme on your face has its ups and downs. Overall, it’s a great way to get rid of unwanted beards or strays. As long as you pay close attention to your timer and your skin, this is a great way to avoid the problems of shaving and other methods.

Sure, it’s not permanent like laser hair removal, but depilatory creme will stop you from having a rash or shaving accidents. Plus, it’s less painful than waxing. If you want a smart way to cut down on shaving, then you should give it a try.

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