Why Does My Neck Hair Grow So Fast? The Real Reason

I have been told by several of my friends that my neck needs to be trimmed. This is odd because most times I would have shaved my neck just a few weeks beforehand. What in the world is going on? I cannot be the only person on this planet that is constantly having to deal with outrageous neck hair growth. I did some research today and this is what I had discovered.

Why does the hair on my neck grow so fast?  Neck hair grows so fast because there are a lot of androgens receptors in the neck region that are causing follicles to grow, which in turn increases the length and the amount of hair growth on the surface of the neck.

I will explain the reasoning for the increase in hair in the back of the neck and I will explain why some men need to shave whiskers that are almost like hair in the front of the neck.

Genetics and Ageing

I researched why some people have to shave often their neck in the front and in the back. Genetics plays a big role. If your father and your grandfathers also had to shave their neck hair often, there is a high probability that that is why you also have to do so.

There is nothing that can be done in this day and age to change your genetics, they are basically set for life.

Another component is your age that can cause excessive neck hair growth. As we age, androgen production can tell your body to produce more follicles in the neck region. When you are younger, the androgen receptors in the neck region are not being bombarded by this increase in androgen. Nevertheless, the receptors are still there in these areas.

An interesting situation that I read about was that the trapezius muscle in the upper part of the body is easily affected by testosterone injections.

You will notice that some people in a gym have very large trap muscles even though they do not seem to focus intensely on this muscle group. I thought that maybe testosterone was playing a part in neck hair growth. This is not so, it is simply the androgen hormones, that are similar to testosterone.

How fast does Chin Hair Grow?

One area on most males that does grow whiskers just due to a normal level of hormones is on the chin. I was curious about how fast the hair or whiskers on a chin grow since shaving daily is a pain. I thought that maybe chin whiskers were growing inches per month.

The average chin whisker growth is actually just one half of an inch. It does not seem like a lot, but usually, whiskers are quite thick and dark which makes them very apparent even when they are at the length of a short stubble.

Some men are looking to have more than a stubbled face, and they wonder if there is a way to speed up whisker growth.  It can take weeks or even months to grow a thick beard, and any tips would help a lot of men. I did some quick research and there are three ways to possibly speed up whisker growth:

  1. When you exercise a lot, you are altering hormonal activity in the people, and your testosterone level can be positively affected. Testosterone will accentuate male characteristics and hairiness and whisker growth are such traits. So, get out there and train hard and your beard may grow thicker and perhaps slightly faster.  I have noticed that when I train regularly at my local gym that I have more energy and my facial hair seems to be strangely thicker than usual. Of course, this could be just psychological for me. It is best to test this theory out for yourself.
  2. Apparently, if you get adequate sleep, at least 7-8 hours per night, you can affect whisker growth. If you do not get enough rest, your immune system could be affected, and your body’s ability to distribute hormones correctly throughout your body could be affecting the growth of whiskers on your chin and face.
  3. The third way to speed up whisker growth is simply by grooming your facial hair on a regular basis. If you trim it and care for it, you are going to ensure that the follicles push out their whiskers adequately and that the whiskers themselves are strong and void of split ends.

Can you get rid of neck hair permanently?

I was also wondering if it would be possible to permanently stop the growth of neck hair. I was getting tired of comments that others are making about the hairiness of my neck. Nevertheless, it does not bother me when it is growing in, I never seem to feel any sort itchiness whatsoever.

I do notice it if I am checking the back of my head after shaving it. Nevertheless, my neck hair is thin and light in color and hair growth on my neck is harder for me to notice in the handheld mirror that I use.

Should You Zap Your Neck Hair Follicles?

The research that I did stated that one solution for excessive hair growth on the neck is electrolysis. That seems a little bit radical to me to allow someone to zap away to kill off my neck follicles.

I already know that the skin in my neck area is sensitive because of the slight scarring that is there due to a minor case of acne that I had as a teenager.

I guess that if you are the adventurous type, that you could give electrolysis a whirl. Just ensure that you are dealing with professionals since it sounds like it is not the simplest procedure to have performed.

What About Waxing?

You could also have waxing done on your neck region. Nevertheless, this will not be permanent because the follicles will still be able to produce and shot out some hairs.

Pulling the hairs from the follicles using a wax will remove the hair almost completely which will provide you with a longer period of having a hairless neck then simply shaving it. The waxing kit that I recommend is by Lifestance (click for pricing on Amazon).

I would be careful about waxing the hair from your neck. You will need to a have someone help you to perform this procedure. If you were to wax too high or unevenly, your neckline is going to look strange because of a larger area that is void of hair.

I Shave My Neck and My Head at the Same Time

Here is what I do personally with my excessive hair growth on the neck problem. Since I shave my head every second day, I try to ensure that I shave as close to the bottom level of my neck each time. The blades that I personally use are the Gillette Mach 3 (click to see the pricing on Amazon).

I am not really worried if the hairline is not evenly cut closer to the bottom of the neck. When I am wearing a shirt or even a tee-shirt, the exposed area is most likely void of hair and others cannot see if I had made a shaving mistake below that point.

One aspect that I had noticed is that I need to ensure that I wipe off my neck completely since sometimes I have left a few spots of shaving cream on my neck. It seems to be harder to wipe off my neck with a towel than drying off my head I guess. Using a handheld mirror along with your bathroom sink mirror will make this investigation super easy.

How to Shave the Back of Your Neck

I now will explain a few more ways to shave the back of your neck besides simply shaving your neck along with your head.

  • You could try shaving your neck while in the shower. They will be less chance of you cutting into your sensitive neck skin because of the adding humidity that is present while you are showering. It would be a good idea to have someone check out your neck after you have dried off to ensure that you had shaved all of the hair off your neck. This quick check will just take seconds because you simply just wish to know if any hair is noticeable by the average person.
  • Another option for dealing with your excessive neck hair is to use clippers on the lowest setting possible. You may not be able to cut off as much of the hair as you would be able to achieve with a razor, but no one is going to notice a microscopic amount of hair from a distance.  Nevertheless, it is still important to have someone take a quick peek to ensure that hair on your neck is not readily noticeable.

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