Stubble Trimmers

After researching lots of stubble trimmers, I have one that I can recommend to you that will do wonders for your stubble style.

You need a trimmer that will provide you with the perfect stubble and an even trim. If your beard is not evenly trimmed, your stubble will look as if it is simply messy and unkept.  That is definitely not the image that you would be wishing to portray.

The Stubble Trimmer that I Personally Recommend

I love the following model because it covers all of the bases as a stubble trimmer. It is the Philips Norelco Beardtrimmer 3500, available on Amazon. Here are the reasons why this trimmer is my top stubble trimmer recommendation.

It has 30 length settings. This is important when you want to create the effect of layers. I personally like the look of having a slightly fuller mustache and goatee along with a beard that is stubble.  It gives me the aggressive look that I like to have from time to time.

Some people like to have a stubble beard that is just one length, and then a few weeks later they may wish to try out a slightly longer length. With this model. you will have the ability to cut your stubble at a different length.

Besides having a lot of options for length, I wanted to also stress that once you have set a length, the length control dial is not likely to slip or to be accidentally pushed to a different setting during a trim. The dial is embedded in the center of the razor and it does not touch the sides of the trimmer where you will be holding it.

This dial setting may not sound like a big plus, but I am often half-sleep while trimming my whiskers and I can be slightly clumsy because of my lack of alertness. I get up at 4 am most mornings.

Another reason for my recommendation is that this trimmer has self-sharpening blades that are made from titanium, a very strong metal. You do not have to mess around with a trimmer that needs to have its blades sharpened after a year or two.

If you have a problem with skin irritation in the areas where whiskers grow, this trimmer is a good one for you.  It has blades that are rounded. A rounded blade will cause less irritation.  I tend to have a lot of skin irritation under my chin and the front of my neck.  This Philips Norelco trimmer makes trimming these areas a breeze.

Besides being able to quickly trim stubble because of the blade tips, this trimmer is a fast charger, it takes only 1 hour to charge it. Some trimmers take an evening to reach the same charge level.

Also, with a full charge, it can last up to ninety minutes. Ninety minutes would allow you to trim your stubble beard for weeks since a single trim is a quick process.

Even if you were to forget to charge it, it comes with its own a/c cord so that you can have it plugged in while using it. Some trimmers do not come with this option, you would have to plug them in for 30 minutes or so to even do a quick trim if the battery charge were to be too low.

Besides having the ability to be plugged in, it also is very easy to maintain. You will not have to oil it constantly in order to get a good trim.  I used to have a super cheap trimmer that would sound like the jet engine of a plane if I were to forget to oil the blades after having used it the last time.

The price of this Panasonic is reasonable. It comes with a 45 day risk-free trial period and a 2-year warranty is included.

In other words, Philips has a lot of faith in this model. I also read numerous customer reviews that state this trimmer was the best that they had ever owned. One customer stated that this is the best model that he has purchased over the last 15 years.

As a side note, one complaint that I read about this unit was that it is hard to control if your beard is longer. This trimmer was designed to be the top stubble trimmer. If you have a long beard, it might not be the right choice for you. I suggest that you check out, the Panasonic Milano All-in-One Trimmer, which is my favorite beard trimmer.

Other Interesting Stubble Trimmer Options

I have listed below 3 other options that are adequate stubble trimmers that you may wish to investigate further.

A good trimmer that is great for stubble is the Remington MB4040, available on Amazon. I like it for many reasons. First of all, it has the lithium-ion battery that is practically a necessity for a cordless trimmer.  I am now spoiled, I do not think that I would purchase a trimmer that does not have the cordless option.

Besides being cordless, it also has strong blades that are coated with titanium. If you have coarse whiskers, these blades will cut through them as if they were cutting through butter.

It trims evenly because it has three precision blades that will ensure that all of you whiskers are adequately cut. Nothing can be worse them a spotty trimming job on stubble.

The one flaw that I found was that the PCB board in the trimmer is very sensitive to moisture. You cannot immerse it in water. If you do so, you could destroy its ability to charge the battery. They even mention in their write-up that it is not for wet use. I guess that people have tried?

This drawback is not a major one as long as you are ok with trimming outside of a shower setting. Nevertheless, it probably would not a good idea to trim stubble in a shower since you need to create even lines to get the right effect.

Another interesting stubble trimmer model is the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 3100, available on Amazon. It is one of my picks because of its overall design and its sturdiness.

For instance, it has powerful steel blades that are self-sharpening which is one less thing that you would have to worry about.

This self-sharpening trimmer also comes with 10 length settings.  This unit has a zoom wheel for changing the cut length. You can set it between 1/32 of an inch, up to 13/32.

Personally, I like to keep stubble as short as possible, so I would use the lowest setting. My whiskers would look as if they were totally out of control if they were close to 1/2 of an inch.

If you are wondering about how long it can trim with a fully charged battery, it lasts up to 90 minutes which is adequate since a quick trim can take literally a minute.

Nevertheless, I am not thrilled by the fact that it takes 8 hours to fully charge it. You will have to ensure that you charge it overnight once every few weeks.

My third choice is called the Wahl Lithium Ion 2.0 Beard Trimmer, also available at Amazon. It is one of my picks because is great for beard trims, stubble trimming, trimming your mustache, ear and nose trimming and even for body grooming.

Not only is it versatile, but it a cordless trimmer that gives you hours of usage between charges. You can use it for weeks on end since a quick trim takes less than 1-2 minute in most cases.

It only takes 1 hour to charge fully, which is neat.  Once fully charged, the battery lasts a total of 4 hours. So, if you are looking for a trimmer kit that charges fast, this model is the one for you.

This fast charging model also comes with high-carbon precision ground blades that will provide you with even trims. I know what it is like to use a trimmer that is dull, you regret doing so because whiskers are easily pulled by the non-sharp blades.

It also comes with 12 different comb attachments for people that like to vary their beard length from time to time. Personally, I do not see this as a plus. I also end up losing trimmer attachments. When a trimmer comes with fewer attachments, I am satisfied.

Nevertheless, if you are the type of person that is well-organized, you will have no problem at all keeping track of the array of attachments that are included with this trimmer.

Nevertheless, it does come with a small carrying case in case you wish to travel with just the trimmer.

Many customer reviews appreciate the size of this trimmer and its simple design. Plus, there are reviews that praise this model because it will trim their beard, create stubble if they wish, and also it can cut through even a thick coarse beard.

Features to Consider When Picking Your Stubble Trimmer

Here are a few important functions of a stubble trimmer to take into consideration:

  • Is the trimmer a dedicated trimmer that was designed for cutting stubble? If so, you can rest assured that it will probably provide you with an even stubble cut.
  • Read lots of reviews. I read the top reviews and then some of the negative reviews. If certain negative aspects of a trimmer at pointed out in numerous negative reviews, there is a good chance the trimmer is actually flawed.
  • Pick a stubble trimmer that is made by a well-known brand in the industry. If the brand is well-known for producing greats grooming equipment, there is a good chance their stubble trimmers are fine.
  • Make sure that the trimmer has a few adjustable length settings. I am not saying that you need 12 or so settings, but at least 3-4 settings would be adequate.
  • Verify what the model states its length of time to charge fully the trimmer. If you are absented-minded, it would be prudent to buy one that can be charged fast instead of the type that needs to be charged overnight.
  • Is the stubble trimmer easy to transport? If you travel a lot, you should buy one that does not require a ton of attachments to work properly and that has a carrying case included. Even though trimming stubble is a quick task to perform, it is something that you will need to do every two days to keep a consistent whisker length.
  • Can the trimmer be plugged in? It is nice to have this option so that you can extend the length of time that the battery will last between charges.
  • Also, how long will the trimmer last once it is charged up? It is not necessary for the battery to stay charged for hundreds of trims, but it should be powerful enough to complete trims for at least a few weeks before the need to recharge it.
  • Are the heads washable? Sometimes trimmers are self-cleaning, but sometimes they are not.
  • What type of material was used to manufacture the blades? I feel that titanium is the best, but other durable metals are fine also.