Hairstyles for Balding Men – 16 – Thinning or Bald Spots

If you have a receding hairline at a young age, styling your hair does not have to be a nightmare. Losing your hair is a natural occurrence for men in their fifties and even more so once a man has reached 80 years old.  It just symbolizes that there is a change in the level of hormones in the body.  Also, genetics plays a role in the level of male pattern baldness.

Now, onto the different hairstyles that will please those of us that are losing our hair.

1. Military Top Heavy for Thinning Hair

This style matches the military look that is longer than the buzz cut.  Nevertheless, you do need to start it off by buzzing the sides of your head.  You need the sides to be totally clean so that are no wiry hairs that are going to interfere with the abrupt look of this style. I recommend the Pro clippers by Wahl (link to Amazon).

I would suggest that you put your trimmer on a setting that at its lowest to buzz down the sides of your head.  Now, set the trimmer to a level that is perhaps a half of an inch higher.  Trim down the top using this setting.  This will cause the thinning hair sections to blend in and to disappear because of the contrast between the sides and the top.

This style also looks good with a thin beard since the facial hair will accentuate your facial features.  Keep the beard at a length that is slightly less than the top of your head so that your hairstyle will be the main focus.

This hairstyle will give you the look of someone that in the military but perhaps off duty. It also gives you a fresh and youthful look that is non-cookie-cutter.

2. Shiny Dome Man Cut

The Shiny head look is one that is vibrant and striking.  If there are lights around, the glow from your head will be amazing.  People are definitely going to notice you. In order to achieve this look, you will need to develop the routine of shaving your head bald.

I have written an article that is a guide on how to shave your head bald. Click here to read the article.

Nevertheless, I will provide you with a condensed guide on how to achieve the shiny dome.

Steps for the Dome:

  1. Hold a facecloth that has been warmed in warm water to the surface of your head. This will relax the follicles.
  2. Add a thin layer of shaving cream to your scalp.
  3. Shave your head using a multi-blade razor. I recommend the Gillette Fusion5 Proglide (click to see pricing on Amazon).
  4. Make sure to inspect your shaving job by using a handheld mirror along with your bathroom mirror.
  5. Ensure to remove any shaving cream that might be remaining.
  6. Now, dry off your head.
  7. Add some moisturizing cream to your scalp.  A great cream for men is the Rugged Dapper Anti-aging Cream (click to see current pricing on Amazon).  This is going to get rid of any dryness that can occur when you shave your head.  The blades scrape off the natural oils that are released by the follicles. Also, the cream will make your scalp even shinier.

Why Shave Your Head – What does it say about your personality?

Shaving your head is one way to tell the soul-sucking hair thinning syndrome to screw off. You are not caring about others think.  You are doing whatever you want.  People that you are trying to attract will see this confidence that you have in yourself and many of them will be drawn to it.

I shave my head.  I was tired of playing away with a receding hairline that was not equal on both sides.  Many men will grow the sides longer so that they can spin hair around creating a comb-over mess.  Do not waste your time, your skills at hair spinning will prove to be useless once your head is rattled by a gush of wind.

3. Short Mohawk Hairstyle for Thinning Hair

Many men avoid the mohawk because they feel that they are going to turn people off.  People will steer clear of them because they will look like they have an aggressive attitude that is dangerous.

You can actually turn a mini mohawk into a professional look.  If it is just an inch or two in height, it can look stylish.  It will draw attention to the top of your head. Your thinning hairline will be less noticeable.

Here is how to create a short mohawk:

  1. You need to highlight the top of your head and this can be done by shaving down the sides.  Put your trimmer on its lowest setting. Make sure that you do not pass the trimmer through the top portion of your head.  Hold the trimmer to the side when trimming the top portions of the side to create straight lines on each side of your head.
  2. Now, you will need to evenly trim the hair on the top of your head.  This can be done by setting the trimmer on its highest setting so that the hair on the top of your head will be about 2 inches in length.
  3. Add some paste pomade to the top portion of your head.  Work the hairs towards the center of your head on each side. There will be a ridge that forms at the top.  The pomade will hold this mohawk in place that you had just created.
  4. Growing a beard to go along with this style is advisable.  A beard that is short and well-trimmed will compliment the mohawk.

This style is perfect for someone that is just beginning to lose their hair.  Nevertheless, even if you have a well-pronounced receding hairline, you will still be able to pull off this mohawk version.

The type of personality that matches well with a short mohawk is someone that likes to take control of any situation.  They are carefree and willing to take some risks in life.  A man with a short mohawk is someone that is very masculine. bold and that is full of courage.

4. The Inked Sides Look for Thinning Hair

If you are really adventurous and you are tired of dealing with the typical hairstyles for thinning hair, you should consider tattooing the sides of your head.

You are probably are thinking that I am losing my mind and that doing so would be nuts.  I really think that it is a viable option.  You will need to shave the sides of your head to make this style work, especially before stepping into a tattoo shop.

Pick wisely the design for your head tattoos. Something that is tribal in nature looks great on the side of a head.  A tribal tattoo is not overly busy and they tend to be one color.  They are based on designs that are ancient and that have a lot of spirals.  They could easily be designed to snake along the tops of your ears.

Keep the top of your head cut short so that any thinning areas will be camouflaged.

You will notice that people’s reactions to your tattoo head will vary.  Nevertheless, in general people will believe that you have the following three personality traits:

  1. You are full of energy and you like to stand out in a group.  Even though you might be pensive and shy, people will assume that you are loud and out there.
  2. You are seeking out new experiences and sensations.  Some people will wonder about the pain that involved with getting one’s scalp inked and they will view you as if you are someone that is pushing the limits.
  3. You are unique and no one will be able to pigeon hole you as being within the norm in society.

5. Distinguished Gray and Balding Style

If your hair is graying and you are losing your hair, I have a style option for you.  Graying hair gives you a powerful look of a man that is wise and that has his act together.  It is funny how there are commercials out that depict men that manage to dye away their gray away and suddenly they are popular and successful in life once again.

I personally feel that gray hair is great.  It gives hair a steel-like, superhero strength look to it.  I would advise you to use your gray hair alone.  Do not dye it.  Grow your hair to a length that you are comfortable with and that is easy to style.  Having the sides slightly shorter than the top is an ok plan especially with thinning hair.

Once you have allowed your gray hair to grow out, you will notice that the reactions from people are positive.  Potential mates are not going to cringe when you are around because of your gray hair.  They will most likely be drawn to you.

Having gray hair and a gray beard signifies to people that you are a confident person that knows what you want out of life.  You were not pressured into dying your hair by tv ads that claim that you are old and gray and that you are simply a burden to society.

Others will also see you as someone that not the slightest bit embarrassed about your current age.  If you dye your hair, people are going to notice since it is hard to pick the right color to match your skin tone.  They are going to feel that you are not happy with your age and that you are confused about what to do about it.

Also, this gray with short hair hairstyle is going to allow the gray to be what others see.  They are not going to care about your receding hairline.  They will see the strong, masculine look of a man that has his act together.

300 words each- up to 21 – add them in first with some points to cover

6. Bald, Muscular, Faded Beard

If you just a have a receding hairline, you can try out this style.  Nevertheless, if you have a large bald spot on the top of your head, this style will work wonders for you.

You need to first shave your head. This will have to be done with a razor that has multiple blades in order to get the closest shave possible.  This will give you a strong, in your face, look that will match well with your muscular frame.  I am not saying that you cannot pull this off with a slim or stocky frame, but this style really will highlight the structure of a man that goes to the gym.

The beard is the final touch on this style for a balding man. Grow a full beard that has sideburns.  Then put your trimmer on its second or third setting and trim the goatee portion of your beard and mustache.  Now trim the rest of the beard with a much lower setting, although have at least the guard on the trimmer.  We are not attempting to make the rest of the beard disappear.  We want the faded look.

The fade beard will blend in well with the completely shaved head.  You do not want people to see an abrupt transition from your beard area to your scalp.  If you do so, the message will be a different one.  You want this style to be as natural as possible.  The natural transition from beard to scalp will allow others to focus in on the rest of the body that you had toned and muscled up with a lot of work.

Some hairstyles for receding hairlines and balding men will keep the focus in on the head, and the body can easily be ignored.

7. Total Stubble Style

Having a stubbled head, beard and mustache will give you the complete stubble look.  This stubble will encircle your face and highlight it.

This style will force others to be fixated on your eyes and mouth.  When in the midst of a conversation with someone, they will focus on your words and they will not be able to look away because they will be locked in on your eyes.

The way to achieve this look is simple.  Put your beard trimmer on its lowest setting possible.  To read my detailed beard trimmer reviews, click here. You should remove the guard.  You want your beard and your hair to be as short as possible.  Nevertheless, shaving with a razor is not advisable.  A short trim with a trimmer will create the stubble look that we are aiming for with this style for balding men.

Nevertheless, you will need to shave along the contour of your beard and below your jawline in order to keep your beard neat and tidy.

This style is easy to maintain.  You can trim your head and face by yourself since the length will be the same all over.

What type of personality is needed for this style?  If you talk quite often to people that seem to be distracted and not able to focus in on your words, this style will lock them in.  They will in a sense be forced to listen to every word.  People will take you seriously.  They will see your point of view and they will be drawn to your face.

Also, if you were subconscious because of your balding head and receding hairline, this type of insecurity will be in the past.  You will feel more confident since others will be interested in whatever you are saying.  This style, therefore, is also great for those of us that feel lonely most of the time.

8. Spiked Top Style, Like the Superstar – Sting

I like this style because it is so unconventional.  It is free-flowing and it does have a lot of strict rules.  It is one of those rebel balding hairstyles that many rock stars and flamboyant people will cherish.

Sting is an amazing world renown singer and performer that sports this spiky style.  It is not really that hard to achieve, although it does require more maintenance than other styles.

First of all, I just wanted to mention that you might be better off going to a barber or a hairstylist to achieve this style.  It is one that requires the use of hair scissors that are hard to use on your own even if you have had some hairstyling training.  I was not going to add this style to my picks because it is hard to accomplish on your own, but at least it a style that does not require to be trimmed on a weekly basis.  Perhaps, you would have to make a trip twice per month to a barbershop to maintain the correct length.

This style requires that scissors be used to trim the sides as short as possible.  Of course, the length will be longer than if you had buzzed down the sides.  You want the top and the sides to blend well so that the style maintains its natural appeal.

9. Textured Top

With a textured style for balding men, you will be structuring your hair to look thicker on the top.  This style is not a form of a comb-over.  I am not a big believer in hiding a bald spot by spinning around long strands of hair.  Comb-overs are hard to control and they are also frustrating to cut.

Think of textured hair as hair that is chopped and chunky.  It will have a clumpy look to it that will hide the fact that your hair is thinning on the top.

You should explain to your barber that you want the hair on top to be longer than on the sides and that you want to be well textured.  Make sure that the barber adds in hair gel well you are there so that you will have an idea on much gel to apply and how to apply it.

Maintaining this style between haircuts is not going to take a lot of time each day.  Massage a small amount of hair gel into your hair each morning.  Using your fingers, create a series of clumps to get that layered or textured look.

You can actually trim the sides of your head between barber shop visits.  With your beard trimmer, buzz around your ears.  To buzz hair, use the lowest setting possible.  The next step is to adjust the trimmer to it next level and to trim up to the where the textured hair begins.

The personality traits that match this textured style are the following:

  1. Men that are sensitive on the surface, but have a tough interior.
  2. People that have a well-structured and organized life will like the textured and planned out nature of this hairstyle.
  3. This style is more of a rebel type of haircut.  A person that likes to take risks and does not really care to know how others will feel or react to their actions will gravitate to this style.
  4. A person that loves motorcycles and other activities that stray away from the rat-race mentality will love this style.
  5. Wearing large sunglasses works well with textured hair because the glasses add to the robotic appeal of layered hair.

10.  Side Part and stubble Beard

This style is one that has some shock value to it.  It creates a faux side part that is bold and highly evident.  You will need to grow a beard for a few days in order to pull off this side part along with a stubble beard look.

Here are the steps to follow to create your own side part with stubble beard style:

  1. After you have grown your beard out for a few days, set your beard trimmer on a low setting and trim down your beard to create your stubble beard.
  2. You will need to keep the top of your head at a longer length.  If the hair on the top of your head is quite short, grow it out until it reaches a length of two to three inches.
  3. Adding gel to the hair will keep the top portion under control.
  4. Trim down the sides with the same setting that you had used on your beard.
  5. The final touch is to create a fine shaved line on one side of your head that will border one of the sides and the longer hair on the top of the head.  The method for making this line is simple.  Put your beard trimmer on its lowest setting.  Hold it so that the trimmer section is pointing downwards.  Now hold it against where you want to start the line, and pull the trimmer across to create the fake side part.

If you wish to have a clean cut and classic look, this is the style for you.  To me, it resembles the classic nineteen twenties look of the slick backed hair.  Also, this style actually works better if you have a receding hairline.

Since part of your temples is already bald, the contrast between the buzzed portion on the sides and the bald temples will be more pronounced.  Nevertheless, add some shaving cream to your exposed temples and shave off any tiny hairs that might be there.

I really like a stubble beard in general.  When it is combined with sides that are buzzed, the beard will look even better since it will seem more structured.

If the hair on your temples contains gray hairs, this style will look amazing.  You will have a strong look to your face because of the contrast with the graying sides and the textured top of your head.  If you have gray in your beard at all, it will have a silvery tinge to it since it is at the stubble level.  This graying beard will give you a metallic, forceful jaw.

11. Crew Cut, Thin Sides, with a Long Beard

You can combine a crew cut with a long beard for a rugged look. I was wondering what the difference was between a crew cut and a buzz cut.  A crew cut is just another version of a buzz cut.  It usually is short on the sides and then slightly longer on the top.

This style is good for someone that has thinning hair on the top. It is going to hide the thinning of the hair because of the contrast between the super buzzed sides and longer hair on the top of the head.

This style of hair has a military look to it.  The main difference is that there is a beard incorporated.  It is rare for someone in the military to have the right to grow a beard.  The military likes everyone to look relatively the same and a beard looks very different on each person depending on their genetics.

The type of beard that works well with a crew cut is one that is thick and well-groomed.  It is not a requirement to have one that is extremely long.  Two to three inches would suffice.  Make sure that you trim your beard with beard scissors so that it is well-formed and stable looking.  Also, shave along the edge of the beard so that looks sharp and clean.

Here are the characteristics of someone that should use this style.  Nevertheless, look over the traits and if you want to be perceived as a person with these traits, go for this style:

  1. Someone that used to following through with projects. They follow the correct steps to get things accomplished.  The crew cut aspect is military-like which signifies that you can accomplish anything that you set out to accomplish, no matter what dangers are involved.
  2. The thick and fluffy beard will make you look a lot tougher and wiser at the same time.   Your jawline is going to look more solid and stronger.  People are going to respect and envy you because you will seem to know what you want out of life and you are not afraid of doing the work to get what you want.

12. Classic Side Part with GI Joe Beard

Having a classic part on the side along with a GI Joe type Beard will cause a lot of double-takes as you walk by a group of bystanders.  The classic look is going to create a distinguished look and the well-groomed GI Joe Beard will create the illusion that you have something important to say.

I will first explain the look of the GI Joe Beard and how to achieve it.  This Barbie from the early 70s had realistic hair and beard.  He was the action marine and he came with combat clothing.  The beard was brown in color and was the same length all over.

In order to achieve the GI Joe look for your beard, here are the steps to follow:

  1. You will need to grow out your beard for about a week so that it will be long enough to trim at an even length.  Also, a week or so will allow some of the patchy areas to fill in.  Some people have to wait perhaps two weeks to grow their beard long enough to have full coverage.
  2. Now, set your trimmer on a setting that is just above the setting that you would use to create stubble.  This beard style is really not that long, but some length is required so that it will have that uniform look.
  3. Trim your beard and then add in some beard oil to add oil back into the skin that is underneath the beard.
  4. Also, the beard oil will give your whiskers a shiny more healthy look that will resemble closely the look of the original GI Joe whiskers.

What view will people have of you due to this combo of a side part and the rugged beard of GI Joe?:

  1. They will see you as a person that complex and non-cookie cutter. You are not swayed by the current trends and looks.  You do your own thing.
  2. You have a stern personality and a high level of focus.  The well-kept beard will tell others that you take pride in yourself and that you care about your looks.  Also, the classic look of your hair signifies that you are hard-working and very organized.

13. Ski Slope Front

If you have a bald spot on the top, I would suggest that you use it to your advantage.  There is no reason to hide it.  As I had explained earlier, please avoid any form of a comb-over.  They are too hard to maintain and you are not fooling others into believing that you have a full head of hair.

Nevertheless, if you can grow your hair in the front, you can gel it in such a way that it will slope upwards.  When others observe it from the front, they will not notice your bald spot.  You are not really hiding it, you are just making it less apparent.

Here is how to achieve this sloping front, just like a ski slope:

  1. Buzz the sides of your head using the lowest setting on a beard trimmer.  You want others to focus on the front of your head, not the sides.
  2. For the front, set your trimmer on its highest setting so that you will have the longest length.  I was going to suggest that you have a barber cut this portion, but using your beard trimmer will allow you to maintain it yourself and to save some money at the same time.  You just need to make sure that this portion is a lot longer than the sides.
  3. Now, massage in some gel to the front portion.  Then comb the front hairs forward and up at the very front.  You can use your fingers to create the sloping front.  This style is not a comb-over.  You are just training your hair to create a peak.

Others will see be drawn to the peak in the front and they will not even notice that you are missing hair on the top of your head.

14. Lots of Gray Hair in Temples? Try this Extended Crew Cut

If you have gray hairs on the sides, you can highlight this silvery color by creating a strong contrast between the top of your head and the graying sides.

If you have a reasonable amount of hair on the top of your head, this style is perfect for you.  You will be buzzing down the sides.  At first, I thought that doing so would just cause the gray hair to become invisible, but it does the opposite.  The gray short hairs, although short, will be more noticeable because of the darker mass of hair on the top.

Even if you have gray hair on top, it will appear to be darker because of the shading created by having longer strands of hair.

Here is have to achieve this contrasting style even if you have thinning hair on the top of your head:

  1. For cutting around your ears, set your beard trimmer on its lowest setting (without a guard). Trim carefully around your ears so that there will not be any tiny hairs that are creating an uneven line.
  2. Make sure that you trim the back your head also at the same lower level.
  3. I would suggest that you take out your razor that has multiple blades to shave the back of your neck. It is always best to keep the neck area clean.  The hairs on the back of the neck tend to be curly but easily removed because they are fine.
  4. Now set the trimmer on a higher setting to trim the top of your head.  This will create your crew cut which is simply a version of the buzz cut.
  5. You can add in some hair gel to the top layer so you can cause the hair on top to appear longer by having it stand up higher.  You do not need to be a professional hairstylist to do so.  Just massage some gel into your hair and use your fingertips to add some texture to the top portion of your head.

If you are looking to pull off a look that is distinguished, this style is a great option for you.  Your silver sides will create a look of strength and wisdom that will command respect from others.  The crew cut style is rugged and military-like.  This short hairstyle combined with the graying sides, will give you the look of an older military officer that takes control of any situation,

15.  Longer White Beard, Shaved Sides

If you have a gray or white beard, this style will suit you.  You will need to grow out your beard to point where you can simply trim it with beard scissors.  Since you probably have thinning hair on the top of your head, we will disguise that portion of your hair by keeping it long enough to comb.

Here are the steps that you can follow to achieve this sleek look:

  1. It might take you a few weeks to grow out your beard to the adequate length.  I would suggest that you do not use a beard trimmer on it during this phase.  If it is starting to look raggedy, add in some beard pomade so that you can calm it down.  Also, it is ok to trim stray whiskers with beard scissors in order to create a starting structure for your beard.
  2. After your beard is around 3/4 of an inch in length, you can start to train it using your beard trimmer.  Put the beard trimmer on one of its highest settings and trim your beard.  If you notice any whiskers that are protruding outside of the overall structure of the beard, trim them down using beard scissors.
  3. I would suggest that you add beard oil to your beard so that the skin underneath will not dry out.  Using a beard trimmer can remove some of the natural oils on your skin and the beard oil will penetrate into the follicles.
  4. If you are the adventurous type, start to curl the ends of your mustache to add more character to your beard.  Just twist the ends with your fingertips.  Beard pomade will help to hold the twisted ends in place.
  5. Now for your hair. If you have a white beard, there is a good chance that you will have gray hair in your temples.  It is best to buzz the sides so that gray will be more apparent.  The short sides will blend in well with the white beard.
  6. Keep some length on the top of your head. This added length will help to hide your thinning hair because of the contrast with the buzzed sides.
  7. Add some hair gel to the top of your head so that the hairs will stand up slightly.  Also, with gel, each individual hair will appear to be thicker.

If you rock this style, here is how people will view you:

  1. They will assume that you are wise and experienced due to the white in your beard.  If you were to dye your beard jet black, there would a good chance that the dark beard will not look natural and subconsciously people will feel that you are hiding something and that you have a lack of self-confidence.
  2. If you have decided to twist the ends of your mustache, people will become mesmerized since the twists ends will move with every word that you utter. The focus will be on your words and you will be able to easily communicate your personal viewpoints.
  3. The slicked back hair on the top of your head will calm others.  Also, this hair, due to the gel, will appear darker than the sides, highlighting it.  People will believe that you are energic and gung ho due to the shiny and healthy appearance of your hair.

16.  Shaved head, Long Thick Beard

I have seen this style a lot lately.  I saw a guy parking at my local grocery store that was driving a car that had writing on the side that was advertising a tattoo shop.  I assumed that he was one of the tattoo artists because he had a neck tattoo.  He also had a bald head and a long and thick beard.  It suited his hardcore look.

If you manage to use this hairstyle/beard style correctly, you will make a big statement. I will explain how to cleanly shave your head. Also, I will indicate how to grow a massive beard.

  1. For shaving your head, you need to use a multi-blade razor and shaving cream.  If your hair is longer than just a stubble, trim it down first by using a hair trimmer.
  2. Make sure that you inspect the back of your neck.  If any hair is remaining, add some more shaving cream and shave clean your neck region.  Some people forget this section because the hair can be thinner than the hair on the head.
  3. If you have a lot of hair growing on your shoulders, shave that area also. Now you will have a completely clean canvas to work with.
  4. You will need to grow out your beard which could take several months. Do not use your beard trimmer on it during this growth phase.  Just trim whiskers that are protruding from the main structure of your beard in order to keep it clean looking.
  5. Since your beard is longer, you will need to inspect it often for cleanliness.  Sometimes food particles can become lodged in beard whiskers especially when a beard has some length to it.
  6. Comb your beard daily to smooth it out.  It will look healthier if you maintain it well.
  7. After combing your beard, trim back any whiskers using beard scissors that seem to be out of place.
  8. If you tend to wash your beard with soap and water often, the skin might become dry.  Add some beard oil to the skin underneath your beard to replenish the natural oil that is contained within whisker follicles.

The above examples are a few styles that will enhance your hairstyle even with thinning hair. Pick one that speaks to you and try it out.  What is great about these styles is that your confidence level will be increased causing you to think less about your male pattern baldness.

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