How to Apply Beard Oil for Beginners : Illustrated Guide

I know that you are probably worried that you will not apply your beard oil correctly and that you will cause problems in the styling of your beard. Perhaps you believe that you will negatively affect your skin if you apply the oil in a strange way. Do not worry, the process is a simple one that can be repeated over and over with success.

I will explain each step in detail so that you will have a well-groomed and a healthy looking beard.

Step 1: Oil up Your Hands

The first step is to drip one-third of the eyedropper tube of your beard oil onto your hand. Most oils will has this dispenser ability that resembles an eyedropper so that you will be able to easily control the flow of the drops. The beard oil that is recommend is by Ranger (click for pricing on Amazon).

Now just simply swoosh it around within your hands. If you have a short beard, you do not need to oil up your hands completely. If you have a long beard that is full, make sure that oil is spread all over your hands.

Also, ensure that you oil your fingertips since you will be using your fingers to initially spread the oil into your beard. This procedure will be covered in another step.

Do not worry, you will not be creating an oily mess that you will then need to clean up, most of the oil will be rubbed into your beard. Also, this amount of oil is not a lot of oil.

Step 2: Rub your Fingertips into Bottom Portion of your Beard

Starting at the area just under your chin, pull your fingers through your beard while massaging it with your fingertips. This will apply oil between all of your beard whispers that are on your neck.

Nevertheless, there is no need to dig your fingers into your skin. Your goal is to spread evenly the oil and not to cause tiny breakages in your facial skin.

Step 3: Spread the Oil Through the Rest of your Beard

Now you will need to pull your fingers through the rest of your beard to spread the oil all over. Pushing up the sides of your beard with your palms is actually the best way to do this.

The next task is to rub your beard completely against the direction of whisker growth. This will ensure that the beard oil is applied to all of the whiskers right down to their roots.  Make sure that you rub in the oil close to the ears if your beard reaches that far.

Step 4: Rubbing the Oil into your Mustache

Ensure that you rub in the oil into your mustache using a downward motion with your fingertips.  I find that pushing upwards in this area of the face is not a good plan because of how sensitive the skin can be above the upper lip.

Now, pull the space in your hand between your thumb and your index finger through your mustache from top to bottom. Do this a few times to ensure that the beard oil has penetrated well into your mustache.

Step 5: Use a Wooden Comb as the Final Touch

The final step for applying your beard oil is the use a wooden comb throughout your beard. This will really spread around the oil and it will ensure that it will penetrate into the follicles on your face that hold your beard whiskers. The wooden comb that I recommend is by Hundred (link to Amazon).

When using the comb, just pull the comb through your beard vertically from the top to the bottom. You can comb in an upward direction on the portion of your beard that is below the jawline. Make sure that you use a wide tooth beard comb so that you do not end up pulling your beard which will irritate your skin and possibly pull out some of your well-groomed and now shiny beard whiskers.

You will notice a difference in the look of your beard right away. It will look healthier and it will have a slightly shinier look to it.

Tip: What to do with the left-over oil that is on your hands

Instead of washing off the oil that is on your hands, rub it into your facial skin. It will help to moisturize your skin. Personally, I tend to have dry facial skin because I wash my face a lot. If you have a problem with dry facial skin presently,

Also, at the gym, I tend to wipe off the sweat instead of just padding if off with my towel. This wiping action is likely irritating my skin.  Applying the left-over beard oil is going to help restore moisture to these dried out areas.

Some people also simply rub the remaining oil into the palms of their hands, especially of their hands are typically dry.

Now that you aware of how to apply beard oil to your beard, I will provide some interesting information on beard oil.

Is Beard Oil Really Worth it?

I was wondering if beard oil is really something that is needed in the life of the typical male. I understand that a beard’s whiskers can develop split ends and that the skin underneath the beard can become very dry. Also, I am aware that your facial skin can flake if it is too dried out.

I can remember at my sister’s wedding, that my stubble beard was flaking onto my tuxedo. I actually had to escape into the men’s room a couple of times before the wedding ceremony in order to brush off dandruff like residue.

Before doing further research, I thought that getting a large bottle of baby oil at a dollar store would be the solution to flaky beards. It might work initially, but beard oil is designed to create a healthy environment for whisker follicles. The oil’s goal is not to simply grease up your face to protect it.

Not only will your beard whisker follicles fall in love with beard oil, but your beard will also become super soft to the touch. There is nothing worse then when your significant other gets their fingers stuck in your ragged looking beard.

How Beard Oil Use will Improve your Overall Look

A beard is not supposed to look like a mass of tangled hair stuck on your face. It should accent your facial features and provide a great grooming touch to your appearance.

Perhaps you are aiming for the rugged outdoors lumberjack look. Nevertheless, you need to be aware that the texture of your beard and how soft it is to the touch is important.

If you let your beard remain in a state of disarray, it will reflect badly on your personal appearance and even how you feel about yourself point. Each time that you look into a mirror, you want to view a beard that is healthy, vibrant and ready to attack the challenges that we all encounter daily.

I personally feel that a well-groomed beard says a lot about someone (click here to see my reviews on my recommended beard trimmers). To me, it states that that person is full of confidence and that they take the bull by the horns and that they are not afraid to deal with difficult situations. So, do yourself a huge favor and use beard oil in your beard so that your beard will no longer look like a rat’s nest. Allow it to have a healthy look and feel.

When you ready to try out some beard oil for the first time, make sure that you do not purchase the cheapest brand possible. There is a huge difference between the different brands. The cheaper brands may state on their labels their oil contains certain key ingredients. However, they may not have a large portion of those ingredients that have been proved to be the most important ones for a good beard oil.

I have noticed the same sort of situation when I was buying gym supplements. Some companies tend to add in minuscule amounts of the more expensive ingredients.

I am not saying that all beard oil companies are trying to pull the wool over your eyes, but some may be just ensuring that their profit margins are higher by skipping on costly additives.

Do Beard Oils Work for Growth?

I have noticed that there are a lot of younger males online on youtube that film themselves using beard oils on their beardless faces. They are getting views because many under 20 men wish to have a fuller beard or striving to have the ability to start to grow a full beard at an age that may not be possible for them currently.

Personally, I would find it difficult to suggest to someone that they are going to miraculously grow a thick beard by rubbing some bizarre secretive beard oil into their facial skin.

Nevertheless, I do agree that you will see some improvement in your beard. A good brand of beard oil will reduce the probability that a whisker will split at its end. If a hair or whisker splits, that is a sign that the follicle is drying up and the hair itself is super dry.

Sometimes men use cheap shaving cream or they wash their beard with a shampoo that is for head hair. This practice can damage whiskers and dry them out.

If you use beard oil on your beard at least daily, you will keep its moisture level up which will help to prevent the splitting of whiskers.

As a side note, beard oil is not going repair a whisker that has already split. You will need to trim your beard from time to time to ensure that the whisker portions that remain are free from split ends that may have recently occurred.

Furthermore, even if you are using beard oil to keep your beard healthy, you should be combing it with a wooden comb, not with one that is made out of plastic.

Sometimes a plastic comb will have imperfections in it that will scrape away at your beard.  If you were to have whiskers are even slightly dried out, they could split just because you had used a cheap plastic beard comb.

What’s in Beard Oil?

I was wondering about what ingredients are included in the average beard oil. When you squeeze some of it out of an eyedropper, it just looks like water that is slightly yellow in color. It does not look as if it what have a lot of different elements in it.

I researched online and I found out the following regarding the average beard oil. Most beard oils contain jojoba oil, grape seed oil, and hempseed oil.

The mixture of these three oils creates a liquid that will help greatly the average beard. For instance, beard oil can prevent skin itchiness. I personally hate it when my beard is first growing in because of the itchiness.

I had always thought that beard oil was for someone that had a longish beard that used beard oil because they simply wanted to have a shiny looking beard.

Now I realize that you can actually use beard oil with a stubble beard. It will sooth the skin and take away the itchy feeling that seems to plague follicles as a whisker is growing.

The second advantage of using beard oil is that it can moisturize your skin, thus preventing and getting rid of dryness. Flakiness in a beard is something that people will notice, especially if your beard is black. It looks just like dandruff and that is usually a big turn off to the average person.

If you have dry skin in general, you should be using beard oil quite often. You will always feel refreshed and hardly ever notice that you are digging away at your beard as it were full of fleas.

The area that I find to be the itchiest is just under my jawline. Right now I have a goatee that is short.  I should be applying beard oil more often underneath my chin.

I have noticed that scratching my goatee has become a nervous habit for myself. I will scratch underneath my chin while reading or while watching the news on tv.

Beside aiding overly sensitive and dry facial skin, beard oil also restores the strength of whisker follicles. It enters into the skin surrounding the follicles and strengthens them.

I have read that beard oil acts in the same fashion as a hair conditioner. Nevertheless, a hair conditioner would be too harsh for your facial skin. Beard oil is perfect for it though.

Is Coconut Oil Good for your Beard?

Coconut oil seems to be the newest oil that people are plugging as a miracle oil. I agree that it would not harm your beard, but would it really be more beneficial than beard oil?

A lot of websites claim that coconut oil is fantastic for skin health and even for human hair. It can be great for facial skin, especially on the dried out surface of the skin that is underneath your beard.

I find that sometimes I need to wash out my beard after eating spaghetti or some other food that splashes food particles into my beard.

For instance, after a smoothie, I have to wipe out strawberry colored smoothie remnants from my mustache. Each time that you wash your beard quickly with soap and water, you are reducing its moisture level.

It is hard to find moisturizing soap handy in a restaurant bathroom. Restaurant bathrooms seem to have the cheapest soap possible for their clients.

In essence, using coconut oil could help to maintain the right amount of moisture on your facial skin. Also, it is fine with respect to its texture. It is not terribly greasy. I recommend Spartans Den Beard Balm because it is made with coconut oil (click for current pricing on Amazon).

I have heard of people rubbing table butter into their beards. That would just create a slippery mess on your face and you would have to deal with the smell of butter which is only pleasant if you love butter and if you were slightly hungry.

Besides moisturizing well your beard, coconut oil also contains lauric acid. Lauric acid is great because it has properties that seem to aid certain skin problems. I will not get into a scientific analysis of it, but it seems that it will not harm your skin.

Nevertheless, I still feel that actual beard oil would be better for your facial skin and for your beard and mustache. It is designed to be helpful and a lot of companies are getting tons of positive reviews from the users of beard oils.

I like the concept of beard oil. It is a mixture of oils that are skin friendly and that improve the look of your beard. If you were to focus in on using creams and oils that work well on skin, they might end up clogging up beard follicles and hindering the growth potential of your beard.

Stick with a beard oil is has good reviews and that has been proven to improve the look of the beard.

When should I apply Beard Oil?

Exactly when to apply beard oil is something that I had been wondering about. I had assumed that beard oil’s main goal was to simply make your beard more shiny and vibrant.  Due to my research, I now know that beard oil improves your beard’s health and that certain times are better for the application of it.

For instance, after a hot shower, your beard is probably the cleanest and the softest that it will be for the day. Nevertheless, you need to dry it off completely before applying beard oil.

If your beard is wet, the oil will not be able to penetrate into your whiskers and also the oil will have trouble entering into your facial skin follicles. There is no need to rub away at it to dry it off, doing so could irritate your facial skin. It is best to simply continue to pad at it with your towel until it is completely dry.

Most people find that once a day is ok for applying beard oil. Personally, I would have to add beard oil twice a day because I always take a shower first thing in the morning and also after my workouts at the gym.

After showering, the soap that you use in the shower will give rid of some of the oil that was on your beard whiskers. So, after each shower, apply some more.

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