How To Thicken Eyebrows For Guys

Only guys with thin eyebrows will understand, but having thicker eyebrows when you’re a guy makes you more masculine, which makes you more attractive in 99% of the cases. Now, it doesn’t mean that a thick eyebrow is everything, but it does help with your overall appearance.

When your eyebrows are either too thin or too light-colored, it makes you look like you don’t have eyebrows. This is a problem because it makes your face look weird. In the case of thin eyebrows, it may make your face look a bit feminine. That’s why so many guys are going through great lengths to thicken their eyebrows as soon as they can.

Now, how to thicken eyebrows is a tricky process. You need to first figure out if you’re looking for a fast solution, meaning that you want something that’ll make your eyebrows thick fast, or if you want something permanent. In this case, it may take a while but it’ll be worth it.

So, we’ve compiled the best methods that work that are either fast or long-term solutions, so you can find something for you no matter what it’s your case. Remember to just be careful to now make your eyebrows look too artificial or weird. Test it out more than one method, and you’ll find what works best for your eyebrow type.

Draw A Thicker Eyebrow

The first method that you can use to thicken your eyebrows is to draw a thicker one. Now, before you think this is a joke, it isn’t. What you’re going to do is to use an eyebrow pencil to draw the thicker eyebrow. This is a fast method that won’t permanently change your eyebrows, but do provide a fast solution to the thin eyebrows problem.

You should also apply the pencil makeup to your existent hair and not just to the areas that you don’t have any hair at all. This is to make sure that your whole eyebrow is the same color and tone. Otherwise, you may risk looking like your eyebrow has two colors.

At last, make sure to use a high-quality pencil, otherwise, your eyebrows will lose the color fast, and you may create weird results after a few hours or even immediately.

So, get a pencil that either matches your hair color or is a bit darker, depending on the effect that you want to create. Just make sure to not get too much off tone. The Anastasia Beverly Hills is a great pencil. It lasts a long time, and it doesn’t harm the follicles with chemicals like some other options. Get yours here.

Natural Oils Provide Hair Growth

There’s a huge variety of natural oils that are perfect for thickening your eyebrows and proving hair growth. The best example is the coconut oil. It’s great to make your hair thicker and stronger. If you apply religiously every day, you’ll get even brighter hair with more vivid colors.

Now, it’s important to understand that natural solutions provide slower results. This does not mean that you shouldn’t go for them, but beware that you have to wait to see noticeable results. Don’t expect to see it in the first week, or you might get frustrated.

What you have to do with coconut oil, for example, is to apply it every day to your eyebrows. You can also use it for your hair. Then, you massage your eyebrows rather than rub them, and leave the oil overnight. When you wake up in the morning, remove them with water.

So, to get real results and have beautiful, thick eyebrows use a premium quality coconut oil. The Coconut Oil Hair Serum is perfect for usage on your hair. It’s high-quality and provides real hair growth. Have enough patience and be amazed. Take a look at this great item here.

Tint Your Eyebrows

Another thing that works well is to tint your eyebrows. You’re going to dye your eyebrows to get a better color that still looks natural. This is the perfect solution to guys that have a light hair color. Usually, those people look hairless in their eyebrow area. The tint will make them look more vivid and brighter. People will not only notice your eyebrows but find pay extra attention to them.

The best that you can do here is to use specific tint for eyebrows. This is important because some people use hair dye to do this. It works but it’s not ideal. It can not only damage the eyebrow hair, but it can also cause skin irritation and even watery eyes.

So, make sure to thicken your eyebrows with a darker color. Tint it with specific eyebrows tint and not hair dye. Pick a tone that is darker than yours but not too much darker to avoid looking weird. The Godefroy Professional Tint Kit is the best eyebrows tint you’ll be able to find. Take a peek here.

Castor Oil Is Still The Best For Hair Growth

The best thing that you can do to thicken your eyebrows is to choose two methods to do it. For instance, what you should do is to choose a method that works fast and another that is a more permanent solution. Let’s say applying an eyebrow pencil while you’re using another product that works long-term. In this case, you should consider using castor oil for hair growth.

This is the most famous method for growing hair anywhere in your body. It is natural and it works. The only thing is that you have to wait a while to see the results. Still, the important thing is that it works and is permanent. You’ll have more hair and thicken your eyebrows.

All you have to do is to massage your eyebrows with it during the night before bed. Then, leave it ‘til the next morning. There’s no problem with sleeping with the oil on. When you wake up, remove them gently, and you’re good to go on with your day.

So, to thicken your eyebrows get an original castor oil for hair growth. Some products aren’t real castor oil, so be careful with that. The Foxbrim Organic Castor Oil is an effective option and is great for those that want to thicken their eyebrows. Click to view pricing here.

Leave It All Natural

One more important thing to thicken eyebrows for guys, it’s to avoid at all costs plucking them. Leave it all-natural. This is the best way to finally get your eyebrows to look thicker, thus more masculine. If you continue to pluck them, you’ll never allow them to thicken.

The reason is that when you pluck your eyebrows, you not only get rid of some hair, but you also inhibit hair growth. The body doesn’t stimulate more growth and also thins the hair that is going to grow next.

This is why the best solution for those guys that want thicker eyebrows and want to know how to thicken eyebrows for guys is to avoid plucking them and leave it all-natural as much as they can. This increases your chances of thickening your eyebrows.

So, leave it all-natural as much as you can, unless you have a unibrow. In this case, you should get rid of it. In most cases, unibrows make you look uglier and weirder. The best thing that you can do is to pluck them away or do something about it. It can also be shaving them off.

Consider Microblading

This is not a very popular method at the moment but a lot of guys are beginning to adhere to it. Microblading is like a tattoo on your eyebrows. They use ink that lasts a long time to create a new design for your eyebrows. It’s like making a drawing with a pencil but a more permanent solution than the eyebrow pencil one.

Now, besides guys resisting new methods more than women at first, the microblading isn’t as popular at the moment because it’s harder to find someone that can nail the design for guys. So, if you’re considering giving it a try, look for someone that has the experience with microblading guys’ eyebrows and not only women.

This method is a good one for those that want to take the risk with something new. The reason is that the result may not be great, so be careful and think about it before trying it.

So, consider microblading. As long as you find the right professional, it can be a great solution and method to thicken eyebrows for guys. It’s fast, permanent, and can be great.

Petroleum Jelly Will Surprise You

Petroleum jelly is a great solution to thicken eyebrows to guys. You may have heard of petroleum jelly, and you may have even heard of it with the application for hair, but you may not have thought about eyebrows at first. This is a great method to thicken the hair and make grow more as well.

What you’re going to do is quite similar to the coconut and castor oil. You’re going to apply the petroleum jelly to your eyebrows and massage it. It’s important that you always massage rather than rub it to avoid skin irritation. Then, you’re going to leave ‘til the morning. Don’t worry about it, you won’t even notice it. When you wake up, remove everything.

So, apply the petroleum jelly for a few months, and you’ll see massive results. It’s great for other areas too. It provides hair thickening and growth. Make sure that you get a nice quantity since you’re going to need a lot and a high-quality option. The Solimo Petroleum Jelly is great. It checks all the boxes that you need and works like magic. Grab yours here.

Eat Healthier

This last step is a great thing overall for your life. Eating healthier will bring only positive results in your life. This doesn’t mean that you can have delicious meals or even snacks anymore. Now, if you do eat healthier, your hair will grow stronger and more. This will impact your eyebrows with more volume and thickening them.

Now, you can get started by getting rid of processed food and processed sugar. Then, give preference to natural foods and things that you know are good for your body. Certain food also triggers certain hormonal production that incentivizes hair growth.

So, if you do develop certain healthier habits, you’ll see an impact on a lot of things in your body. One of them will thicker eyebrows. They’re not necessarily directly related, but it’s a change that’ll impact it.

Final Thoughts

So, this is how to thicken eyebrows for guys. You should experiment with every method if you want real results. Also, to make sure you don’t give up out of frustration and impatience, pick two methods one long-term and another short-term to see results faster. Do this, and thicker eyebrows will be a consequence.

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