Can Beard Trimmer Be Used for Pubic Hair: Manscaping

It shouldn’t be embarrassing, but some people have trouble talking about their under-the-bathing-suit regions. There will always be people who prefer to live wild and free. This article isn’t for the off-grid, never owned a razor mountain men. For the average guy, we’re sorry. Most dads might teach you about the birds and the bees when you hit puberty, but they probably didn’t take you aside and have ‘the talk’ about manscaping. It matters more than you think.

Can beard trimmer be used for pubic hair? Of course, it can. Until very recently, there were only three choices for pubic hair removal. You could shave with a hand razor, use too-wide hair clippers, or go for the beard trimmer. Beard trimmers give a closer shave and are ideal for creases in skin and detail work. 

Why You Need to Shave More Than Your Face

I don’t want to be rude, but we need to talk about the mess in your pants. Manscaping is a delicate subject for some, but this isn’t the 1970s, and a big bushy mass of hair just isn’t a good look. This is about more than looks. Manscaping is about caring for your body, being polite, well-groomed, and frankly keeping down odor issues as well.

Start with the basics. A waterproof shaver like the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 1100, BG1026/60, is an outstanding start. You can Click Here to get it from Amazon. Since it’s waterproof, you can shave while you shower. Less mess to clean up afterward is always a good thing. Just make sure you have a suitable drain plug, so you don’t end up plugging your pipes over time. 


You probably don’t spend much time looking at your testicles, and that’s fine. However, they are going to be hanging out with you for the rest of your life, so it’s time to treat them with the respect they deserve. A little trim can go a long way toward keeping things ‘down there’ in good order.

Sweat, urine, and bacteria can collect more efficiently on and around ‘the sac,’ than you might think. Since you don’t have your nose in your own crotch, it’s easy enough to ignore, but other people can smell you when things get ripe. You don’t want to be the one that your coworkers call ‘Stinky’ when you’re not around.

Removing excess hair doesn’t just give sweat and germs fewer places to cling; it also reduces heat, like removing a little fur coat. This will keep you more comfortable overall. Moreover, for men who want to have children someday, cooler balls mean better sperm production and motility. Even men who don’t want kids should still care about their sexual health.

Manscaping 101: A How-To Guide

There’s more to manscaping than meets the eye. Some guys go for a wax, which is fine. Hair removal methods like wax or even laser hair removal will thin hair over time, and they last a while. Neither of those options is permanent. Unfortunately, they’re also painful. For guys who don’t want self-injury as a part of their routine, using a superb manscaping kit like the Manscaped Perfect Package 2.0 is a great way to clean up. Click Here to check it out. 

Above & Below

If you want ‘the look,’ then you have to put in the work to get it. Here’s our quick and clean guide on what to address:

  1. Trim Ear and Nose Hair- Getting this out of the way is fast, so it’s a great place to start.
  2. Check Your Eyebrows- First, grab the tweezers and pluck any strays that aren’t part of the pack. Next, get rid of unibrow with a razor or tweezers. Lastly, you may want to trim any extra long eyebrow hairs that are sticking out for a polished look.
  3. Beard Time- If you don’t shave clean, then shave your neck and trim any excess strays that are poking out of your beard. You can find an excellent shaping tool to give both cheeks an even edge if you want a full face beard. Don’t be afraid to use a guide for face hair shaping.
  4. Chest and Arms- Some men do; others don’t when it comes to shaving the chest and arms. If you’re going to go for the perfect hairless look, then you need a full shave. Otherwise, a trim with some clippers will do to keep you looking tight and tidy.
  5. Look Behind You- When you’re especially hairy, you may need to look for a good back shaver like BakBlade 2.0. Back hair is a modern no-no even if you’re keeping the pelt in front. Click Here to get yours.
  6. Down South- It’s time to grab that beard trimmer and head below the belt. Get a good hand mirror to see everywhere and take your time. It’s hard to cut yourself with a beard trimmer, but you can do it if you’re not paying attention. Use the plastic guards for the first few times. It’s worth leaving it a little longer if it means you don’t have to worry about bleeding.

One More Thing

You don’t have to shave every inch smooth to be well-groomed. However, the things you should never skimp on are hygiene and aftercare. Just like your face, your southern hemisphere needs to be handled with care to avoid bumps, razor burn, and other issues. As a general rule, treat all your manscaping the same as you treat your beard care. A little aftershave and some extra attention to detail can go a long way.

Date Night

We’ve all heard it from ZZ Top’s song Sharp Dressed Man for years, “Every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man!” It was true when they wrote it, and it’s still true today. However, it would be just as accurate, if a little bit more risque, to say that the ladies go crazy for a sharp un-dressed man. Whether you have a beach-bod, a dad-bod, or a buddha-bod, you can make your assets work for you.

It might not seem like a huge deal to skip the pubic trim now and then, but that’s a bad plan. You never know when you’ll get lucky, and there’s something you should know about male body hair grooming; Manscaping matters more to women than penis size. That may sound strange to you, but women are mysterious creatures. If we could read their minds, it would probably just confuse us more anyhow.

Men talk a lot about what they like to see when a woman takes her pants off or lifts that skirt. From clean shaved and crazy designs to retro bush and even the uber-trendy vajazzle craze, every guy has a favorite kind of female bush.

Girls Talk

Men may not hear about it as much, but women do talk about them. Every gal has a favorite body type, and yes, they talk about your penis with their friends as much as you talk about their breasts. Don’t panic just yet. Women don’t care as much about perfection in their partners as you might think. What they do care about is manscaping.

It’s not just about sex. Even when you’re just getting changed, 93% of women prefer a man who’s well-shaved below the belt. Reducing odor, hair, and especially stubble is vital to women. Even women who like it rough don’t want to feel like they’re playing with a furry (unless that’s their kink). More importantly, they don’t want razor burn, unsightly bumps, and they particularly don’t want you to feel like sandpaper.

Something about a guy who takes the time to groom for his woman is just sexy. You can ask the experts or women, but they all agree. Manscaping is the new normal for good reasons. Don’t skip the ‘chode’ when you head down to take care of your lawn. It looks ridiculous to have a perfect garden with sloppy edges.

Big Bonus

There’s one secret to manscaping that no one really talks about. When you shave off the clump of hair around your penis, it looks bigger. Size may not be everything, but the presentation is. Whether it’s a first impression or your wife of twenty years, you’ll look more impressive to her if you shave it all off. Whatever you’re working with, make it look good.

Even if you have all the size and girth you could ever ask for, and few men do, it still matters. Looking better isn’t just about finding clothing that fits your body the best. Before you ever put your body into that nice suit or your skinny jeans (whatever floats your boat), it should be your best body.

When you’re looking around for a great beard and pubic hair trimmer, Braun has a stellar reputation. You can Click Here for a great kit from Gilette that has both a shaver and razor included. When you feel and look better, you’ll find that everything is a little easier, from sex to job interviews. Even dealing with your in-laws sucks a little less when you feel and smell, amazing.

Time for an Upgrade

Shaving is a start, but if you want to be the whole package, there are some other things to consider. Mediocre body care is fine, but you can step up your game easily. Make sure you take good care of your teeth and breath at all times. Oral health is the first thing someone notices when you get close. Ear wax isn’t something you see on yourself, but anyone looking at the side of your head will see it. Also, make sure the area behind your ears stays clean.

After you shave, use an excellent anti-bump creme and some deodorant below your waist. Skip the deodorant only if you’re coming from the shower and headed right to bed. Manscaping and body care aren’t all about sex, but it’s does matter when you’re getting intimate. After all, deodorant tastes terrible. Plus, it’s super weird if her kisses taste like your armpit smells.

One other tip for those who leave the lights on: Make sure you have a nice low light option in the bedroom. Glaring lights overhead aren’t pleasant when you’re looking up from your back. Do your partner a favor and find a good lamp to set off to the side instead.

Final Thoughts

Keeping yourself groomed is about courtesy to the people around you. Just as important, do it for yourself. Looking good is tied to feeling good. It’s also something extra you can do for your health. You’ll be living in your skin for your whole life, so take care of it after you shave.

Shaving with a beard trimmer allows you to take care of tight angles better. You get a much closer shave than you would from traditional clippers. Of course, if you don’t have another option, then go ahead and break out the clippers until your next payday. Any improvement is better than none at all.

Once you have a great beard trimmer for your pubic hair, there’s just one last thing to know. It’s always important to keep your trimmer clean, but if you plan to use it on your face and below your waist, make sure you clean it between regions.

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