Should Guys Shave Feet Hair?

Ever wondered why men have feet hair?

Why on earth do men need hair there? It’s not like it serves any purpose or adds to our charm. It only stands as a testament to our manliness, but do we really need to rely on body hair to show how masculine we are? It’s the 21st century, gentlemen. Get on the grooming train or get off the station and get left behind. Men’s fashion has changed significantly over the years and so have their grooming habits; from maintaining eyebrows to shaving our chests and backs, to shaving feet hair. All of this is part of the modern gentleman’s grooming routine.

Should guys shave feet hair? Guys should shave feet and leg hair! Men should manage this as part of a regular grooming routine in order to keep them neat and presentable, especially if you are looking forward to beaching. Feet hair can cause excess sweat and smelly feet as well!

Men with hairy legs and feet should take heed if they plan on enjoying their summer at the beach with friends or family. Trust us, you wouldn’t want to put off anyone with your excess body hair. Even if you don’t mind your hairy feet, there are also other reasons why you should keep a check on them. Read on to find out why men should shave their feet hair and what they can do to conveniently manage it.

Hairy Feet and Hairy Men

All humans have hair on them. It is and has been, an essential aspect for us because body hair has played a huge role in our distant-primate past. The hair on our body in the modern world has significantly been lessened thanks to countless environmental and evolutionary factors but even today, we still grow body hair as it is embedded in our genes.

It can be argued that body hair on men has been reduced to be just a symbol of masculinity. You see, the testosterone levels in men are what sets them apart from looking like the opposite gender. The amount of body hair we carry is a gender-specific trait, but it is one that does not play any major role in our daily lives.

Hence, we always have the option to shave it off or to trim it to keep it well-managed. Leg and feet hair can be especially troublesome due to their location. Most of the clothes that we wear today are not airy enough to let the sweat dry out. Although high-quality clothing does accommodate this factor it can still feel very uncomfortable when sweat drips down your legs to your feet.

Therefore, shaving the legs and feet becomes important for men. Whether you do it for cosmetic or aesthetic purposes, having trimmed feet and leg hair can significantly improve your comfort when wearing any type of clothing or doing any type of activity.

Even though feet hair is hereditary and totally dependent on one’s genes, it is still frowned upon in society because of how we have portrayed the “perfect” man in pop culture and, in general, Hollywood. We have become more accustomed to seeing men without hair which is why the idea of a hairless man is no longer considered deviant in modern society.

You may also be surprised to know that this was not always the case. Previously, men had historically been portrayed in the media with over-masculine undertones and had been associated with great strength, ruggedness and, you guessed it, a hairy chest.

The hair on men has played a huge role in society for many years. Hairy men were celebrated back in the 70s and 80s. Masculinity, as it seemed, was only truly associated upon those with a hairy body. This meant a hairy chest, hairy legs and the like. But this trend slowly started to die out because the general opinion about hair in men had changed. Think about it, who would want to groom their body hair after every few days or a week? It’s just much easier to get rid of them than to properly groom them.

If we were to look at the changing trends, you will notice that men who are more into fitness were the first ones to get rid of excess body hair. This is because of how the entire gym culture works and how body hair can hinder one’s look and even progress while at the gym.

Remember, more hair means more sweat and less to show. Similarly, less hair means that you have more to show off especially if you are a buff guy. People have different reasons for trimming their body hair but almost all of them unanimously agree that it’s just better to shave it off rather than to painstakingly maintain it.

Feet Hair and Hygiene

Feet hair serves no purpose in our lives today. Some people keep them on because they feel that it doesn’t do them any harm while others just find an excuse to get rid of them. But why would you want to get rid of feet hair if it doesn’t bother you?

Well, as it turns out, feet hair can cause you to develop smelly feet. This is, again, because of the excess sweat that is generated when you wear shoes every day. Wearing socks over hairy feet creates a very humid and sweaty environment around your feet which is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

These bacteria are the reason why your feet smell. The by-products that are left by these bacteria leave a very undesirable stench in your shoes as well as your feet. It can be extremely embarrassing for any gentleman to look his best but leave out his hairy legs and smelly feet. Thankfully, there are many ways to treat this condition.

All you must do is either trim or shave off the excess feet hair and use socks that allow for air to pass through. It will take some time for you to adjust with the new feeling of having hairless legs and feet but with time it will prove its worth to you!

Many men are turning towards shaving their feet to keep them groomed and neat, and if you too are now convinced about shaving your own feet, then we have the perfect guide for how you can get the most out of shaving your feet.

How to Shave Feet Hair – A Useful Guide

Before you even think about doing anything to your feet, there are a few things that you need to know.

The feet contain a lot of sensitive nerve endings, meaning that the skin on your feet that hosts hair is very sensitive. So, you need to decide on how you can go about removing the hair comfortably. There are multiple options to choose from. We’ll list some of them down for you.

  • Shaving or using an electric shaver
  • Using an epilator
  • Waxing
  • Threading
  • Laser treatment

Shaving is the easiest way to get rid of body hair. All you need is a good disposable razor that can handle sensitive skin. We recommend that you go for the BIC Comfort 3 Hybrid Men’s Razor (Amazon).

You can also opt for going for an electric shaver to get rid of any type of body hair. Try out this Wahl LifeProof Foil Electric Shaver for Men (Click to view current pricing on Amazon). Electric shavers are very convenient, and you can use it for emergencies as well!

If you have high pain tolerance, then you can also use an epilator. Be warned, though, this may hurt more than you think. Using an epilator is an effective option because it pulls out the hair from the root, giving you more time in between shaves.

Similarly, waxing and threading are also great options but can cause a varying degree of discomfort. It is not as convenient as shaving but is much more effective than using just a body trimmer. We recommend that you seek professional help if you don’t know how to go about waxing or threading.

Speaking of professionals, one of the most effective ways you can manage feet and leg hair is if you opt for laser hair removal treatment. This sort of treatment is usually much more expensive than the other options on our list but is the most effective of them all. Just a few rounds of laser treatment can set you up for a very long time and the effects can also be permanent in some cases.

Whether you choose to trim or shave, feet hair can hinder your daily life in subtle ways. Many men are now turning to include trimming or shaving their feet into their usual grooming routine. If you think that your feet hair is adversely affecting your life, then you shouldn’t think about it much and just join the club like the rest of us!

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