Should A Guy Trim His Eyebrows

Women everywhere in the world shave, pluck, wax, and trim their eyebrows. Now, when it comes to men, the conversation might be a little different. It’s not only becoming more common but also expected from guys to take care of their appearances. Guys are way more likely to get dates, have interesting social lives, and even improve their working-environment when they take care of basic grooming.

So, between getting a nice haircut, manscaping, and maybe working out, there are still some things that are considered taboo among males. The eyebrows conversation is still something that is not as discussed. It’s like working out in the 70s. Every movie star was doing it but they never admit it.

That raised the question in all corners of the world, should a guy trim his eyebrow? A guy should trim his eyebrows when he has excessive hair outside of his eyebrow line or he has enough hair that a unibrow is being formed. Now, if that’s not the case, the best thing would be not to trim his eyebrow.

If you’re still curious to know when to trim it and when is better not to, you can continue to read below. This article will discuss all the situations that a guy should trim his eyebrows and the ones that he should never do it. Also, what the best methods are and how to make grooming the easiest thing in your day.

So, we’re going to start with the main situation that you should definitely get rid of the hair and trim your eyebrow right away. The problem is not the hair but the excess of it. It’ll make your facial features disharmonic.

Unibrows Are Not Cool

Think about a guy or a girl with a unibrow right now. Close your eyes and picture them as vividly as you possibly can. Pay attention to the face, and then, focus on their eyebrow.

Now, picture the same person without the unibrow. Noticed a difference? Chances are that you found them way more attractive the second time. In most cases, people with unibrows look less attractive to other people.

The point is that, in 99% of the cases, you should get rid of your unibrow. This is the best example of when a guy should trim his eyebrows. In the case of unibrows, the best thing that you can do is either shaving or plucking the hair before the two sides meet.

So, take your grooming to the next level and get rid of that unibrow. It’s time for you to care about every aspect of your looks. Remember, the best way is to try tweezers for this uni-problem. Try it out the Tweezer Guru Stainless Steel from Amazon. It’s easy and not so painful to use. Pluck the hair out here.

Be Careful To Not Look Feminine

The main reason guys should only trim their eyebrows when there’s excessive hair is that otherwise, it’ll make you look feminine if you pluck hair from your eyebrow line. This will make your eyebrows too thin and resembling that of a woman. Obviously, this is not masculine and will make you look unattractive and weird. So, the solution is simple, do not trim your eyebrows if that’s your case.

Now, how do you find that out? If you look closely into the mirror, you’ll notice whether or not you have some hair growing outside of your eyebrow line. When it comes to unibrows it’s easier to notice. Now, when it’s not a unibrow, you can either try and see the extra hair or ask a female to check it for you. They’ll be able to tell.

Still, the best that you can do is to rely on yourself. This means you should be able to check it out for yourself. So, if you have hair growing outside of your eyebrow line, pluck it away, shave it off, or wax it off. Do whatever you have to do.

Hair Trimmers Are Fast And Painless

If you’ve ever watched the 40-year-old virgin, you’re familiar with the waxing scene. Even though that was a comedy movie, they nailed reality pretty right with that scene. Waxing is painful, especially for those who are not used to it. Now, when it comes to eyebrows, waxing may not be the best option just because of the pain.

You should avoid waxing your eyebrows if you want a painless method. Also, it’s difficult to be precise with a wax, which can cause a distorted eyebrow line. The point is that waxing eyebrows is not ideal when we’re talking about guys trimming their own eyebrows. The chances of you getting it wrong are high.

So, the best that you can do in this case is to use hair trimmers. They’re less painful, way more precise, and quick. You’ll be done within seconds. It’s also way harder to mess up with the eyebrow line. The Panasonic Electric Body Hair Trimmer is a great option for guys. Check it out here.

Maintenance Is Important

Now, let’s talk about maintenance. Once you do trim your eyebrows, you must keep a regular grooming schedule. This seems obvious, but a lot of guys don’t do it. When it comes to eyebrows, the problem is that it becomes too noticeable that your hair is growing back, which makes it look weird.

This maintenance will vary from person to person. Maybe you’ll need to do it every week or every 15 days. As long as you make sure to trim it down every time that there’s hair growing back, you’re good to go.

So, make sure that you keep the maintenance up to date if you’re in the group that needs to trim their eyebrows. The best way to do this is to pick a method and stick to it. If waxing is for you since it’s a faster method and takes longer to grow back, make sure to take a look at the Wax Warmer by NaturalRays. It’s the best wax on Amazon. Grab yours here.

Creams Are A Good Option

Another way that you could use to get rid of that excessive hair is to use creams. These creams shave the hair immediately. They’re as efficient as the tweezers and the wax but not painful. It’s important to point out that creams and wax work better with unibrows and not guys who want to get rid of some rebel strands of hair.

The reason is that wax and creams are not precise. This means that they’ll get rid of more hair than you need them to. This is why, in this case, the best that you can do is to pluck the hair out with tweezers. You can trim them one by one, although it may be more uncomfortable.

So, make sure that your case will be better handled with creams before applying. If it is, they’re a great painless solution to this problem. The Nair Men Hair Removal is a great cream option on Amazon. Make sure to check it out here.

Try It Out

One of the best things about eyebrows is that they grow back pretty quickly unless you shave them off at once completely. Now, if we’re talking about just some excessive hair, it grows fast. This means that if you’re on the fence about trimming your eyebrows, you should, at least, give it a try. You might see a significant improvement.

It’s super easy to do it, but if you’re too insecure about your skill to do it right, ask someone else to do it for you. All you have to do is to pluck the hair outside of your natural eyebrow line. It’s quite obvious what is excessive and what’s not.

Once you’re done, you’ll see a noticeable difference that you’ve never thought possible. If you don’t like it in the end, it’ll grow back pretty fast. Still, it’s important to take care of your grooming routine.

When To Avoid Trimming It

We’ve talked extensively about when a guy must trim his eyebrows, but not so much about when a guy should avoid it. The good rule of thumb is to not do it when you have no excessive hair or a unibrow.

When this is the case, it’s a good idea to do it. You’ll look that much better. Now, if you don’t have any of those things, you should not mess with your eyebrows. They have a huge impact on how your eyes appear to other people.

So, don’t trim your eyebrows just for the sake of it. You’ll risk looking too feminine or weird, depending on what you do. The best that you can do is look closely into the mirror and figure out for yourself what’s the best thing to do it in your case.

Final Thoughts

So, a guy should trim his eyebrows when he has excessive hair or a unibrow. The best way to do it is with tweezers, wax, or creams depending on each case. Make sure to choose the best method for your case, and stick to a grooming routine to ensure that you always look your best.

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