Should A Man Shave Every day – Startling Truth

One of the defining moments in a man’s life is when he starts to shave. The first shave is sacred and is believed to be the true transition in a boy’s life to becoming a man.

Shaving is an absolutely necessary and extremely important grooming practice that every adult male must perform once he starts to grow facial hair. But, how many times should you shave? This question is perhaps the most asked in the male grooming community. Everyone has a different take at what is probably, more or less, the same answer.

Should a man shave every day? Yes, it is necessary for you to shave every day to keep your facial hair in check. Typically, facial hair grows by the day so you will always need to shave the next day. Even if you have a beard, it would be wise to keep it groomed every day.

So, what’s with this debate and why do people have differing views on shaving daily? Well, we can safely say that facial hair growth, thickness, and volume varies greatly from person to person. Your own hair growth might be significant enough that you would warrant a shave every day while someone else might have slow growth and might only need to shave every two days. Let’s dig deeper into whether you should shave every day or just stick to shaving three to four times a week.

Shaving Frequency is Different for Everyone

Before we even get into the topic, we must first establish the fact that the people who claim to shave only three times a week are likely to experience slow hair growth and the people who praise the benefits of shaving every day might see a 5-o clock shadow more often than the rest.

Many individuals tend to shave daily because of their profession as well. If you are in the corporate sector, chances are that you will be expected to look presentable with a clean shave daily. You will hardly find many bankers, for example, with a stubble. Many men build their grooming routines around their work schedules where they would shave daily for five days straight and then let go and allow their skin a break over the weekends.

Some men can also get away with not shaving for about 48 hours thanks to their slow hair growth, which means that it would take about a day or two to see their light stubble. This varying frequency in hair growth in men is the reason why many prefer to shave every day and some prefer to wait it out. If you find yourself with a light stubble the morning after you shave then chances are that you would be able to shave every morning without any issue. We’ll discuss more on how to approach shaving every day in a bit.

However, if you experience slow growth, you should probably wait a few days until you have the right facial growth. Most people would go ahead and still shave the next morning just to be sure. While there is no harm is shaving every day, you do need to keep a few things in mind before you commit yourself to this daily grooming habit.

Shaving Every Day – A Short Guide

If you are looking to shave every day, we should probably highlight the pros and cons of it.

Again, there is nothing wrong with shaving every day as long as you take time in the preparation before actually shaving. One of the main concerns of most men is that they experience razor burn and irritated skin if they shave every day. While it’s true that shaving can cause discomfort, especially with people who are starting out with shaving, you can easily avoid any and all discomforts by following just a few basic steps.

Before you even begin, be wise with choosing the tools you work with in order to get the closest shave. A lot of people mess up before even starting because they tend to pick a razor that does more harm to their skin than good. For starters, always go for a triple blade (or higher) razor which features a lubricant strip on it for a comfortable swipe. The best shave is the one that you barely feel which is why we recommend the Gillette Fusion5 (Click to view pricing on Amazon). A razor-like this will get you the best shave without any razor burns or irritation.

Another factor that you need to consider is the type of shaving foam you need for the best shave and your skin type. There are countless shaving foams in the market that claim to provide the best shaving experience but the truth is that your skin type dictates the type of shaving foam you use. If you have sensitive skin: meaning that you are prone to acne, breakouts, cuts, razor burns, or redness, then we recommend that you go with a shaving foam that is specially formulated to nourish your skin when you shave. A great pro tip is to apply warm water on your skin before you even apply any shaving gel. This will help open up pores and soften the skin.

Many men tend to forget that by shaving every day, they are likely to dry out their skin if they don’t properly nourish it which is why we recommend NIVEA’s Men Sensitive Shaving Gel (Amazon). This gel will ensure that you leave your skin smooth, soft, and nourished after each shave. A big reason why men don’t prefer to shave every day is that they believe they get rid of the natural oils that are present on the face. While it is true that shaving can cause dryness, it can be easily countered with the right skin products. This way you get the best of both worlds; a clean shaven and smooth skin. Some of these products contain perfumes as well so you won’t need to apply after-shave every day either.

While we are on the topic of after-shave, we would recommend that you be careful with using after-shave daily as it may cause irritation that you will likely blame on the act of shaving every day. Most after-shaves contain chemicals that can be harsh on your skin. Always remember, applying after-shave products two or three times a week is fine, but you should be careful when applying it every day.

Different Ways to Shave Every Day

Many shaving companies offer alternatives to manual shaving in the form of electric shaving machines. These machines work in the same way that a manual razor does with the added benefit of convenience and precision. They tend to be quicker and safer than manual razors as well.

Most electric shavers feature up to 3 different razor heads and boast multiple blades that work in tandem to give you the closest shave. If you are the type that has slow facial growth and easily irritable skin, we recommend that you go with an electric razor.  Try out this EUNON Electric Shaver for Men (Click to view current pricing on Amazon). Electric razors offer a better way to shave for some men and people who are prone to breakouts and cuts will benefit from shaving with an electric razor daily.

Electric shavers can also be great especially when you want to shave every day. Many people opt for a mechanical shave because they don’t trust themselves with a manual razor and a light stubble. Some men skip a day or two because they think that they might damage their skin in the pursuit of a constant clean shave. It’s true that you might face a difficult time if you are starting out with shaving every day, but you will surely and eventually get better with practice. If you want to skip the pain and effort, then electric shavers are your best bet at a regular clean shave.

However, it is important to note that while electric razors are very convenient, you will not get the same feeling as from shaving with a manual blade. Humans have been shaving for centuries and while our tools have definitely improved, the basic concept of shaving has always remained the same. A blade and a handle are all you need to look your best and most people only prefer to shave manually because they feel that electric razors don’t necessarily get the job done.

This is, of course, based on your own likeness. Whichever the case, grooming is an extremely important practice, especially for men. While the good that comes out of shaving every day varies from man to man, one thing is for certain: you have to look your best and keep at the top of your game every day, gentlemen.

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