Best Way to Trim Mustache

In order to end with the best-groomed mustache possible, you need to learn how to trim it correctly.  Having a shaggy looking mustache is no longer tolerable in our society.  It is one of the first facial features that someone notices, even before the beard.  People are usually looking at your mouth while you are talking and your mustache is propped up above your upper lip.

I will outline steps to cut your mustache to have it looking its best.

1. Combing your Mustache is the starting step:

You need to have the correct type of comb for a mustache.  There are combs that are designed for mustaches out there.  Buy one today if you are planning on sporting a stache.   I recommend the handmade combs by Kent (link to Amazon).  You need to comb through your mustache in a downward motion so that you will get a good idea of where you need to be trimming it.

If you fail to comb it thoroughly, you could be missing whiskers that are longer than the others and then you end up with an uneven mustache after trimming it.

I also suggest that you shampoo it while showering with a mild shampoo. Personally, I use baby shampoo on my goatee and mustache since it will not burn my eyes if shampoo were to get into my eyes.

Some people like to condition their whiskers which is ok I guess if you have a long beard or if you are planning on growing a major mustache like a handlebar.  Again, search out products that are designed for whiskers since whiskers have a different level of oil and also they are more coarse than the hair on your head.

Also, ensure that you have completely dried your mustache before you start to comb it.  Whiskers will coil slightly after they have been dried out.  You need to be able to see how the whiskers are going to lay when dry since you will not be sporting a wet mustache 24/7.

Now we will be getting to the good part, the starting of the trim session.

2. Get the right equipment for mustache trimming

You need to have the right type of scissors for trimming your mustache.  Mustache scissors tend to be smaller and more delicate looking than hair scissors.  You need this type of smaller scissors since a mustache requires a fine line since whiskers are thick and are more noticeable if they are uneven in length compared the other whiskers.  I recommend the mustache scissors by Marbeian (click for pricing on Amazon).

You could purchase an electric mustache trimmer.  These trimmers are not as wide as hair clippers.  Nevertheless, they are easier to hold and to control because they are smaller in general. You need to have full control while trimming a mustache since an uneven mustache can look quite nasty to others.

Usually, they are not terribly expensive.  If you buy the cheapest ones possible, you may regret it since they need to be able to cut through thick mustache whiskers.

3. The trimming For Scissor Lovers

If you are using mustache scissors, trim along the top of the upper lip.  It is best to trim so that the whiskers are just slightly above the lip.  Sometimes, whiskers will shift around and a few may end up touching your lip later on.

I hate it when a whisker curls on my upper lip.  It causes an itchy feeling and it also makes your mustache look messy to others.  Another negative is that food particles and liquid that you might be drinking might stick to these stray whiskers.

When trimming, start from the center and work your way to the end of a side.  Do the same for the other side, beginning again from the center of your upper lip.

Sometimes people feel as if they need to plant a big wide smile on their face to stretch out their upper lip while trimming their mustache.  This is a big no-no, do not make a face while trimming.

If you do so, once you relax your face, your mustache will end looking very uneven.  Try to have zero expression on your face.  What I like to do is to act as if you are getting a passport picture taken where it is against the rules to grimace.

4. Trimming Using an Electric Trimmer

When you are trimming with an electric trimmer, you need to hold it at a specific angle that will cut your stache evenly.  What I tend to do is to hold it backwards and at around a 45-degree angle from my chest.  You need to trim just slightly above your lip. Click to read my trimmer reviews.

Now simply hold the trimmer against the line just above your upper lip and slowly work your way from the center to the end of a side.  Now, complete the other side in the same fashion.  Remember to keep on your poker face, you do not want to trim your mustache while you are grimacing or making a face.

5. Give your Mustache a Quick Comb Again

After your trimming session, I would suggest that you comb through your mustache again in a downward motion.  Any stray whiskers that touch your upper lip should be trimmed further.  It is best to use a pair of mustache scissors for this task since you do not want to accidentally trim too many whiskers by using electric clippers.

6. Make Sure that the Ends of your Mustache are Well-Groomed

I have noticed that a lot of men do not bother trimming the ends of their mustache.  I think that it because they are afraid that it will end up looking lopsided if they were to trim too much off of one side.

The ends are the tricky areas of the mustache, but if you trim them slowly, you should be fine.  Of course, do not approach the ends aggressively.  If you are planning on trimming the ends using clippers, you will need to hold them vertically and slowly trim off the ends so that they are neat and tidy.

If you are using scissors, do not attempt to chop off numerous whisker ends at once.  Give an end a few snips and inspect your mustache in a mirror to ensure that you are trimming it evenly.

Also, you will need to ensure that you are not over trimming one of the mustache sides.  I observe the ends of my mouth to determine if my mustache is positioned correctly above my upper lip. Again, make sure that you are not making a face while inspecting your mustache while trimming it.  Take emotion out of the equation.

7. Trim the top of your mustache

The last area to trim is the top of your mustache.  I have noticed that tiny whiskers tend to grow just under my nose.  You need to shave these smaller whiskers off.  This is hard to do with scissors since you want to trim off as much of these whiskers as possible.

I would suggest that you use clippers for this area just under your nose.  Put the clippers on the setting that gives the closest trim and carefully remove any smaller whiskers that are messing up the look of the top of your mustache.

If you the extra time, you can add a dab of shaving cream and shave off this area.  You can actually stretch out your upper lip by planting a huge smile on your face so that you can shave this difficult area with shaving blades.  The skin in this area has folds in it that could be cut into easily with sharp blades if you are not careful.

8. Give Your Mustache a Quick Wash

After trimming your mustache, you may feel that your job is complete.  You are almost there, but not quite.  You should try to dislodge the fragments of whiskers that are probably now lurking within your mustache due to your trimming session.

I personally, simply wash out my mustache using handsoap and water.  The soap will help to loosen up the fragments that are stuck to your skin.  Nevertheless, this quick wash to going to remove some of the oils that are required to keep the area healthy for whisker growth.

9. Add in Beard Oil to protect the Skin Underneath Your Mustache

Most people believe that beard oil is just for whiskers.  However, it is actually for the skin.  You need to maintain the perfect balance of oil within your skin to grow healthy whiskers.  Your body produces this oil, but the chemicals in most soaps will cause an imbalance.  Also, mustache clippers will also irritate the skin by shaving off some of the skin cells.

After washing your mustache with soap and water, you should add a few drops of beard oil to your index fingers and then rub it onto the tips of your thumbs.  Now massage the oil into your mustache and unto the skin that is underneath your mustache using your thumbs and index fingers.

The beard oil is going to improve the oil level of the follicles that contain your mustache whiskers.  Also, your mustache will have a healthy look to it.  I recommend the Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil (click for Amazon pricing).

Congratulations, you know have a perfectly trimmed and groomed mustache that you are ready to parade around.  I will now deal with related questions regarding mustache trimming and other similar topics that people tend to have.

Do you Trim your Mustache While Growing a Beard?

You do need to trim your mustache while growing a beard because people tend to notice the mustache area more readily than the beard section.

Your beard does not have to be trimmed as often. When growing a beard, you are bound to have a messy appearance especially if you have areas that are not growing in as fast as the other areas, what some would call bald patches in your beard.

You need to at least tame down your mustache.  As you talk, people will be focused in on your lips and your mustache will move with movements of your upper lip.  Most of your beard will be stationary and not the main attraction on your face.

Trim your mustache in the same fashion as I had explained above.  Nevertheless, the portion of your mustache that touches the start of your beard will not need to be overly trimmed, you will not need to shape it at all.  Just ensure that you when you comb it, you control the whisker grow so that it will blend in well with your beard.

How Should I Trim my Beard When Growing it Out?

When you are growing out your beard, it is best to inspect it daily to ensure that stray whiskers are not interfering with its shape.  The inspection can be done by combing it daily.  I prefer to comb my mustache and beard when I have both, in just one direction, which is downwards.

After combing your beard, look at it at from different angles to see if you need to trim whiskers that are protruding more than the other whiskers.

Using your beard trimmer, trim the outline of your beard to keep it clean and presentable.  Plus, you can use a higher setting on the trimmer so that you can simply drag it throughout your beard to try to maintain an even length throughout your beard.

If you are attempting to create a fade look to the border of your beard, you will need to adjust the clipper length on your beard trimmer to get a closer trim close to the edges of your beard.

After using the beard trimmer to give your beard an overall quick trim, you can now some detailed trimming.  This can be done by combing it.  I prefer to comb my mustache and beard when I have one, in just one direction, which is downwards.

After combing your beard, look at it at different angles to see if you need to trim slightly whiskers are protruding more than the other whiskers.

You should add in some beard oil so that you will protecting the skin on your face.  The beard oil will help your whiskers to have a vibrant look to them.

How to Keep Your Beard Neat While Growing it Out

If you are wishing to have a shorter type beard that has a scruffy look to it, keeping it neat will not be your top priority. As we all know, a shorter beard will be more patchy than a full beard.  I would just try to keep it trimmed along the edges so that it has a defined shape to it.  Again, add in some beard oil so that the skin is healthy and the whiskers have a shiny clean look to them.

For men that are growing thick or full beards, you do have to really work at keeping it looking respectable as you are growing it out.  Make sure that you trim it daily with scissors to ensure that it maintains a more uniform shape and thickness.

Also, you may want to add conditioner to control the overall growth pattern.  Do not use conditioners that are for hair since they will be too harsh for whiskers.  Whiskers can easily be stripped of their oils if a conditioner is not delicate enough.

Some guys feel that they do not need to touch their beard while growing it into a full beard, but you need to maintain it during its growth phase in order to end up with the perfect shape.  Otherwise, you will become totally frustrated if you were to deal a moppy, tangled beard that had never been trimmed while it was growing out.

How Can I Stimulate my Facial Hair to Grow

Stimulating facial hair to grow is something that is actually possible. Nevertheless, I will cover how patience is going to have a big impact on your beard and mustache growth.

Be Patient with your Facial Hair

You need to understand that getting frustrated is not going to help.  It has been proven that stress can affect facial hair growth.  If you are totally freaking out because your beard is growing in patchy or there are spots that are totally void of facial hair, you will hinder its growth.

Just learn to relax and to go with the flow.  If you give it time, it might start to fill in and the length will become more apparent. A lot of people start to trim away at their facial hair thinking that just by shaping it, that they are helping it to grow.

Also, others trim too quickly and readily because when a beard starts to grow in, there will be some itchiness.  This is completely normal because the whiskers are pushing through your follicles as they grow.  After some time, the irritation will subside.

Key to Whisker Growth is Healthy Skin

If you take care of your skin, your whiskers are going to happy and healthier.  Follicles that are in your skin need to pampered and they need to maintain a certain level of oil.

  1. It is a good idea to exfoliate your facial skin in the beard region to clean out the pores and to eliminate the presence of dead skin cells.  Unblocking the follicles will allow the natural oils to keep the follicles from drying out.
  2. This might sound strange, but give your face a massage once a week.  Massaging follicles will keep the blood flowing allowing nutrients to keep them healthy.  Healthy follicles will push out amazing whiskers.
  3. You can use grooming creams on your beard and mustache areas also.  Try to buy lotions and creams that contain vitamin B complex.
  4. Watch your diet while growing out your facial hair.  Junk food and greasy food will just end up clogging your pores and follicles which can hinder beard growth.  Try to eat foods that contain vitamin B5. This vitamin reduces stress, and it contains pantothenic acid that helps the body to process fats and proteins.

Get Lots of Rest

Rest allows your body to repair itself and adequately grow hair and whiskers.  If you are sleep deprived, you will be stressed out and your bodily functions will be negatively affected.

I would suggest that you try to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night.  Try to go to bed and get up at the same times.  If you have trouble falling asleep, try to relax your muscles and to breath deeply to totally relax while in bed.

Low Testosterone Can Affect Facial Hair Growth

If you are over 40 years old and you are finding that your energy level is low and that your muscle mass level is decreasing, it could be that your testosterone level is lower than it was before.  Low testosterone can affect facial hair growth.

Consult with your doctor to see if you are a good candidate for hormone replacement.  Your doctor will be able to administer some blood tests that will reveal whether or not you have a testosterone deficiency.

Does Shaving a Mustache Make it Grow Thicker

Just by shaving off your mustache is not going to make to grow in thicker.  Shaving simply cuts off whiskers.  It is the follicles that determine the thickest of whiskers.  There is a genetic component that dictates how thick your mustache whiskers will become.

As mentioned above, you can aid the follicles by keeping them clean and healthy.  If your follicles are clogged up, it is possible the whiskers are going to be affected and they may become malformed.

Exfoliating and moisturizing your follicles will rid them of dead skin cells and prevent them from drying out.

What Happens When you Shave your Mustache too Early?

Some teenaged boys feel that shaving often is going to make their beard thicker.  This is not so.  Also, there is a chance that you are going to irritate the skin and cause ingrown whiskers or hairs.

Lots of younger males have problems with facial acne because their bodies are being riddled with hormones around the time of puberty.  If you shave off peach fuzz or stubble often as a youngster, you may be allowing bacteria to enter into your facial skin that can cause white pimples to appear.

As you age, your whiskers will be coarser and thicker.  In other words, you will then need to start shaving daily.  Luckily, there will be less of a chance of acne at that time.

How to Keep Mustache Hair Soft

Beard whiskers are coarse in general and some men fear that their tough beard and mustache will be a turn-off.  Nevertheless, there is a way to soften up your mustache whiskers.

You can apply whisker conditioner to your mustache to soften it up.  Here is how to use it correctly:

  1. While in the shower, wash your mustache thoroughly using soap and water.
  2. Add some conditioner to your index finger and rub it into your mustache ensuring that you reach the follicles.
  3. Now rinse off the conditioner.  If you have a problem with acne or ingrown hairs, make sure that you rinse off the residue completely.
  4. After showering, dry off your mustache.  Add a few drops of beard oil to your index finger and rub it into your whiskers.  The oil will keep your follicles lubricated and moist.  Also, the oils that the conditioner had removed from your whiskers will be replenished.

Why is Beard Hair So Coarse?

Beard hair is thicker than head or body hair because of the dermal papilla. What is the dermal papilla you may be asking? It is the where the hair or whisker sits in the follicle.

The volume of cells in the dermal papilla for a whisker is four times that of the volume for a normal hair. Due to this high volume of cells, a whisker tends to grow in thicker.

Another reason why whiskers seem to be thicker is that there are fewer follicles in the areas where facial hair grows.  The spacing between hairs on your head are closer together and it is hard to feel each individual strand of hair.

Nevertheless, if you were to stroke a mustache, you may be able to feel the individual whiskers because of the wider spacing.  This may cause you to conclude that whiskers are a lot thicker than normal hairs.  There is a slight difference, but it is minor.

How Do I Tame my Mustache?

You may feel as if your mustache is an out of control beast that needs to be whipped into shape,  Most of us keep our mustache whiskers relatively short so that they do not touch the upper lip. As a result, they do appear to be messy looking if not well-groomed.

I would suggest that you comb your mustache daily so that you can control the direction of your whiskers.  For instance, comb towards the end on one side starting from the midpoint.  This will allow you to perhaps twist the ends of the mustache if you are attempting to grow a handlebar mustache.

If your whiskers are dried out, your mustache will look like straw. You can attempt to keep your mustache whiskers from drying out by applying beard oil daily.

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