How High Should a Man Wear His Pants?

One of the easiest ways to identify a well-groomed male is by his taste in clothing and the way he dresses. Gentlemen, good clothing will only take you so far. If you really want to look your best, you should know the how’s and why’s of the clothing you wear. For starters, how high to wear your dress pants, jeans, and other trousers.

Of course, the way you wear your pants affects your overall look and can even make you look tacky if not worn properly. So, let’s dive straight into the question.

How high should a man wear his pants? Generally, jeans should sit right at the hips while dress pants and trousers can be worn just above the hips, under the belly button, so that it’s easier for you to tuck in your shirt without the hassle of adjusting it repeatedly.

It should be noted that most people avoid wearing their pants right at the hips out of the fear of showing their butt crack when they bend down. Some might even wear it above the belly button to cover their gut. What exactly is the right way to tackle such issues and what is the definitive answer to how high a man should wear his pants? Read below to find out.

One Size Does NOT Fit All

There seems to be a long-held notion that one size of jeans is the best way to go for adults. While the “one size” philosophy does fit well with most people, it falls short with a huge chunk of the population who would rather just wear sweatpants in order to feel comfortable. The thing about sweatpants is that once you build a habit of wearing them, it can feel very uncomfortable when you start to wear jeans again, especially at the hip. Jeans are worn right at the hip so that they don’t sag down too much at the shoes and they don’t depress on your stomach.

If necessary, jeans can also be worn right below the belly button, but if you have low-rise jeans, you will only have one choice: to wear them at the hips. Low-rise jeans are notorious for fitting skinny people much more comfortably than people with a higher body-fat percentage. If you do want to go for low-rise jeans, then we recommend that you pick the ones that are moderately low-rise so that you have more room to move them a bit higher on your waist. But wait, low-rise pants have their drawbacks too, we’ll discuss them in a while.

Let’s first talk about the types of jeans. If you are not into skinny jeans, we recommend that you go for relaxed-fitting jeans. These types of jeans are a great break from the figure-hugging skinny jeans. They allow you a lot of room to breathe, especially in hot weather, and go well with almost every casual style you can think of. A good measure for buying jeans is to look for the ones that are made from the best possible denim material and are not too loose on your waist. Try out this signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Men’s Relaxed Fit Jeans (Click to view pricing on Amazon). Remember, the best way to wear them is right at the hips but if you really can’t bear wearing them that low then you can wear them right below the belly button with a loose shirt that hides your waist. This will ensure that you look stylish and chic without sacrificing on your wardrobe or pant length.

How High/Low Can You Go?

The length of your pants and your own preference dictates how any type of jeans or trousers will fit you. If you are the type that enjoys staying in sweatpants then you will probably want to get regular fit jeans that can sit below the belly button.

You might be wondering why we are stressing so much on wearing pants below the belly button. Well, the simple answer is that any pants that you wear above the waistline or belly button will 1) cause discomfort when you sit down and 2) a suit pant that is worn above the waistline will just look silly.

Think of someone old and try to picture them in their natural habitat. You will probably immediately notice that they wear their pants way above their belly button. It’s just how they feel most comfortable in and it’s how society, media, and almost everyone perceives them to be. So, when a young adult wears his pants like that, you can imagine how people would react.

Therefore, it’s important to always buy pants that suit your needs first and fashion second. If you buy the right pants, you will not need to worry about how low or high you wear them because they will naturally feel right just at or above your hips. Most online resources will provide you with confusing numbers about the right length to wear your pants. You don’t need to get into the technical details to wear your pants right. You will just need to develop the right feel for it and find the length that works best for you on every occasion. For example, you could have medium to high rise pants and wear them comfortably at the waistline or you can opt for a looser fit of pants that compensates with a much better and versatile grip at the waist.

For suit pants, we recommend that you also go with a relaxed-fitting in order to get the most out of them. As discussed, wearing pants is also dependent on your body type. If you have a lower body fat percentage, the best way to wear your pants would be the usual way which is at the hip but if you are chubby, we recommend that you wear them any way you want, just not above the belly button. One trick to tackle wearing suit pants on a higher body fat percentage is to try suit pants with an adjustable waist. Try out these Haggar Men’s Hidden Expandable-Waist Plain-Front Pant (Amazon). Expandable waist pants are great because you can wear them in different ways that best suit your own style. They can also help you experiment with different kinds of belts!

Just remember, lower does not mean sexier, no matter how much of it you see on TV. In real life, very low-rise pants can easily spell disaster and can probably cause a lot of public embarrassment in the “right” conditions. No one wants to see a “plumbers butt”. You are better off wearing your pants the right way, which is both decent and appropriate. You can also experiment a lot with trousers. Baggy trousers are back in fashion! If you are looking for comfortable fashion, then look no further than these loose trousers. They fit well and go great with almost every style of clothing.

Rise Up and Loosen Up!

Loose trousers are becoming a very trendy fashion item for men. You will find many adults wearing them during the summers and winters because of how they fit so well with any wardrobe. These trousers are best for a casual night and can be worn in a way where they sit right below the belly button. You don’t need to wear them way below or up high. Their rightful place is at your waistline in the middle. A well-fitted jacket is all you need to complement the look and look your best.

Similarly, high rise pants are also making their way into men’s wardrobes. If you want to avoid the plumber’s butt crack scenario entirely, then these pants are the anti-crack guarantee that you’ve been looking for. Low rise pants may look great on many people but there is no denying the big disadvantage that comes with them. Sure, you can cover it up with a boxer underneath but come on, nobody wants to see your underwear, either. A gentleman would never show his underwear through his clothing and neither should you. Try out medium to high rise pants for the best results.

So, now that you know how high to wear your pants, we hope you will take this learning forward and hopefully adjust your own wardrobe. You don’t have to go overboard. Start with a pair of very comfortable medium to high rise pants and you will immediately notice the difference. While you can wear your pants any way you want. Just remember to always follow this mantra when trying on pants: the belly button is the point of no return; wearing pants above it will make you look old and wearing them way down will make you look immature and tacky. The sweet spot is in the middle!

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