Can Shaving Your Head Cause Baldness – Growing Dilemma

There definitely is a trend in men shaving their heads.  I believe that it is because baby boomers are at the age when balding occurs in most men.  Personally, I have been shaving my head for a few years now and I will continue to do so.  I am not really worried if I am hindering the growth of my hair.  Nevertheless, many men are wondering if shaving one’s head is speeding up the balding process.

Can shaving your head cause baldness? Shaving your head, even daily, is not going to cause balding.  You are most likely shaving your head now because of the lack of hair, so balding is already occurring.  The only way that shaving could cause further balding is if the follicles are being damaged.  Shaving hair is just cutting the hair that passes above the follicle. The health of the follicles are is not being compromised.

Why Shaving Your Head Multiple Times Is not Going to Damage Follicles

You can shave your head to your heart’s content. You are safe, you are not going to speed up the balding situation on your head.  John Vaughn, MD states that you are not cutting away at the follicle, you are simply shaving off the portion of a strand of hair that protrudes outside of the follicle.

Follicles are located within the deep dermis, a layer of skin that is below the outside surface of the skin.  A strand of hair grows out of the follicle. By shaving, you are not able to reach the actual follicle.  The follicle does not even realize that you had cut the hair.  It will continue to push out a hair.

Nevertheless, you can disrupt the functioning of a follicle if you start to pluck out hairs.  You may have noticed that a plucked hair sometimes can have skin sticking to its end.  The skin is from the follicle which could to alter the way that that particular follicle is functioning.

Another way to end the ability of a follicle to push out a hair is to add wax into it.  Waxing might seem like a good solution since it will remove the hair completely.  However, the wax is going to tear away at the cells in the follicle.

In other ones, have some patience with your goal to have a slick bald head.  Do not kill off your follicles by ripping away at them. Stick to shaving down the hairs and if you ever want to grow your hair out again, you will have healthy follicles that will produce long hairs. I recommend that you check out the electric shaver for perfect head shavings by Aroamas on Amazon, click here to see the current pricing.

Does Cutting Your Hair Short All of the Time Cause More Balding?

You may have heard someone tell you that you need to stop cutting your hair so short, if you continue to do so, you are going to increase the likelihood that you will go bald.  According to Dr. Goh, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology, this is no concrete evidence that this is true.

Genetics most likely is the biggest culprit to male pattern balding, not a scissor happy hairstylist. In fact, if you want to make your thinning head of hair look thicker, keeping it short and sweet may do the trick.

So instead of trying to grow out long strands of thinning hair, just keep it cut so that it looks more organized.  You do not want to start to lean towards setting up a mass of comb-over hair on your head.

Growing out your hair is ok, but it is not going to eliminate your balding problem.  Unless science develops a way to alter the genes related to male pattern balding, you are out of luck.  Your father or maternal grandfather has passed on the balding gene to you and you are stuck with it for life.

If you are doomed to baldness, is there something that you can do to maintain the healthiness of your troubled follicles?  Yes, there is.  I would suggest that you do the following:

  1. Wash your hair and your scalp with soap and water each day. Rinsing off in the shower would be optimal.  Your goal is to wash out the dirt and grime that can clog follicles.  Also, excess oil in the follicle can cause inflammation that can alter how a follicle is operating.
  2. If you wear hats a lot, make sure that they are not super tight since excessive pressure on follicles can damage them.
  3. Some men wear hairpieces.  This is fine as long they fit properly and loosely enough to allow your follicles to survive.
  4. You can alter your diet also so that your testosterone levels are not too high.  Testosterone can cause hair loss.  Try to avoid supplements that contain high levels of protein.

If you are dealing with Baldness, Is it a Good Idea to Shave Your Head?

If you are tired of playing around with a receding hairline, you do have another option, shave off your head.  I tried combing my hair differently due to my receding hairline.  Once one side began receding at a rate that was faster than the other side, I decided to shave my head.

I like the fact that I no longer have to become stressed out with my balding head.  I threw in the towel and never looked back.  In other words, it is a good idea to shave your head instead of playing around with a few strands of unruly hair. For a good head shave with a small piece of equipment, I recommend the Skull Shaver (Amazon).

The first time that you shave your head, it is going to be a shock.  You will look very different. People may view you differently.  Nevertheless, after a week or so, you will adapt to the new you.  You will feel as if you have your hair situation under your control.

When is a Good Time to Start to Shave Your Head if You Have a Receding Hairline

Receding hairlines are fine when they are even.  I do not know about you, but one side of my head had a receding hairline that was receding at light speed while the other just slowly receded. It was not always like that, but after a few years, it was out of control.

So, if you are tired of getting shorter and shorter haircuts trying to mask the fact that your hairline is reaching the top of your head, shaving is a great option for you.

It is going to be scary as hell for you though.  You will be afraid that someone that you are trying attract will run for the hills.  Nevertheless, others will be drawn to you.  They will see you as a badass or just someone that takes control of a situation. They will see that you do not let society dictate to you that you only matter if you are able to flaunt a full head of flowing hair.

If I Shave my Head, Will My Hair Grow Back Differently?

Your hair is not going to start growing-in differently if you were to shave it off.  Shaving it off is not going to alter your genetics.  Genetics determine the thickest of your hair and the position that each follicle is situated within your scalp.

Genetics aside, you can give each section of new growth of a hair strand, a fresh start.  Instead of combing it to death, suffocating it with a tight hat, burning it with a hairdryer, or exposing it to toxins, be nice to it.  If you treat each hair strand with respect, it will grow in with a healthy look to it.

What Are Some Benefits of Shaving Your Head if Decide that Shaving it off is Safe?

There are benefits to shaving off your hair.  I will outline a few of the most important ones:

  1. You are going to be able to clean off your scalp properly now.  Before shaving your head, the hair was hindering your scalp cleanings.  You need to get rid of any residue that can cause inflammation in the follicles.  This thorough cleaning of the scalp is almost impossible with a full head of hair.
  2. You can start to sprout new sections of strands of hair that have not been compromised.  They will be strong and vibrant.
  3. Another benefit that I have noticed is that people treat you differently. They seem to respect you more. It is as if you suddenly are wise and knowledgeable.  This new image would work well in any leadership position or perhaps you are looking to land a promotion.
  4.  You no longer have to be considered about your receding hairline.  Your receding hairline is gone, you no longer have a hairline to deal with on a daily basis.  People are not going to realize that you are balding at all.
  5. You will start to appeal to different people.  Someone that may have found you to be less attractive with a receding hairline, may start to look your way because a shaved head is equated with virility and self-confidence.

Final Analysis of Shaving Your Head and the Possibility of Baldness

I would not worry about it.  Shaving your head is something that you need to decide for yourself.  You are not going to speed up the balding process.  You are actually removing toxins and other residues that are on your scalp which increases the healthiness of your follicles.

If you are on the fence with shaving your head, give it try.  Your hair will grow back at the rate that it was growing at previously. If you ready to shave with a blade, check out the HeadBlade Moto available on Amazon.

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